Two perspectives

Two perspectives

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

5:05 a.m. Gentlemen, you said yesterday that we would resume by discussing two aspects of 3D life. Let’s do that, and perhaps I’ll take tomorrow off, in accordance with your advice to take occasional days off.

Three aspects, really. The larger being’s, the rest of the shared subjectivity, and, consequently, your own.

“Your own” meaning not only me but any 3D soul’s, of course.

Of course. There is very little in these dialogues that applies only specifically to you as an individual rather than to you as representative.

That has been my continuing assumption. Otherwise what would be the point?

Ah, but in that rhetorical question, you help us make our point. The 3D individual faces two ways, inward and outward, or so it seems to it. Your own life is never your own life alone, and it is never only for others. It is always dual in terms of subjective/objective, which is why we are at present devoting our attention to the actual nature of “objective” reality rather than the appearance. Once seen as shared subjectivity, the apparent duality disappears.

I can always tell when we are on a slippery patch, when I have to keep glancing back at yesterday’s sentence announcing coming attractions, rather than easily holding it in mind.

That helps you remain magnetized to a possibility when you are tempted to freeze. One more benefit of doing intuitive work using sensory cues and reminders.

That is, talking to you by writing it down as we go, to leave a sensory record, rather than merely talking and staying in the moment.

Yes. So –

  • Your non-3D being selects part of itself and inserts them as a tentative unit into 3D circumstances. That is, a soul is born into a particular time-place.
  • Connection between the two is never severed (could never be severed), but the new 3D unit is not necessarily conscious of that continuing connection. This is of course by design; it is not a flaw in the system. The whole point of 3D limitation is to create a state of relative isolation, as we have explained.
  • That new unit (which may or may not have existed in 3D as a unit previously, or, more usually may have experienced 3D as part of different combinations) lives a life moment by moment, by necessity. That is the nature of 3D life.
  • Of course, living moment by moment is not the same as being aware moment by moment. Sometimes you may be, sometimes not. But, aware or not, that is how you live.
  • Thus, a 3D life is shaped sequentially.

Even after it attains consciousness of its intrinsic non-3D connection?

Your awareness that you extend beyond 3D does not provide you with an escape from those conditions. Tomorrow never precedes yesterday, not do you experience them (physically) as simultaneous, no matter how you may experience them mentally, or we should say intuitively.

  • Your life in 3D is necessarily lived among 3D conditions of limitation, one of which is, limitation within the reach of your sensory data. Anything beyond that is experienced as “other.” For that matter, much that is within your sensory range is experienced as “other.”
  • In this instance, we use “other” to represent conditions “beyond your control,” which means – most of it. You cannot fly, you cannot see around corners, you cannot rearrange geography or the laws of physics or your social structure or anything merely by preferring it to be otherwise.

In 3D, no creation without toil, in other words.

The emphasis, though, is not on “toil” but on “creation.” Creation in itself is a statement of you affecting the “other.”

Interesting. Yes, I see that.

  • So, to you as 3D being, most of your world is “out there.” It is objective, beyond your control (as opposed, say, to your control over your own body; and even there, your control varies). You – the ghost in the machine, the non-3D awareness encased in 3D restrictions – exist as an invisible dot in a landscape that preceded you and will outlive you.

As the Spanish say, claro. It is evident.

But now let us look at that same life not from within but from without.

  • From the point of view of the “external world,” your life, as any 3D life, is one input among uncounted millions at any given moment. That is, your life is not central to it in the way it is central to you.
  • However, your life, like any life, is of the same stuff as the rest of “external” reality. Your addition is not unique in composition, though it will be unique in its nature.

I think you mean to say, We are all human, but we are all different humans.

Yes. Which says, you see, that the external world is not part mind-stuff and part matter; it is all mind-stuff.

A distracting verbal fuzziness there, in that matter itself is mind-stuff. But I get what you mean. There is no absolute division by nature between our minds and anything else.

You will find that that didn’t clarify the point, necessarily, at least for many. But let’s continue.

  • Taking the “external” world as a continuing state of affairs, you can see that any 3D mind can only be experienced as an addition, not as a game-transforming revolution. The sun did not come up for the first time when you – any of you – were born.
  • It is the continuing nature of external reality that we would stress here. Just as the mineral kingdom by its relative stability preserves the structure of the world, so the entire existence of the 3D world preserves the structure, the stability, experienced by the 3D individuals.

That’s very clear, at least at the moment. It helps me understand what I felt as an abstraction: The world is alive, it is other minds holding the stage for every individual, and every individual is, at the same time, helping hold the stage.

Pulling yourselves up by your own bootstraps, right? Yet, this is pretty true. Your own continuing 3D experience helps hold the world together. Fortunately, any one 3D unit is so tiny a fraction that the whole is not in danger of slipping because of an individual experience.

Let’s pause here and continue to the third view next time. Call this “Two perspectives.”

Okay. Thanks as always. See you Friday, maybe, or maybe tomorrow.


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