Finding new territory

Sunday, May 18, 2014

An important experience.

I lay down for yet another nap, and thought, no, this is like a program, where I might go down for several exercises in the course of a day – treat it as an exercise.

So I lay on my back and build the crystal around me, pretty tactilely, intending of course to communicate with Bertram and Joseph the Egyptian.

As I extended, I realized that really the communication could be considered to be among our higher selves, or at least via our higher self, and it occurred to me that the plane I had envisioned being formed by the relation of the three of us might be considered a pyramid, really, as each of us extend to the other-side where we meet.

Well, as I went to extend to Bertram it occurred to me to daydream it, rather than try to feel the connection by force (so to speak) and lo and behold, we had an easy conversation, for the first time. Instead of my trying to intuit his life, we talked.

It is easier than I knew.

Let’s see if I can recall the specifics, but the important part was finding the key to communication.

  • Only a couple of years of his life went into such work, but that is still more than I have given it.
  • Interrupted experience – programs and then ordinary life – has its advantages too.
  • Saying Mass was leading a vast communal experience; the rest of his life duties not unlike my running Hampton Roads – administration, dealing with problems.
  • We exchanged blessings. He thought it funny to think of me as “my son” given that I am older than he was.

I had to return to be sure to record it. That’s my function, after all. But I lay there thinking, what a fortunate life I lead.

Tuesday June 3, 2014

I feel like I broke through into new territory today in the DOPS black box. I raised the ceiling, so to speak, to Focus 27. I had the sense that my higher self is always running things but my conscious self is not necessarily aware of it, nor need be. But then I realized – I can expand my conscious awareness, and have done so. If this holds, it will amount to my being even more “both here and there” than before. Could be a big deal.

I’m hoping this turns out to be a momentous turning point.  How will/would this alter my daily life? I guess we’ll see. A greater awareness of the body, perhaps.


One thought on “Finding new territory

  1. “. . . it occurred to me to daydream it”–I think that describes exactly how it feels to me. That’s how I thought of it as a child, something that came when I daydreamed. That way, I knew it was outside of regular time. It always felt as if we are always in both times, so conversation with “them” always felt natural.

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