The gods at war (continued)

Monday, November 11, 2019

4:55 a.m. Armistice Day.

So, the gods at war, and us.

Let’s say, the gods at war and peace, and you (that is, 3D humans). The older civilizations personified traits and forces; yours depersonalizes them. Neither view is absolute; it is more a matter of taste. But what is true either way is that 3D and non-3D are not and cannot be independent, one from the other. It can’t be. You could as well separate the fates of heads and tails, fore and aft. Distinction between them there is; disconnection there is not and cannot be.

  • A matter of taste and prejudice how the world’s ordering appears to you. But those initial decisions create filters that shape your ability to perceive.
  • Is lightning mere electricity? A bolt of Thor? An omen of this or that? An effect of physical and/or mental and/or force of character?
  • Edgar Cayce’s sources said that force expresses either in human affairs (war, say) or as natural phenomena (earthquakes, say, or volcanoes).
  • The Romans followed omens; so did the ancient Chinese, and the American Indians, and Shakespeare’s characters, etc. Were they all stupid? Ignorant? Merely superstitious?
  • Magicians and priests alike seek to bend non-human power to further human ends. A mistake, all of it?

So far, this is familiar ground, and seems to bring us no nearer to the question of the gods at war.

Bear in mind, the very phrase “the gods at war” must pass through certain filters, to be entertained as possibility. If it do not, it can not be accepted as possible. So, rephrasing the same notion expands the chances of it passing through such filters.

I see that. No wonder you are sometimes so redundant and seemingly repetitious.

In this process, it is “many are called but few allow themselves to be chosen.” We merely widen the throat of the entrance, as best we can.

  • Non-3D forces manifesting in 3D are not perceived as they are, because 3D provides inadequate perceptual grounds. Instead, they are perceived in relation to existing categories. So don’t be so sure what is possible and what is not.
  • Remember, you are the divine, only you are not all that the divine is.

That strikes me as an important statement. Maybe it will be obvious to others, I don’t know.

Well, it is important, but it is only a restating of what we said. How you interpret what you experience depends upon what you are beforehand. More, what you experience, itself, depends upon what you  are beforehand.

I get, that’s why sometimes we get knocked off our horse on the way to Damascus.

That’s right. However, not everybody will know the story these days.

Saul was vigorously persecuting the new heretical Jewish community when, on the way to Damascus, he was knocked off his horse and blinded for three days and asked by a divine force “why are you persecuting me?” When he recovered he was renamed Paul, and for better or worse became a force in the shaping of Christianity. “The Road to Damascus” has been a cultural allusion for 2,000 years. You are telling me, no longer?

Someone rightly said that for a civilization to perish, it is not needed that its books be burned, merely that they be unread for a generation. But after all it is not all loss.

In any case –

You are the divine, but you are only a subset of the divine. Both halves are true, because it cannot be any other way, in the nature of things.

Our 3D conditions are constriction, so non-3D attributes do not manifest here.

Well – let’s say what does manifest does so in congruence with 3D restrictions: this, including miracles.

Given that we extend beyond the 3D, we similarly (or I should say “therefore,” I suppose) perceive with non-3D eyes as well.

You do when your filters allow it, yes.

  • “The gods at war” is the same thing as “natural forces interacting,” but each view has been strained through a different filter.
  • “Animate” v. “inanimate” is a division that seems to be only common-sense observation. Your desk is not given to dancing in the moonlight. Yet this is only a filter operating to make sense of the world.
  • Filters might be grouped by those which make the world static and predictable and those which make it dynamic and even chaotic. The world is neither one nor the other. It is, as it ever was, beyond definition.

Odd feeling: As I am writing this, a bit more slowly than usual, I am aware of a thread of fantasy or something, running through my mind at the same time, almost taking center stage even as I write. What is unusual is less the dual track than the second track being so relatively prominent.

Your minds function on more than two tracks. As your filters allow you to experience them this way, your conscious experience changes, or seems to. What changes is your awareness of your conscious functioning. This is an example of filters in operation.

  • Your filters operate within your culture’s filters, realize, even if sometimes against those filters. So two people of identical composition, looking at the same data through different cultural filters, might see things very differently.

There is no such thing as an “objective” observer.

Not in the sense of seeing what cannot be (that is, an objective truth not dependent upon the conditions of observation). However, what is called “objective” in the sense of independent of personal bias may be a useful distinction.

Messed up that sentence, but I think the sense of it comes through. [Transcribing, I think it meant to say, “objective” v. “subjective” is nonetheless a valid distinction, only more relative than we sometimes think.] Let’s go on rather than trying to fix it.

Always you feel time’s wings hurrying you onward.

Well, I’m wanting to hear about the gods at war.

And aren’t we telling you?

  • First you must realize that life, and therefore your lives within life, cannot be determined by logic. Logic analyzes, but it does not provide what is to be analyzed. Your filters do that.
  • Second, your life in 3D must always be a subset of your life. That you do not recognize your larger life does not mean it does not exist. But if your filters block it, it does not exist for you, and your logic will thus infallibly exclude it, barring miracles.
  • Third, necessarily then, your 3D life is repeatedly, if not continuously, being shaped and affected by forces beyond your cognition or logic. As you are more than you can perceive, so is your life.

And as for us as individuals, necessarily for a culture or civilization.

Yes, only a culture has a greater mass, a greater inertia, a greater stability (three ways to say the same thing) than the individual. Hence change comes from the individual in 3D; stability comes from the context in 3D. It is a balance.

  • But 3D life is a construct, remember. It appears to be solid, but its essence is evanescent.
  • Can a soap-bubble be said to be independent of internal forces (surface tension, say) or of external forces (such as wind or a solid object)?
  • The gods at war, or the gods at peace, exist in their own terms, but their existence necessarily has consequences for the 3D world that experiences their shadows.

What distresses you in our explanation is that it does not match what you thought was going to be forthcoming. Thus it feels like evasion. But have faith.

Well, “faith is the evidence of things unseen,” and I don’t see it yet.

Yes, very funny. But actually you are beginning to see it, only the process of readjusting your filters takes place mostly pre-consciously.

Call this session “the gods at war.”

Thanks. Till next time.


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