Relaxing about the agenda

[In going through communications received from Rita and Nathaniel over the course of the past five years, I find this, from February, 2015, which seems particularly appropriate in this anxiety-filled moment.]


The only time you feel lost and alone is when you don’t feel your connection to more than the 3D-defined self that the senses report. As long as you remain in connection – or, and this is important, as long as you live in faith that the connection has not ceased to exist – you don’t have to worry that you don’t know what to do, where you’re going to end up, if you’re safe, if “external” events are going to overwhelm you. If you remain aware of your connections, you recognize that the hardest challenges have meaning, and that it is very true that “all is well, all is always well,” regardless of whether you see it or not, feel it or not, approve of conditions or not, feel adequate to circumstances or not.

You don’t need to do anything, any time, but your best, and in this context “doing your best” refers not primarily to external efforts but to your attitude, your concentration on the underlying point to all of life’s challenges, which is, how do I respond to this? What are my values and how do I express them? How will my response to circumstances show me who and what I am to date?

Can’t get lost, can’t get hurt.


You know full well you can get lost, can get hurt, judging in 3D terms. I don’t mean to explain away difficulties any more than to explain away evil or suffering in general. But it is true that from your non-3D perspective you can see that the 3D drama doesn’t mean what it seems to mean from within the drama. Life is meant to be convincing, after all. How much would it accomplish for you to be going through the motions saying, “I know I just broke my arm, but it really doesn’t mean anything”? No, when you break your arm you can’t define your arm into an unbroken state. (The question of miracles is a side-trail at the moment.) It is in non-3D that we experience instant manifestation, instant change. The point of 3D circumstances is delayed consequences so you don’t have to experience everything as ephemeral. I well remember that often enough you would like nothing better, but all that would happen is that you would define away anything you didn’t like or didn’t approve of, and therefore couldn’t profit from the play.

Which bears on the topic of why there is so much pain and suffering in the world. It is because we can’t escape the consequences of our actions merely by wishing them away. Pain and suffering are the results of decisions and actions in 3D. Some are our own, and some are not. Therefore we experience results both first-hand and second-hand. Come to think of it, this sounds like the old “Earth school” concept I have so much resistance to. So I suppose that aspect of it must be true, or true enough in context.

3D experience is always real in the way that anything is real that does not yield to contrary desire. And it is the persistence of external conditions that is a prime value in 3D. But the fact that such perceived conditions are only relatively true (i.e. true only while in 3D) is your Ariadne’s thread out of the 3D labyrinth.

You aren’t in charge of the agenda – therefore you can relax about it. You aren’t lost or perplexed at the non-3D level, and if you can learn to trust that “all is well,” you will find your own way easier, not because “external” circumstances ease (they may, they may not) but because you don’t waste so much energy in anxiety.

3 thoughts on “Relaxing about the agenda

  1. Yup!

    Thanks for sharing this, Frank. Rita seems to have a way of wording things that make sense to me.

    fwiw, I continue to quietly follow along here.

    I will share that someone else’s guides or on-physical friends that I have followed over the years (Tom Kenyon) has worded our shared 3D time period “chaotic nodes”.

    Generally, I have found personally that “gaining a sense of coherence each day through meditation and sound assistance” has been helpful to me. It helps me “get back or stay on the beam”.

  2. “You aren’t in charge of the agenda – therefore you can relax about it.”
    As usual, understanding is in the definition/meaning of words … in this case ‘agenda.’ The agenda that is ‘set’ is big, well ‘above ‘ my 3D life; there’s plenty of latitude to live 3D life with/in it.

    The winds and currents I encounter when sailing are an ‘agenda’ completely out of my control … but I don’t have to just drift with them. With training and experience I’ve learned ways to sail with those forces to go where I choose. I suggest TGU and Rita have spent a lot of time showing us how to ‘sail’ more easily and effectively with that ‘agenda’ we’re not in charge of.

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