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Friday, October 8, 2010

4:30 AM. Well?

Always well, thanks. And you?

Very funny. I don’t have anything special in mind, so I hope you do.

The work you have done, re-reading journal entries – these conversations, we mean, of course – should have showed you the primary three strands into which it may be divided. However, that division is artificial, as all divisions must be. So long as you remember that fact, all will be well.

I get – political/historical, the way the world works, and Hemingway’s life.

Yes and perhaps you can see that the three illustrate each other. How can you be talking to dead politicians? The answer is a matter of metaphysics, or cosmology, or theology. Taking for granted that you are really talking to dead politicians, what are they saying from their unique standpoints about the nature of life in 3-D and its relation to the larger life? And Hemingway’s life as an example of a life lived – his and yours, well-lit and unlit – tie the two themes together. So in a way it is a shame to encourage them to be considered separately. And yet they pretty much must be considered separately if they are to be considered at all, for otherwise it requires that the potential reader replicate your mental world, which is not likely.

It has given me a new perspective on these past five years. There was that six-month burst of inspiration from December 2005 to May 2006, then a long spell that I am just about to go through from June 2006 to the end of April of this year, and now five months so far as another prolonged burst of material. In retrospect I would have liked to have had that initial burst become a continuing stream. But perhaps that wasn’t possible.

To answer the implied question, it might have been possible, given different decisions. But that doesn’t mean that another path would have been better. It was worthwhile – was it not? – for you to get out Chasing Smallwood and Babe In The Woods and The Sphere And The Hologram. Perhaps it would have required too great a change of gears for you to receive continuously and do those things at the same time. That doesn’t mean it would be too great a task now. Many things have changed.

And are about to change even more, I take it.

More like, have been changing. Your practicing doing workshops and talks has moved you; it’s just that the end-result hasn’t yet appeared.

Well, as Louis says in Casablanca, “Frankly, major, I shall take what comes.” So what do we talk about today?

Do you have a list of accumulated questions?

I don’t.

Nor notes. Perhaps it is time to pause.

I don’t like to think so. But if I were to put the time to developing the manuscripts –

Yes. If. But we are ready when you are, and you will soon have posted all this series of conversations on your blog, for those readers needing a fix.

All right. Well, all good things come to an end, maybe it’s time to pause and do other things.

You can tap this same energy easily, just set your mind to it. And when we resume in November or December (you being willing) you will be in another place, having absorbed, assimilated, distilled and disseminated this information.

Assuming that I can do that in so little time. Okay. See you whenever.

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