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Saturday, November 9, 2019

6 a.m. All right, to work. You said, as a halfway point, treat the 3D world as “not only” our environment.

Re-read yesterday’s before we begin, to get it fresh in your mind. This will help the process.

Me only, or the reader as well?

You have no control over what anyone does but yourself. And in this case you are the amenuensis and the interlocutor both – you will benefit from the focus.

Yes, I can see that – having just done it – but even now it is hard to hold on to.

Which is why we need symbols, you will remember, and why religions (including science) need dogma, to provide capsule-summary-images to imply a lot in bite-sized bits.

Now you, experiencing yourselves in 3D as 3D, live differently depending upon your awareness of who you really are – which, remember, fluctuates.

  • The 3D world of constraints may be seen as a stage, a stable platform maintained by joint effort of the various kingdoms: vegetable, animal, celestial, mineral.
  • But do not think of this platform as static merely because it is stable. It is dynamic, rather.
  • Do not think of it as one-dimensional, or rather as of uniform texture, say. It contains within itself all possibilities and hence all possible conditions.
  • “Magic” is the manipulation of the prevailing conditions by the will of the individual (bearing in mind that there can be no such thing as a 3D-only individual).
  • “Superstition” is sometimes the deducing of rules governing the appearance of magic outside conscious willing.
  • “Religion” may be, on one end, the extension of consciousness by the use of symbol and dogma, or at the other end a sort of substitute extension, living by rule, as superstition.
  • Bear in mind, aware of it or not, you move from one state of being to another as you live. This is not a one-way progression, so much as a wandering.
  • The 3D world, which you perceive as external, functions, as we said, as a sort of mirror of your state of being. Thus as Thoreau said, don’t curse your life, it isn’t as bad as you are.

And I guess don’t take credit for it either, when things are going well?

Let’s say, an attitude of trustful interest would be appropriate in either case. You didn’t cause your good fortune, you didn’t cause your ill-fortune, and anyway you can’t depend upon your judgment as to which is which.

Now, if you affect your environment, and your environment affects you, that is a very different state of affairs from that which you come to logically if you consider that it is only one way or the other. You are not “only” (nor always) magicians, setting the stage and directing the play. You are not only nor always victims or let’s say recipients, reacting to the latest blows of fate or kisses from the gods. Nor do you move from the one to the other. It only looks like that.

I think of Caesar as I write that.

Caesar you know was considered to be beloved by the gods, which assured his astonishing luck time and again when he needed it. Yet he was diligent, determined, far-sighted, of few illusions, sometimes ruthless and more often merciful, at a time when mercy was often mistaken for weakness. He is a good example of a conscious man operating in good connection with his non-3D component and interacting with what seems an exterior environment to entirely transform his society. Yet his goal and his methods were not primarily aimed at transforming his 3D environment even though he himself thought in those terms.

I wish I could speak to Caesar.

Only you don’t believe yourself worth of his attention.

Well, yes, I guess so, like when I contacted Joseph P. Kennedy expecting to be swatted for my impertinence, and he said there isn’t anybody who is more nobody than a dead man.

The key as always is, what do you have in common? Where is the point of resonance between you? it won’t be culture or language or biographical detail necessarily, but there will be something, or you would not feel the draw. So ask yourself where the resonance is, or rather, feel where it is, and see if anything happens.

And this is not an interruption of your lesson-plan, I take it.

Very funny. Try the experiment. What doesn’t work today may work tomorrow. What does work today will necessarily carry the quality of the moment.

It’s funny, I woke up thinking of my academic friend who believed I was honest, but maintained that my contacts weren’t scientifically valid unless I could somehow prove that I was talking to whomever I thought (or they said) it was. I maintained just the opposite, that the experience precedes the proof, that it is the experience and not the data that must be looked at as of primary importance, for our attribution of source must always be speculative and probably at least partly erroneous.

Enough nervousness. Try.

Yes. Very well, what would be our point of contact, the reason for my fascination with the man Julius Caesar?

We transcend categories. It is that extending beyond bounds that is in common.

Clearly I am not socialite, soldier, statesman. So the transcendence you mean is not of career.

Why do you think Caesar transformed the world, more after his death than before?

You altered the categories for others.

After you have seen more clearly than others, their sight clears as well. This is not your doing as an individual; it is you as servant of the gods. But the gods love those who willingly do their bidding.

It can be hard to remember that you were others before and presumably after you were Caesar.

You will find it easier to see if you think of it not as Caesar but as Caesar’s traits. Many an individual has flowed with this or that bundle of Caesar’s categories, qualities. Napoleon chiefly, as you were given some time ago, but many a one unknown to history. Any life successfully lived adds to the possible patterns.

That last sentence was a shift in feel.

Your attention wavered. Still, there was the true contact you wanted.

  • Think of yourselves as patterns interacting with the external world as also a pattern, but realize that you-as-pattern is itself a somewhat external thing, not you-as-essence.

So what is the over-arching thing you are trying to get across, here?

It is worthwhile to think of yourselves as separate from the 3D world and yet an integral part of the 3D world. Both, not one or the other, because “the 3D world” is itself more of two natures than appears.

As beings who are not of the 3D, you have leverage. As beings who are of the 3D, you have insight, or let’s say a sense of identity. You belong and yet you are more than. The 3D world is environment and yet it is an externalization of you (if only “in effect”).

And that will do for the moment.

Well, thank you for all this, as usual. A particularly unusual experience this morning.

No, a slight stretching of your categories, nothing more.

If you say so. Till next time, then.


9 thoughts on “More on our lives living in the 3D

  1. “No, a light stretching of your categories, nothing more.” I’d say.

    When you hit the point of deciding to talk with Caesar, I knew I was supposed to, too! Just to take it as an opportunity to keep enhancing contact and to see what I would get. I had to start immediately, or I’d lose my nerve. I mean, Julius Caesar! Have we all gone crazy?

    I knew immediately I resonated with his leadership and vision. I don’t know why for sure, but those words came. So interesting to see what I got juxtaposed to what you got. I think your connection is surer and closer to him and his essence. But I did get a conversation (probably more of me in it that you in yours). He connects leadership and vision with order. I’ll transcribe it and send it here, for anyone who wants to read it.

    I would never in my life have done such an out-there thing without your leadership and vision, Frank. Thanks again.

  2. (Just as Frank, in today’s blog, “More on our lives living in the 3D,” was deciding to have a conversation with Caesar, I knew I was supposed to stop, before reading his, and have my own conversation with Caesar (!). When TGU asked, “Where is the point of resonance between you?” I knew it was leadership and vision.)
    (I could feel a larger-than-life presence, and I swear–lol–I could almost hear those Roman trumpets.)
    “As part of the community of the dead, on the other side of the river of life, I salute you, for looking across, with a glimpse of me in mind. I celebrate the connection.
    I view your world through the framework of my own experience and find it infinitely thought provoking. I have the tactical advantage of the greater vision across time and space, my own experience included. I see where and how I could have (and did at times) go astray in the face of such a large, multi-faceted task, feeling generally alone as the one to shoulder it through, based on a clear vision, yes, of where I wanted it to go, never doubting the correctness, rightness of that vision. I knew my space and time and the nature of the men who inhabited it. And I loved it all.
    I lived to size. I filled my portion of that time and space. I could feel that I was made for the task and its time and eager to rise to it. (No one could have stopped him.) It filled me, yes. The focus wasn’t on the conquer. It was on the order of things. The proper order–so they could know the fulfillment of time and space that I knew. As orderly as the production of the crops to nourish all. To put the tasks to the peace of right order. To organize man’s activity in service to that order–that the plant and animal kingdoms have, and once discovered and adhered to, the kingdom of man.
    (I’m sure there was more, but I got the signal that it was okay to stop. I wish I could better describe what his presence felt like, but I do think most of you know what I’m talking about. I did study Caesar [100 BC to 44 BC] decades ago and kept remembering that phrase attributed to Caesar that we began with–“All Gaul is divided into three parts.” Lol.)

    1. Jane, when Frank mentioned Joan of Arc yesterday and you contacted Caesar, I thought I might share my previous experience with contacting Joan (Jeanne) too. Your courage in sharing is much appreciated. Always interested to hear what you write.

      After reading Jane’s post about her contact with Jeanne d’Arc several months ago, I began to read the transcripts of her trial. As I was reading through the transcripts, a song kept playing over and over in my head. It was an old song called Dominique. The lyrics were in French and it was popular in the US, years before I took high school French. I liked the song as a child but at that time had no idea what the words meant. Looking it up on the internet, I found that the singer was a Dominican nun called the Singing Nun (her birth name was Jeanne-Paule Marie Deckers) and the song was about St. Dominic who started the Dominican order. I thought this was interesting so I did more research and found that Jeanne d’Arc was brought into contact with members of the Dominican order at critical periods during her later life including one Dominican who was the Inquisitor at her trial and another who presided over her Trial of Rehabilitation. There were also two Dominican friars that were with Jeanne just before and after she was killed. From what I have read of her posthumous re-trial and the testimony provided by the two friars, she never recanted the veracity of the voices and visions.

      When I contacted Jeanne she talked about the two Dominican friars who were by her side at the trial:

      (Jeanne) I knew they were on my side to support and lift me up in my despair. For I felt the outcome as it became clearer. I could not understand why those voices that I trusted were seemingly gone. But as the hour of death approached I felt a peace settle over me. I resigned to my fate. Those friars by my side provided strength for me like the company of intimate friends although they were only recent acquaintances. At my request one of them raised a crucifix for me to focus on as I stood in the pyre. They were with me till the end.

      There is much more to this Dominican aspect including the Inquisitor that I have been looking at – my own intolerance to fundamentalist religions – something inside me that needs to be reconciled – my own intolerance.

      1. Karla–so glad you shared this. I’m still working on Jehanne, too, focusing on the period in between battles, when she resided in the palace but traveled the countryside, invited to town fairs and religious holidays, to baptisms, and other celebrations. Also, what it was like when, after she’d been captured, they moved her from place to place. They were so afraid of her. The Joan d’Arc center in France has lots of detail on her life during these times. I feel I’m connected to burnings and the states people are in before, during, and after their burnings, and not just as a victim of burning myself, but as perpetrator, too. This is part of what gets closer to my understanding and reconciliation. I do believe those friars were important to her balance at that point. She knew what she needed. Of course, she never lost her guidance, but I don’t think she ever lost her connection to them, either. I believe she had the peace at the end she talks to you of. If you’ve got more you want to share on her, you can email me at

  3. Thank you very much Frank, Jane, Karla, Andy….I have a sort of “messages” in my mind each morning within the “twilight Zone” upon awakening. Very clear told sentences for the upcoming Day.

    BY to read yours here this morning by a “coincidence”… my own “received” message/sentence, this very morning was(translated from norwegian into english which can be felt as somehow a bit diffrent because of the translation)…but the sentence was: “…and to live your life of worth and meaning to you.”

    My impression by to read about Ceasar and Jeanne D`Arc (I have read a lot about each…as to have been interested in all worlds` historic literature all my life, and as Frank to study it all my life)…but my further interests about Caesar ” Jeanne D`Arch was not felt as “the same deep connection” as yours …. and therefore felt “not connected” with the same “thread” as you are to follow.

    Charles & Frank (Charles Sides, old friend of Frank`s)to have learned me “to follow” the own “impression” when to read books….The intuitive “responding, emotion&feeling” by the author(s)as to give you while reading ANY book.

    All my study about Napoleon f.inst,…In the end I became so much “aquinted” with THE NAPOLEON EPOCH…that I KNEW to have been around his “inner circles” somewhere. Well, only ONE example of course.

    Another example in the last years are to have FELT an URGE “to follow” unto the old traces of the vikings(cannot tell HOW MANY BOOKS to have read about the vikings since my childhood). By AN IMPULSE yesterday, in the early morning, “to open up” my emailbox to see a local tourist-firm (a bus travel-company of tourism in my local area) which I have signed up to receive other new bus-trips for the retired folks in my local “settings,” news for the next year to come). AND, there it was; “a calling”…next year the local tourist-company to do A SAILING( with bus/and a cruise-ship)from Norway over to Denmark, Iceland and the Faroey-islands(the Faroey islands still belonging to Denmark. Iceland became free from Denmark in 1947, after WWII). Greenland is still “a protectorate” of Denmark. Denmark gave Greenland a free independent “instituiton”late in the 1970s).

    Well, now, my last journey will be “in the trace of the vikings.” I have interpreted it as what Seth to have told many a time: “….The Value Fullfillment.”

    Love ya(ye?) all forever….And still wishing all of us a happy journey(SMILES).
    Bliss & Bessings(B & B) Inger Lise

    1. Thank you so much Jane. Will email you with updates when I have more.

      Inger Lise, how wonderful for you to have the opportunity to follow in the path of the Vikings. It’s exciting to watch how all unfolds. There are always surprises along the way. Years ago, I was drawn to books of Native Americans in the library, not really knowing why but I would spend time just flipping through photos. Finally it dawned on me that the ones that really pulled me in were the Lakota Indians. Then all kinds of synchronicities started happening. My cousin introduced me to her good friend who was a Lakota that had been adopted off the reservation and she was related to the Lakota chief Red Cloud. Then a co-worker showed me an ad in the paper for a company called Journeys Into Native American territories. This was the first year they were doing a tour in South Dakota with the Lakota so I signed up. Some many more surprises continued for years after that. It was the beginning of an amazing journey. So Inger Lise, I wish you a wonderful trip. Hope you can share some of your experiences.

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