Apparently on this date, I found this message, left on an amazon review of one of my books:

[frank, perhaps you can steer me in the right direction. i communicate with “another knowing” using muscle testing. the answers i get are yes, no, maybe. i have explored as far as i can think to ask so i want to develop a dialog with this “knowing” so it can direct me on my “path”. any ideas?


I just found this message on Amazon. My apologies, for not having found it sooner.

I know at least two people who began in the way you did. They were, in fact, a couple, but they developed their ability at different times. Each one thought that muscle-testing was as far as they could take it, but i was able to show each one that in fact, the main thing stopping them from proceeding to more substantive content was their assumption that they couldn’t do it, that some special trick was required.

Try this. Get a pencil and paper, or a pen and journal book; whatever. The specifics aren’t important. Use what you are comfortable with. Have a question in mind. Write it out, and focus on the meaning of the question for a moment. Then go into a quiet, receptive mental state, and begin to write down whatever comes to mind. If specific words, write them, intending and expecting that the words will link up and say something meaningful at some point. If a general sense or an idea, write that. If a memory, or a fantasy or whatever, note that.

There are two things to remember.

  1. This is a two-part process, receiving and interpreting. Both are necessary, but if you are doing one, you have temporarily ceased to do the other, because it is a reciprocal process. The minute you begin analyzing the answers you receive, you have stopped receiving more. If you remain aware of this, you won’t discourage yourself and you won’t get frustrated that nothing arrives.
  2. You are participating in a temporary joint mind, so whatever comes will likely seem like your own thinking out loud, or pretending. Go with it, not moving into interpreting mode, and take what comes. Look at it later and you may realize that waht looked like you was actually not at all your normal process, and may in fact be expressing something that you don’t even agree with, in your normal consciousness!

Once you’ve experienced this, that’s all you need. Then it’s a matter of practice. Hope this helps.


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