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How time takes things away! I find in my files for 2012 this letter from April 4, from Scott Boatright, who apparently has had his own experiences as an explorer. I assume I answered the questions he posed here, but I have no idea what I said or if I would still agree. In any case, a very interesting communication:


Dear Frank,

I am finishing Chasing Smallwood and was amused at Abraham Lincoln’s minor chastisement… “excessive adulation distances quite as much as contempt”! I was reminded of an early morning when I had a relatively clear channel and was addressing guidance with excessive respect and formality and was instructed not to be “obsequious”! I laughed out loud. I was taught to initiate contact with the phrase “To my highest and best guides, teachers, masters and loved ones…” and had sort of continued my dialog along those lines. Of course, a friend who is in constant touch with her guidance since her NDE, is the opposite; her ribald humor and witty banter back and forth with guidance is a lot of fun to witness. On one occasion, she told me “your guidance doesn’t like how she (my wife) f***s with your head! But they reminded me to say they don’t use those words!”

Another parallel is Joseph’s characterization of you and your “comedic presence” as “silly”, the latter of which I have also earned from guidance, though mine was not mitigated with the “no judgment” comment and based on the differences in how life is lived 150 years later. Early in my search for answers I was focused on people I knew and my desire to know why certain events with them happened as they did. I was able to obtain answers which satisfied those gaps in understanding, while I got a sense of heads shaking and heard the word “silly”.

My response was I wanted to understand how this works and this was where I was beginning. It has progressed from there, though I often get the idea they believe I already know the answers to my own questions. My path was initiated by a very strong desire to understand connections I had and have with various people, and similarly, guidance said my life-plan was to help implement “community” and to “develop a template for spiritual partnership”, all of which benefit from a clear understanding of connections to others. My inquiry as to what might be a greater tack to take resulted in a repeated vision of a man and woman in a strong embrace, not quite the blueprint I expected…maybe another reference to what I don’t have with my wife…wow, that is a connection I’ve never made before. Hmmm.

Last Saturday I spoke with my psychic next door neighbor Diana, who at my request read Muddy Tracks (and enjoyed it immensely…so much so she is scheduled for the Gateway Experience in October). She gets direction from her “Old Ones” and got the impression her OO’s are in contact with your GU’s and help to clarify her understanding.  I asked her about my impulse to email you and why the Charlottesville connection seems important. Her reply was that the impulse was a soul level recognition of you as a friend, and Charlottesville is a place I will end up… “the veil is very thin for you there”. I told her I didn’t want to take the Virginia bar exam and she said I would be doing something that wouldn’t need it… “you will be doing what you are here to do”, which portends something I have not yet contemplated. Also the Monroe Institute looms large in my path.

My guidance is much less forthcoming to me about Charlottesville, or anything for that matter…I have gotten the vision I am being “put on ice” until I make a move toward my future. That, I strongly suspect, means finalizing a decision about my marriage…nothing easy about that, though I am certain it is in both of our best interests to end it as she is living a clandestine double life which will, from its own weight of deceit, eventually collapse (she is not aware of the extent of my knowledge).

So far I have burned through the pages of MT, Sphere & Hologram and Smallwood, but am finding The Cosmic Internet a horse of a different color. I find myself re-reading entire pages due to its density (or mine!). I do not want to miss anything, and this iteration of your GU are really delivering some deep and mind-blowing stuff (somehow more so than before, though that may just be because this is newer). Since Rita has transitioned, what was your source for questions to TGU for this book? It has a dramatically different flavor than your previous work and I am curious about the difference. Of your GU, do you find one or several to whom you speak most frequently, or do you simply get whoever is “on duty”? I understand they call in those most qualified to respond, so were you able to discern the difference between the GU present for the different books?

I am also still trying to get my head around TGU’s comments that our simply understood idea of “past lives” is basically inaccurate, though I didn’t get a good idea of how. It seems to me several metaphors could be provided to describe the different considerations when categorizing them (i.e. chronologically past v. experientially past (I just got a jab this is a difference without a difference…ok), or which path along the past life is being discussed, as did Joseph in describing the foggy areas in the threads of his lifetime(s) as the parts where his threads diverged, etc.) or simply using “other lives” when speaking in general.

In brief, I sense an amoeba sends a portion of itself to 3D theatre with the opportunity to experience the illusion of individuality and to create; upon the body’s death, if it has actually created something worth keeping, it crystallizes into the cognizant being it became on earth (A. Lincoln, etc.) and maintains a quality of individual consciousness in the midst of its amoeba and contributes to the overall experience of that amoeba (which I assume is a soul, or a subset of a soul). If so, are they saying our “past lives” are simply other crystallized consciousnesses within our amoeba? One description I received was that “each lifetime is like a trip…and your portion of energy from the soul used on that trip is like a portion of your wardrobe taken with you. After the end of that trip, or death, the next incarnation of that soul takes a different combination of clothes from the wardrobe, but it is still made up of the same totality of clothes or soul energy.” Does that sound consistent? Despite its simplicity, I mean. If I missed a more clear statement on this topic please don’t hesitate to inform me where I can find it.

One more topic I don’t think I have seen anywhere is TGU’s concept of what we would call “soul groups” or affiliated souls with whom we incarnate frequently…your connection with Emerson’s wife, her previous and current incarnations (R.), being a clear example. I am married to one with whom I have a series of connections…a former wife, mother, and child in various lives (and we married on the date of my death at 17 when she was my mother). How does this fit with the idea of an amoeba…could it be as simple as a group of friendly amoeba planning 3D theatre with other amoeba to ensure the life-plan has “in country” support? And is that called an amoeba group? Once again, if TGU have discussed soul groups please tell me where to get off. No wonder guidance thinks they have to repeat themselves…

Take care and I will write again when the impulse strikes!

Very sincerely yours,

Scott R. Boatright


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  1. A very nifty letter! Mr. Boatright seems familiar somehow……

    Thanks for sharing!
    Hugzzzzz to all! Stay well👍🏻

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