I have to laugh. This story is about yeast. This story is about remembering. And most of all this story is about knowing just how much more we are than we often imagine. And it is about how connecting with guidance can help you explore that, as well as to explore what you might do with these tools.

Bear with me a brief while to get there. I need to tell another brief story first for this to make sense.

I spent a large portion of my life in a battle against a rare form of arthritis. I had Reactive Arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis and a tongue twister – Diffuse Idiopathic Skeletal Hyperostosis. That last one goes by the moniker DISH. These are terrible and destructive diseases.

These are and were caused both by a genetic susceptibility – an antigen called HLA-B27 and an infection. Scientists love to name things with terrible names. This antigen is one of the “friend and foe” antigens. These antigens are the ones you hear about in medical dramas and at doctors office when they talk about doing a tissue match for organ transplants. These antigens are like flags that cover the surface of cells telling our immune systems – “hey, I am one of us, please don’t kill me”.

My disease is/was an autoimmune disease. It is/was caused by bacteria pretending to be “me” / “us”. The bacteria has a part that looks very much like HLA-B27. When I was infected with one of these as a kid, my body recognized the invader and fought in. But the tricky bugger pretended to be “me” / “us”. And my immune system stopped fighting. This continued as an on again off again war for decades.

The battleground was my body. And the battlefield damage from that war was my spine, my neck, my pelvis, my eyes and more.

In 1997 I cured my arthritis. Doctors say that is impossible. I did it anyway. That story is a long story in its own right, fraught with difficulties, pains and perils. But that is for another time. The story today is about yeast.

A week or two ago I was lamenting to Frank that I was unable to grow yeast in my house. I have tried on and off for the last decade to bake bread, brew beer, make ginger bear, ferment grapes into wine, make yogurt and more. Ever single time that ended with me throwing it all out.

I purchased yeasts of a dozen types tailored to each purpose. I treated them gently. I abused them. I nurtured them. I ignored them. I tried everything I could think of. Yet, not once could I get yeast to grow.

I worried that the water was bad. Perhaps chlorine residual, or something else was killing them. Maybe I even had a bacteriophage (a virus that infects and kills bacteria) that targeted yeast. I tried several types of spring water, distilled water, and others. Nothing. Yeast would not grow.

I borrowed starter from friends. It died. It didn’t seem to matter what I did. The yeast always died.

With the virus and being stuck in the house, I thought again about trying to make bread myself. But my attempts at creating sourdough starter were going no where.

As I talked with Frank about that, he stopped me and asked as he always does – “What do the guys have to say?”

I have been doing my own version of communing with guidance since I was a child. For most of my life I set that aside as I did professional work. In that work, proper “scientists” would reject anything I had to say if they ever thought for an instance that I believed in such ‘nonsense’. My “credibility” would be toast. And so I set it aside for a good long while.

In the past two decades going to the Monroe Institute and getting to know Frank, I have let my hair down again, and returned to my roots. I learned Franks Intuitive Linked Communication version of how to connect.

And so, I asked “the guys” – “What is going on?” “Why is the yeast dying?”

The answer they replied with was immediate and blew me away. They pointed out that I had learned to do esoteric energy work and that I had gotten quite good with it. I knew all of that of course. It is part of my day to day “normal” that most people think is “impossible”.

They went on to say that in using those techniques that I had suppressed the growth of the bacteria that caused my arthritis as a part of the larger battle against it. I knew that played a part of the larger story of how I cured the arthritis.

They said that what I failed to realize is just how powerfully I had invoked that. They said that the reason the yeast wouldn’t grow anywhere around me was because “I wouldn’t let it. I was suppressing it.”

Well, duh! So, right then and there, I changed my energetic pattern so that I would continue to protect my body from a resumption of the arthritis, and at the same time to allow and support the yeast and other beneficial organisms that I grow.

Well that was fascinating. Frank and I continued our discussions and wrapped for the night.

Meanwhile, back in my dining room, I had been trying for a week to get sourdough starter to start with no success. Nothing was growing at all. Before I went to bed I checked on it one last time. It tasted liked flour and water. Nothing. hmmm… Perhaps I can start tomorrow.

Not long after I went to bed. And I thought of a plan for the next day.

I awoke in the middle to the night, as I often do. That too is another long and fascinating story for another time.

I got up and went to the kitchen for a glass of water. Along the way I stopped and checked my proofer where the sourdough starter was sitting nice and warm and had been for over a week. And what do you know, the thing was boiling over.

I opened it and smelled – yeasty!! I tasted it. It was doughy, sour and wonderful. It was only four hours or so since Frank and I chatted and since I changed my energy pattern.

In the week that followed, I have started several different sourdough starters. All of them have worked. I also found a very old, undoubtedly dead package of Red fast rising yeast hinting in my cupboard.

I threw that in a jar with some water and flour. Shazam, it went bonkers. And the next day I made bread for the first time in decades.

The tools we have available to us in connecting with guidance are immensely powerful and varied.

My journey, with the arthritis, with the yeast, and with so many other things has been a journey beyond doubt. It is a journey of remembering.

Yours can be as well.


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  1. Oh my gosh. Thank you for this wonderful and inspiring story. And you’ve hinted at more. I hope you’ll share them somewhere.

    1. Hi Debbie & Jane,

      I will try to answer both your questions together, as they are related.

      About 1988 I was introduced to a magnificent gentleman – Stephen, by my girlfriend. Stephen, like Cher, in my knowing of him only has the one name. He has a last name. I don’t know that I ever learned it. He is Stephen. His story is long and both tragic and magical. Because of a fire that took his family and severely injured and disfigured him as a child, Stephen had a gift. He always saw everything in people. There are no walls and no barriers around Stephen. Your life, my life, everyone’s lives are open books to Stephen. And that is more than ok. Stephen is love.

      One of the other gifts Stephen had was the ability to feel other people’s pain, and to heal their pain. It is a form of direct energy healing, but it goes far beyond that. Stephen is directly, immediately, permanently connected to the Devine by whatever words or names you give it, Stephen does most of his ‘work’ by praying with/for people working through Jesus. I do not mean that as a figure of speech. Stephen is connected. And it goes much deeper and much farther.

      One day I was talking with Stephen at a Party. A couple arrived, and we were introduced to a gentleman who came as the date of one of the other women in our group of friends. She and my girlfriend took off to the back of the house, leaving Stephen and I to get to know Erin. Erin had been severely injured in a parachute accident. In that moment, Stephen connected to both of us energetically. I could and did feel every bit of Erin’s pain. It was horrible. And then Stephen showed us into a side room and it was then that I was introduced to energy healing. After 15 minutes, Erin was no longer in pain. Dozens of surgeries had been ineffective. And then there was Stephen.

      That was 30 years ago. I long ago lost contact. But the impact of that day and those that followed lived with me and grew stronger with time.

      In the early 1990s I was in my infancy of learning what could be done with these energies, how to control them or guide them, and so much more. At the same time my arthritis was quite literally killing me.

      I knew from my own research into my disease(s) that it was caused by a vulnerability created by my Neanderthal ancestry. I have two copies of the Human Leukocyte Antigen B27. I am doubly HLA-B27 positive. That ancient Antigen is part of the bodies system for telling friend from foe. But, bacteria had hundreds of thousands of years to adapt to it. And they developed something akin to molecular mimicry to use that Antigen as a way to defeat my immune system. B27 is a mixed blessing and curse. It makes for a very strong and robust immune function. And in some cases it creates a vulnerability.

      Half a dozen common food poisoning bacteria, and a couple of others have developed genes that look very much like B27. I knew this back then. Medicine was on the verge of learning that Reactive Arthritis and Ankylosing Spondylitis are caused by bacterial infections and the bodies failed immune response. Briefly the medical community entertained that idea for Reactive Arthritis in the 1990s, but not for AS. Then they forgot and went back into their long slumber.

      These two arthritises are essentially the same disease triggered by different pathogens. I had both. Most of my spine is solid bone as a result of those decades. And my hip girdle is one solid bone, as both of my sacroiliac joints have fully fused.

      I broke a lot of rules and took a fairly large gamble. The arthritis was killing me. And so large gambles were not so large to me. I managed to acquire a supply of seven different antibiotics. These were the right set for every possible pathogen involved to be killed at least twice over and then some.

      I designed and self administered a many month long course of sequential antibiotics to eradicate the infections. If that failed, I was prepared to do multiple antibiotics at the same time.

      That of course would and did devastate my intestinal biota. But my intestines were trashed already from the powerful anti-inflammatories I was taking under doctors orders at three times the maximum normal dose. I required that much for the pain. My intestines were more acidic than coffee or lemon juice. That is not good.

      I did all of that, while also massively dosing myself with several dozen species of good probiotics, and foods to aid them.

      And for an extra measure I was meditating and doing energy work on myself to support the good intestinal bugs while driving out the rest.

      I didn’t really know what I was doing. I was a beginner. And it was then that I apparently succeeded in creating an energy pattern to drive out or destroy the bad bugs. At the same time I seem to have also driven out yeasts – including in the space around me.

      It worked. But that was only phase one of three phases required to cure the disease. Next I had to rebuild my intestines. Indian curries over two years did that. Then lastly in 1997 I had an amazing totem animal experience in an exercise at the Monroe Institute. Mind you, they did not intend that to be an exercise involving totem animals. And as an engineer, I wasn’t into totem animals anyway. None the less they were there.. It was the final piece. Somehow without understanding the details, I changed my mind. And in doing so I quieted one part of my immune system, while activating another.

      In totems – I had Squirrel living in my neck. And I had Coyote biting at squirrel damaging me as it tried to get at squirrel in my neck. Guidance had me invite Badger to come live with Squirrel in my neck and chase Coyote away. I did.

      I did not know it until the next morning, but in that 45 minutes the arthritis was gone. I can make up stories about how that actually worked. But that is all they are is stories. And stories did not matter to me. For the first time in over three decades I was free of pain, bone crushing pain that nearly caused me to take my own life on several occasions. I was free.

      That was a powerful year. Earlier that same year I had a Near Death Experience (sans the dying), also at the Monroe Institute. Back then that was not something they tried to help people achieve. It was a powerful full tunnel of light experience. Until you have experienced that, you cannot possibly imagine it. Life changing doesn’t even begin to describe how momentous it is.

      And I also separately had a kundalini awakening. It was a very powerful year, and a huge turning point for me.

      I did not know for another 15 years until I met the current Executive Director of the Institute that that Near Death Experience was my second. As it turns out way back in about 1990, Stephen had been the conduit for my first NDE on yet another amazing day. And that is another long story. I knew a life changing profound thing had happened. I did not fully understand what it was. All I knew was the Stephen was doing energy work on me and at one point literally hopped backward and said aloud that he couldn’t do this part, that God had to do it directly. Ahem, what? And then my world changed.

      So, how did I learn the energy work? That came experientially from Stephen, then from working with or beside dozens of other energy workers using over 40 modalities over the years. Back then there was just what came from Stephen, and what I had innately.

      How did I not mess up my intestines? I didn’t avoid it. I messed them up massively. And I knew going in that I was going to do so. But, they were already horribly messed up to begin with. Make no mistake, what I did to cure my arthritis was incredibly dangerous. But, I could not get my doctors to do the testing needed to narrow down the list of potential organisms causing it. And so, I had to hammer all of the possible candidates.


  2. I was wondering how Dirk managed not to mess up his digestion system, as it is teaming with good bacteria that helps us digest our food. Then I thought, oh, maybe yeast is closer in frequency to the bacteria that caused his health issues.

    I might be over thinking this just a bit… it’s probably by intent, and his guys wanted him to notice just how effective his intent really is.

    Cool story!

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