Saturday, March 14, 2020

5  a.m. Provi sent around on Explorers a half-hour presentation by Dr. Joe Dispenza on the chakras, a great and timely reminder. I passed it on to Facebook. It seems a wake-up call. One more.

Well, if you will snooze away your life, you have to expect alarms occasionally.

Yes. And watching it reminds me of how little use I have made of my opportunities. If I had not gone to Gateway I might never have broken out of my isolation. Everything since has followed from that.

Yes, but Gateway followed the Higher Self Seminar which led you to Bob Friedman, remember.

True. And the decision to go to the HSS was mysterious and miraculous enough.

Gee, do you suppose your life may have been intended to be magical in fact as well as aspiration?

Har har.

Still, sometimes things are too true to be too good to be true.

I freely admit it, and I am so grateful for it. My life gradually opened up, despite speed bumps.

And you are beginning to see how those speed bumps correspond to your choosing at a lower level than you needed to.

Interesting way to put it, but yes, I do.

So you might look at your life as an experiment – an experience – demonstrating that life follows choice.

  • You can always choose anew. You don’t have to continue to be what you were.
  • Nonetheless, past choices have consequences, as you would expect. It isn’t a matter of expiation, so much as of thoroughly re-choosing, even after the fact.

Hmm. Repentance.

Of course. If you don’t repent, how can you be said to have chosen differently? “Repent” doesn’t mean “wallow in guilt.” But it does mean, intend differently, even retrospectively.

Interesting take on things. We tend to think always forward, as if our ability to choose can only work in or toward the future. But you are implying, not so.

No, because it is less a matter of your creating who you are than of your choosing what version of yourself you wish to relate to, to assume.

That’s a little difficult, though. We remember what happened: It isn’t as if our deciding changes the past.

Well –

I know what you’re going to say, but how can we be in a different place and still remember, if our past is different?

We can only recommend that others, and you too, now, read Seth extensively. You move into another version of life and your past as well as your future changes. It isn’t linear and solid and fixed, the way it appears from a 3D viewpoint.

So, there’s something we regret. We change. We still remember the past event. So how has our past changed?

You changed. Your reaction to the past event changed. You radiate your energy to it and all it affected, like you healing Joseph’s back in 1994/1863. That changes everyone affected, which in a way ultimately means – everyone. (But everyone else may be changing too, remember.) Only it isn’t changing, so much as choosing, and although that may seem like saying the same thing differently, it isn’t. What looks like change is actually choice. “I will no longer be this, I will be that,” and you thereby move to a different pattern of future possibilities which entails assuming the burden and benefits of whatever in that version conspired to make that version possible.

Interesting. I see it, for the first time. A line of parallel versions of a life, each slightly different and (within its own timeline) each produced by certain actions and decisions. If we move to another, we don’t merely take off one coat and put on another; we take off one complete past and put on another, and that past may be nearly identical or radically different or anything in between.

That’s the sense of it, yes.

So then, that action (or inaction, of course) that we repent. In our new place it still exists. Whatever it affected is still affected. What changes?

Your assumptions (unvoiced, usually, so invisible to you) get in your way. But it’s a little complex to explain something that is really rather simple.

I got just a glimpse of it, then lost it.

No matter, it’s worth spelling out for others as well.

  • Your past action involved you in the center of it, of course. But for others involved, it equally “of course” involved them at the center of it. That is, everyone experiences everything from the center, regardless of how many others may be involved.
  • When you change – when you, so to speak, hop timelines – your center is different, your experienced event is different for you, the effect on others is correspondingly different.
  • Only, that is treating each version as if the other parties were fixed objects, and of course they are not. Each of them retains freedom of movement. What you experience in any version is only the version of everybody that pertains to that version.

Which is the sense behind the idea that there are no victims in the universe.

If you were to insist on villains or victims, you could have them. But it would involve focusing on one particular timeline as if it were the only one.

That’s practically a definition of writing history.

Yes, it is.

So then when we look back with regret, what is in play, and what are the potentials?

Regret means “I wish I hadn’t been that way,” which is a way of saying, “I no longer approve of what I was,” which is a way of saying, “I am no longer that.” This is true and also not quite true. Within any one timeline it is true, but overall of course it could not be. However, the very position of repentance is a severing of ties to that older version of yourself, going forward. That is, you don’t disown the past, you don’t pretend it didn’t happen or that it no longer happened. But you say, “I am not that and from here forward, I will not express in that way.”

Repentance without guilt: Closer to a new year’s resolution.

Repentance without guilt. Let’s say, repentance following guilt, expiating guilt, removing the cause of guilt. In this formulation, guilt could be looked on as awareness, a wake-up call.

Which brings us back to our starting point.

Yes, in a cycle, not a circle. The same words with another layer of awareness. In any case, it is always well to wake up, but remember sleep serves its purpose. Don’t be discouraged that you sometimes sleep. Be glad, rather.

Thanks for all of this.


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