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Monday, October 21, 2019

4:15 a.m. Okay, guys, if you know where you left off, here we are.

Take our advice and live, as much as your composition allows you, in trust. Trust the world, trust your life, trust your selves. “Trust” does not mean “blindly accept,” nor “refuse to plan,” nor “define away obstacles, contradictions, suffering.” It means, accept what comes and deal with that, rather than squander energy and passion on what amounts to a temper tantrum to the effect of “This isn’t what I want!” Trust that anything and everything that comes to you – or, equally, that you come to – is neither accident nor the result of malice. This simple but profound orientation will smooth your way remarkably, no matter how rough the way that remains.

  • It isn’t your life; it is life that has been lent to you as an opportunity.
  • You cannot lose anything but by your own consent, for it is never what “happens” to you but how you react – first-tier, second-tier, third-tier results.
  • The rules to a successful life are few and they are well-known. Love, be helpful, live your life and not someone else’s.
  • You cannot lose anything in life, because you haven’t any “skin in the game,” as they say. You are playing with borrowed money that you will not need to repay, and neither your winnings nor your losses will accompany you beyond the grave.
  • That said, the “skin in the game” that you do have is, again, how you allow the life to change you. Not the 3D-life-you; the real, underlying, you.

But we can’t really lose there either.

No, you can’t. We can’t. Your 3D life is important as the crucible in which you may (or may not) forge your soul, as James Joyce had Stephen Daedalus put it, but it is not important (because the situation is not real) as a critical part of 3D external life, or as you in that external life.

If I understand that last point, you are saying the soul who played Thomas Jefferson, say, or James Madison, although their external life affected 3D history (and hence the environment their successors in history experienced), nonetheless came into 3D for their own purposes, their own development, and the external roles were part of that development but were not instead of that development.

Let us explain your explanation, just a bit; clarify your clarification. Said more carefully it is this. Any of you may and indeed must affect your environment – mostly, those who come to know you – although relatively few of you will achieve notoriety, let alone fame. Regardless of how greatly or how little your effect on what is called “history,” your life in 3D is about your life, your choices, your reaction to what appears via time and space, because you and your concerns far transcend 3D life. It is the loss of a sense of this reality that has poisoned East and West alike, and is shaking things to pieces as a necessary preparation.

Razing the old buildings; clearing the ground.

Precisely so. Destruction is not “evil” even in the context of construction. It is all part of a reciprocating process, as usual in 3D.

  • Because your life is about you, regardless in what context (that is, regardless what you work at), you are the center of your universe, and rightly so.
  • However, this is so, and rightly so, for everyone else, as well. In effect, 3D life is also polycentric.
  • The only balanced position is that life is both all about you, and all about everyone but Not one or the other; both. Not one now and the other later; both.

I take this to mean, our moment-to-moment lives should be living in love.

We don’t say it is natural for all. For some, yes; for others, effectively impossible; for most, somewhere in between the extremes, but yes, this is the ideal stance, as you have been told, and as many of you present and past have experienced first-hand. Again – we feel obliged to strum this chord repeatedly because it is so neglected in your time, and meets such instinctive resistance – look to your scriptures. It does not matter what set of scriptures are most compatible for you, you will find they say the same things, as indeed one would expect unless one fantasized that scriptures could be arbitrary.

I remember well coming to a book of Sufi scriptures some 15 years ago and feeling such a sense of relief, of coming home.

Everyone can find a home; it is a matter of being open and allowing them to appear, for of course your non-3D component, not being limited in time and space, knows how to find what you need, when you need it.

You will notice, our abiding theme is that there is a practical truth to be found, and that it can be found only where it is by nature, not where you want it to be or even need it to be. If reality does not conform to what you want it to be, which do you suppose will work better, railing against it for not being as you wish, or accepting it as a guide to more effective living?

Offhand, I’d say Muhammad is better off going to the mountain.

So would we. This doesn’t mean approving of  “the way things are.” It means, seeing things as they are rather than as they appear through a screen of filers and prejudices. But the point we would insist on is, you will not be able to make sense of your 3D life if you insist that it not extend beyond 3D limits.

Life is about more than a 3D life.

More than about this 3D life, or any and all of one’s 3D lives. More than all 3D lives ever lived and ever to be lived, in fact. The halftime show is not the game – not that this is meant as analogy, only as spark.

I’ll forgive you for bringing in football, since you hastened to take it out again.

However, it is a good image. 3D life, judged from within 3D life, particularly if judged only by the seemingly objective evidence allowed that does not admit to extension beyond 3D life, will look like a complete report that amounts to meaninglessness or to some somewhat arbitrary meaning. It will never satisfy, not really, because part of you knows better, no matter what your surface beliefs.

We repeat, 3D life is all about you, and all about everyone but you, and it is never about 3D life in and of itself as it appears, rather than as it really is, extending beyond time, beyond (3D) space.

And we repeat, find the scriptures that speak to you, if you want to find resources in depth.

Enough for the moment. Again, a shorter session, but again, a complete thought.

Okay, our thanks as always. My personal recommendation, since I can’t remember the title of that book I had that contained scriptures from seven (I think) religions, is Essential Sufism, James Fadiman and Robert Frager, eds. Castle Books, 1997.


4 thoughts on “TGU on the purpose of life in 3D

  1. Good stuff today — one of those sessions that clarifies and condenses, helping me to remember what matters and what does not. So easy to get wrapped up on small stuff, ya know? Love. Be helpful (kind). Mind your own life (you don’t have enough info o do otherwise.) Love it.

    I like the bullet format interspersed with discussion. It’s keeping me better engaged. It also helps me focus on the important points.

    1. I’m getting the feeling they pretty much had to move to headlines, and i can all but hear them hoping that this will let us hold enough different things in our minds at the same time to provide wider context.

  2. “The rules to a successful life are few and they are well-known. Love, be helpful, live your life and not someone else’s.” “But the greatest of these is love.” (Paul in 1 Corinthians 13:13)

    The challenge is the load/charge carried by the word ‘love’ … probably much more than ‘evil’ or ‘sin’ in modern times. My experience says growth/life/understanding in that area take real effort and perseverance … and repays a thousand-fold.

  3. Really good stuff here, Frank! Not a very eloquent way to put it, but – from the heart!
    : )

    This is my “meat and potatoes”….
    (Thank you!)

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