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Monday, January 2, 2012

[My physicist friend] Ross asks, for me to ask the guys, “Do spinning chakras produce torsion waves, or are torsion waves spinning the chakras?”

Can’t wait to see if we get an answer on that!

8 PM. All right.

Yes, it would go better with graphics. But how to show you? Your own ideas mingle with ours, and you might get Carol to address the subject.

I’ll send an e-mail. Hold on. [Did.] Okay. I am going to empty my mind as much as possible to reduce the chances of distortion. I’m really shooting in the dark, here.

We know. But now is the time to break into new territory.

That’s the feeling I have.

Everything is spin. But what is it that spins, and what does it spin in (through)? Your ideas are always influenced by physical-reality-experience even when interpreted through mathematics.

The analogy is — the nonphysical world is fast and energy slows down to create matter. Matter is solidified (because slowed) energy. Well and good in its own way, but energy is as material as matter. Energy seems nonphysical to you because you can’t see it — but you experience it! Put your finger in an electrical outlet.

We have said before, nonphysical and physical are merely labels put around approximations. There is not and could not be any absolute difference between them, any more than North and South on a magnet. Even representing oppositions, they can do so only because they are of the same substance (or, if you prefer, the same proto-substance).

Behind matter, behind energy, is the substance (non-substance?) of the reality, which manifests.

Any manifestation may be said to embody spin. Spin is merely localized motion allowing concentration in time, producing space and object alike.

That is, if “nonphysical energy” (call it) is to manifest as physical energy (one form of which is matter) it must hold itself in place. It must localize. It must be in one place over time. It can do so only by spinning about an axis, else it would be here now, gone a moment later. This is true of every movement of the underlying reality into the material world you experience. It is the difference between [drawing of an arrow] and [drawing of an arrow circling in on itself]. The arrow moves; the spinning locus moves equally, but appears to stay in place. This will mean more to Ross than to you.

I hope so. Though, I am getting a glimmering.

Given that spinning on an axis is a prerequisite for anything that manifests as a matter (or energy), you can see that this spin is itself is hard to detect as aether, because present everywhere.

When you are looking at a pen on the table, you know (abstractly, intellectually) that you are looking at a seething mass of molecules (for so you conceptualize it) in ceaseless motion producing an appearance of inactivity.

When you conceptualize energy it is easier for you to conceptualize it as flow than as stillness, or as shall we say unmoving movement. Yet it is as matter is: It is spinning around an axis, or it could not remain in any place long enough to be perceived.

If I understand you correctly, you mean that even a light beam zinging through space is somehow rotating around its own axis?

Yes. You are seeing several kinds of motion. You see the photon move from here to there. You see (or conceptually see) it in the form of matter, which means spin in the comic sense. But even the proton, neutron, electron is in actual fact spin. No spin, no perceivable effect, for it is too fast. That which does not spin is instantaneous to you; hence in essence incorporeal, simultaneous and omnipresent.

I think you’re implying that it is only whatever-it-is that does not spin that holds the world (I mean the entire physical reality) together in stable configuration.

You hear it, but of course we have said nothing that would allow you to deduce it.

That’s good, right?

Good, yes.

Now what is a torsion wave? What is a chakra? He is right to tie the two concepts together but not right to make either too specific.


That’s why we just gave you the overview, to show that neither torsion waves nor chakras are spinning among things that are otherwise at rest. Rather, torsion waves are an epicycle — an ad hoc theoretical construct postulated in order to save the observations. Chakras are manifestations of slightly more active portions of an active matrix of interrelations.

Awfully opaque, to me.

Chakras spin, sure. But they are spinning a little faster than everything around them spins, first because they are energy and not matter, second because they are energy tied to matter, and therefore slowed by it as it is enlivened by the chakras. They might be described as the eddies observable when energy interacts with matter. They aren’t the only such eddies observable, just ones that have a tradition of study behind them, like lines of Chi or meridians.

Torsion waves aren’t local in the way chakras are; they are everywhere. The answer to the question is: “Neither. But if you will continue with specific follow-up questions, we will get somewhere.”

Well, I’ll pass it on. Thanks.

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