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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

5:30 AM. Ross replies, “okay, does an etheric level (level closest to physical) chakra have a preferred spin rate?”

The question means nothing to me, literally. So –?

We can’t help you if you require to understand the question before passing through our answer.

Well, how do I cease to do that?

Just allow.

All right, taking no responsibility for whatever comes, you mean.

Of course. It was never yours in the first place. A conduit is not a source.

All right, shoot.

If you will think of chakras as merely observable because they are gateways between two levels of sustained energies, you will obtain a better dynamic understanding of the relationship. In other words, physical and metaphysical is how the two states appear, but if it were EM fields you were discussing it might look like this. [First drawing in first page appended]

The line is the somewhat arbitrary divided between states — between red and orange, for instance, or between sound and light; similarly between physical and nonphysical.

At that boundary line, consider chakras the two-way switches regulating energy flow. From the physical side (as you see it) you can “open” or “close” your chakras at will once you learn the simple trick of focused intent. From the nonphysical side, the flow is similarly enhanced or reduced by — shall we call it non-physical intent. The former is more conscious, the latter less so.

Now [second drawing in first page appended, above] you might look at it this way: You in the body are experiencing not one but several routine interactions with the boundary — your seven chakras, or more for those who can perceive them. Parenthetically this is like color gradations — some can perceive more than others.

Not this but this: [second page appended] that is, it is not a matter of the chakras experiencing different levels of energy flow, but of allowing different amounts to pass through. It isn’t like one day there is vastly more second-chakra energy absolutely in existence, only that perhaps more is available at that time. Available, not existent.

Interesting, but this doesn’t seem to have anything to do with Ross’s question.

Ah, but it does. We are taking exception to his way of conceptualizing the situation.

Proceed, then.

We can’t proceed very well if you go skipping off to do something else every time it gets hard.

Okay. Proceed.

Ross is attempting to see a nonphysical energy interacting with a physical energy and hence with physical matter. As he told you, that’s what PK is. (It isn’t quite what he said, but more or less.) He wants something to measure.

But he can measure effects, not the forces themselves. Anything that can be measured is an effect, not a cause. He knows that, but in another part of his mind. Thus, to find aether, they can find only effects that indicate the cause.

Yes –?

To find a preferred spin rate of an etheric level chakra may mean something to him. To us it means (literally) as little as it does to you.

Why can’t you connect mind to mind and know what he means?

That cannot be answered.

All right. Well –?

What Ross wants is an approach to the problem that can be conducted via instrumentation, just as lab rats may be tested for healing effect.


The approach is what we’re trying to provide. We can’t do it by answering questions that lead in the wrong direction, reinforcing a wrong and misleading model.

So why can’t you just explain what’s wrong and why it is misleading?

What do you think we have been doing?

I’ve been along for the ride. I seem to understand what you say but Ross seems to understand it differently, and of course I realize that this is his turf and not mine.

Not entirely. There’s a reason you were prompted to offer our help.

Perhaps he won’t be so favorably impressed by this session.

He is used to long processes that build incrementally. So you should be, by now, too.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012, 11:06 AM. Thanks Frank.  We have reports from people who perceive chakras and see a spin or rotation, so I was thinking of an indirect measurement based on that.  However, this brings up the issue of motivation for measuring phenomena related to pk or chakras, etc., in the first place.  If (some) humans are excellent instruments for detection and measurement of these phenomena, is there any reason to pursue this with electronics or materials?


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  1. Thanks for another interesting line of pursuit.
    I like discussions about the way things are in addition to various angles on determining who you are by the choices you make.

    One question: what kind of consciousness do viruses have (thinking of Covid19 and other pandemics)? Are they aware of the damage caused and other related issues?

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