… or what good are they?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

5:30 AM. Success. Found a townhouse unit I liked yesterday and filled in an application. Unless something falls apart, I can move into town by the end of the month, bringing to an end nearly 13 years on the New Land. I wanted the process to be short rather than exhaustive and exhausting, and that is how it turned out.

So, my friends, good work. I knew that I had to actually look, to connect senses to intuition, and it worked very well. The place I chose, I really did not expect to be as suitable as it turned out to be. In fact, I nearly didn’t bother to look at it, because the idea I had in my mind of another of the townhouses I was looking at made that one seem that it was going to be the one. I suppose that working from descriptions and hunches without sensory validation is a form of Psychic’s Disease. I dodged that particular bullet this time.

All these abilities and connections are supposed to make your life easier and your efforts more efficient and successful, or what good are they?

In my case, grounding of the sort. For others, wings, I suppose.

Or even sometimes one, sometimes the other, for the same person. Balance is all.

So do I spend the next month doing very practical things only, or can I enjoy a mixture of things practical and – but as I say that, I realize that that is a silly way to think of things, isn’t it?

Not silly, necessarily, but perhaps not as helpful as it might be. It hinges on the meaning, in context, of the word “practical.” Is it impractical to prepare for giving a workshop, say? For writing new books? For learning things through books and other means? Surely not.

Yes, that is what I realized, as I was writing that. But anyway I don’t suppose it is time to begin a new project that would have to be disrupted by a move.

This is an appropriate time for you to be sifting and sorting through the aspects of your life represented by physical objects. That will be project enough, and not without its interest.

I find that I lived most happily when I live a mixture of daydreaming (in one form or another) and making something concrete by writing it or somehow “fixing” it. Too much emphasis either way upsets the balance, although, like a seesaw, there’s nothing at all wrong with the balance shifting rhythmically, now emphasizing this, now that.

As we said, balance is all. For someone else, the balance might express as physical exercise in opposition to mental exercise, or as introverted activity as opposed to extroverted. It is not always a balance between the same two poles, even in the same lifetime.



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