A deepening of consciousness

Monday, May 2, 2011

8:15 AM. Okay guys, you’re up. I can’t remember where we were, but presumably you can.

It isn’t cheating for you to review where we have been. Sometimes it makes our job easier, because communication has two pieces – talking and hearing. Anything that is most active in your mind is easiest to engage. However, in the case of a series of communications, your very habits of sitting with pen in hand, your expectation of continuation, helps hold the place. Though you may not remember the subject matter, you in effect remember to tune in.

Okay. So – should I look back at the previous communication?

Another time. Reviewing things in context adds texture and depth to your understanding. But – just to reassure you that “you aren’t making it up,” we proceed.

You as ring-master of your far-flung community are in effect continually redefining reality.

What do we mean by that?

First, remember that in life there are no absolute divisions, only the appearance of absolute divisions. Everything ultimately connects to everything else, in different degrees of intensity and different degrees of separation. So, it is literally impossible for you to avoid affecting the universe by anything you do.

At the same time, there is no one center to things. There isn’t a main table in the center of the ballroom, and your table far away at the fringes. In effect, for you and for everyone, you are at the center of your world. All things that happen are measured by their importance relative to you. Despite what centralized media may lead you to believe, there are no unimportant players in the world – your world or anyone’s world. But there are so many centers!

Think of reality (physical and non-physical both) this way. There is no one center; every individual consciousness is the center of its own view of the world, and is correct in experiencing it that way. The world is not hierarchical in terms of importance. Neither is it chaotic, at least not in the sense of anarchic conflict. Instead, it is self-organizing, spontaneously and continuously, and what reorganizes it is the decisions made by all those centers.

You have heard and accepted but not understood the theological statement that “God is a circle whose circumference is nowhere and whose center is everywhere.” Obviously that statement is not describing a three-dimensional physical reality. However, it does describe a network of living consciousness as a total being. It’s what we are talking about.

It is unfortunate that the word “God” is so emotionally charged as to make straight thinking on the subject nearly impossible. There are people who see “God” and “Allah” as competing entities, as though they were rival drug lords! Such ludicrous misunderstanding shows the critical importance of definitions, because in the absence of conscious definition, you will be ruled by your un-conscious definitions.

We don’t want you praying to The Guys Upstairs, or to yourselves, or to the fencepost – yet as each of us is a part of the whole, we might justly be considered to be part of “God.”

That is: There is no God separate and apart from material or non-material creation. Whatever created this reality is an integral part of it; extends to all parts of it; partakes of its nature because creation partakes of the creator’s nature, of necessity. But, as has been said, “God was created in the image of man,” just as surely as the reverse. Your ideas of God, your logical conclusions, your experiences, all stem from your being humans in physical reality connected to, part of, nonphysical reality as well. Those ideas and experiences are not wrong and they are not absolute – but the way to twist them to make them wrong is to take them as an absolute. That attempt is the same, exactly, as trying to make one viewpoint into the only valid viewpoint. This isn’t even an analogy; it is a straight equivalence.

So – you as ringmaster are the center of the world as you experience it. You affect every part of yourself, if only unconsciously, but better if consciously. “Every part of yourself” (as we’ve been showing you) extends far beyond what you are familiar with day to day. Each strand may or may not be experienced by you as what it really is. It may be felt to be a mood, or a habit, or a family resemblance, or an eccentricity. But in fact each strand is connected to each ringmaster at other times who “once” lived in 3-D, and created that particular persisting habit-pattern. Your changes can affect those distant mirrors of yourself, and each of them is as connected to other strands as you are. Hence, as we said, it all changes continuously.

Your life is a continuing creation. Everyone’s is. That creation is not a one-time thing; it is not immutable; it is not peculiar to your own interests alone; it is part of the fabric of creation.

A moment’s thought will remind you that you, too, must be equally influenced by the strands you connect to, also by the group-minds of which you are part. There is no such thing as a one-way push.

So now, is it a little clearer, what we’re driving it?

Well, I’d say you are leading up to some how-to’s, as in how to become more conscious, how to influence the world more effectively, how to recognize influences on us from other parts of ourselves.

All excellent goals. But – what would they be leading toward? What is our goal, here, beyond the proximate goals of greater consciousness as you sketched them?

Sounds to me like you are creating a critical mass.


Does that imply that others are working to prevent that critical mass being achieved? Or, perhaps, creating a counter critical mass?

One thing at a time. Don’t go hunting for complications before you get a firm grasp on the main event. We are working to get enough people conscious enough to change the balance on the earth, which will have powerful leveraging effects elsewhere as well. This is not a political thriller, where it is life or death under a time limit. It’s more like a computer game where you play as well as you can, playing against the limitations of the game and, in a sense, playing against your own limitations.

If we achieve greater consciousness and you exceed a certain number of points, do you get extra men?

We get avatars with superpowers.

Not entirely a joke, is it?

No. And of course if we get avatars with superpowers, you get avatars with superpowers. But note carefully, we don’t say you become avatars with superpowers. There is a sense in which that would be true, for we all participate in one another, but mostly that idea is more distortion than clarification. We don’t want anyone reading this to go off track, thinking that “the real goal” is attainment of superpowers. In the only way you could envision them, that would be an adolescent fantasy.

So your critical mass changes the weight of things.

It reconfigures the board. All the games being played on the 3-D Earth board go on simultaneously, and they affect each other in unpredictable and often unsuspected ways. An artist may, or may not, be viscerally affected by elections, or financial manipulations, or the day’s headline news in any area of life. Just as life contains millions of conspiracies rather than just one, so it contains hundreds of millions of non-conspiracies – people living their lives around their own centers, helping each other or not, competing or not, aware of each other or not. If this balance of existence suddenly changes, all those things will be affected, to differing degrees. If there is a sudden consciousness-shift, that doesn’t mean that everybody or most people or even a majority are even aware that anything has shifted.

How many people are aware of the changing patterns of the clouds overhead? It’s closer to that than to an earthquake or a tidal wave. In other words, the profound deepening of access that we are working toward will not make the nightly news, or even the year in review. Some will know, and in a sense it wouldn’t matter if nobody knew, if it had happened.

You’re asking, how could it happen and nobody know? How many people, do you suppose, recognized that the end of the Roman Empire and the dawning of the Middle Ages was a shift in consciousness, as much as any shift in political or military arrangements? Even after the fact, how many realized? In your time, things happen faster, but you expect them to, so relatively it is the same thing. [I think they mean, here, that the relationship between events and our understanding of them remains relatively constant.] The biggest changes happen right in front of you – amid your life spent looking at other things – and you notice only much later if at all. Enough for now.

Thanks. Looks like you got by without my providing a crib sheet

We had our own.

Till next time, then.

2 thoughts on “A deepening of consciousness

  1. Lots to chew on in this series of
    material. I find the “we are ringmaster
    of many strands” to have great practical
    value to the extent I remember to
    deemphasize lower level strands and
    call in higher ones. This is easier for me
    than thinking about egotism as a whole.

    “Thanks as always” as you usually say.

  2. Guidance suggested the juxtaposition/comparison of TGU:
    “There is no one center; every individual consciousness is the center of its own view of the world, and is correct in experiencing it that way.
    with Yeats’ “The Second Coming”:
    “Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
    Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,”

    I’m ‘hearing’ there is no the center, just as there is no the truth. So what Yeats saw and felt as “ceremony of innocence drowned” is the ‘shift in consciousness’ TGU and Elias talk about. I can understand why his ‘vision’ disturbed him; with all the upbeat and positive things TGU says I still worry.

    “what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
    Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?”
    I can hardly wait to find out! 🙂

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