Healing and illness and choices and lack of coincidences

July 22, 2015

Something very interesting has been happening.


About three weeks ago, Rita said something that reminded me that Seth had talked about the connection between what people want and how and when they die. I realized that if someone is tired, or is ready to go for any reason, s/he can do so in any way s/he wishes. Cancer is an acceptable way socially, in that “we all have to die of something,” but – if I understand Seth correctly, and I think I do – people get it or don’t get it or die of it or recover from it or find it inexplicably gone depending mostly or entirely upon what they want. Rita said, “no person and no force in the world has a say in it. You cannot be forced to die or to live. You cannot `come down with’ something without your internal consent, in fact your internal intent. If your internal intent changes, the external has to change, of course.”


Then, a few days ago, a friend emailed me that one of her daughters had given birth to a boy who had hemophilia. Not only that, but the child’s mother might have it (which would be very rare in a woman). Did Rita have insight into the situation? I said I’d ask. Rita said “It isn’t so much that it is reversible as that the child’s non-physical component could jump time lines. You tend to think this is a function of 3D consciousness, but if you’d think about it you’d see it can’t be limited to 3D. When the 3D consciousness is involved is mastery, or, if intermittent, is miracle or is at least magical power. But mostly, 3D lives are a matter of 3D choices among alternatives, and along time-lines, selected and offered by the non-3D component, which has such wider vision and less impaired (that is not moment-to-moment driven) judgment. Therefore, as you think about it, several previously unconnected boxes may show their inherent linkage…. The child may or may not live. If he lives he may or may not live “impaired” (for so it will seem). His mother may or may not be diagnosed as also having the disease, which strikes so very few females. No matter what, and no matter how many times the time lines change, all is well. By definition there can be no accidental tragedy.”


Then, in separate instances, no fewer than four other people talked to me of life-threatening or life-changing situations, and in each case reading them the above turned out to be appropriate and helpful. Naturally I am not under the illusion that it was coincidence that the information came to me just in time to be ready when others needed it. So, when I woke up this morning, I thought, probably I should pass it along.


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