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Thursday May 29, 2014

8:32 a.m. Guys, you know the question. [Dirk: “How do you let go to connect with the guys?  How do I get my conscious mind to let go?”] What’s your take on it? And of course we will be glad for anything else you care to add.

Right there you gave him the key.

I did? Good for me! (What was it?)

The key is simply to engage curiosity rather than management. Much of Dirk’s mental life involves attempting to understand the world around him – that’s curiosity. But it is one thing to be curious about all things. It is another thing to be curious about them with an unconscious or at best semi-conscious intent to learn so as to master and control, to direct.

Obviously this is not meant as criticism or chastisement. But it is the most concise definition of the problem Dirk wishes to solve.

We will speak to Dirk directly, and you can overhear because (since Dirk’s way is often the opposite of the way you go about things) our advice to him, reversed, may be of use to you. (Say, do you suppose there was a reason why “his” guys suggested that he ask “your” guys?)

Very funny. I have long suspected overlap. So, your words to Dirk, that I am to overhear?

Dirk, make no attempt to keep your conscious mind out of such communications. Like Frank, your conscious/unconscious integration is such that it would be a backward step for you. But, program your conscious mind to function only in curiosity mode, not in curiosity-plus-analysis-for-the-sake-of-possible-future-corrective-action mode, and all will be well. “For the time of this exercise,” tell it, “I wish you to concentrate on recording and remembering for future analysis, but not with an implicit idea of future action.”

We see that even that isn’t perhaps as clear as it might be, so we add this, as clarification. What you wish to do, here, is to function even more than usual in the exact moment, without any part of your very active mind analyzing, weighing, comparing, evaluating. For the time of the lucid dream, or of your attempt to talk to “your” guys, you want to be so in the moment, so one-pointed in your attention, that the other streams of logic and analysis etc. that usually go on simultaneously are suspended. This is only a slight knack; it won’t be difficult to do; it’s just that you haven’t fully realized (or so our spies tell us!) that analysis etc. in one mental stream can interfere with sheer unmediated perception in another. And once you get this habituated so that you can turn it on and off on demand, come back to us and ask for the next step, because you can turn what is at the moment a slight impediment into a much larger step forward.

Don’t think I didn’t catch the slight sarcasm implied in the quotes around the word your. But thanks as always. I can see that this is one to print out, as it gives me things to ponder.

Well yes, that was the plan.

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