Evil and the 3D world

Friday, October 18, 2019

4 a.m. All right, continuing. Why should evil manifest in 3D? Where does it come from? Is it inevitable? And, depending upon the answers – how should we deal with it?

And in considering such deep questions, it is as well to breathe deeply, relax as deeply as you can, mentally as well as physically, and allow, because bringing answers in is going to create stress – stress for you, Frank, in this instance, and stress for those who read what is produced and have to decide what they think of it. For this is an unusually charged subject, associating within your minds with large numbers of important belief systems, some of which may become threatened.

Bruce Moen used to talk about belief system crashes, and cascading belief system crashes.

That’s the threat – the perceived threat – exactly. And it is just that threat that sometimes leads people to refuse to consider propositions that others find quite reasonable, or even obvious. Again, realize as best you can that most of your mental processing takes place well beneath your consciousness threshold, just as is the case for your perceptions.

And I hear you saying, it has to be this way.

It does unless you can re-invent your representation of the world every time you wake up, every time you think a thought or smell an aroma or need to react to any form of stimulus. It will become obvious to you if you think about it. But that isn’t what we’re here to discuss today. We merely remind you, allow the discussion before judging it.

Will try. I got an email from an old friend I don’t hear from much anymore, saying he reads these sessions even if he doesn’t usually comment, and I found it enormously encouraging. But the point is, he said, jokingly, “And here I thought it was the devil’s fault.” Which reminds me to bring up that topic. But, I get, not now.

No, not now. It is important to discuss various ways people have seen the process of the transmission of evil into the 3D world, but it is equally important that we not adopt any of those schemes in our discussion. If the older schemes worked in your new emerging situation, there wouldn’t be a need for new expressions, would there? Even using words like “evil” and “sin” is difficult to do neutrally, because they are so charged from centuries of use within a different scheme.

Another problem you have, I imagine, is that so many people have so many different reactions, stemming from their backgrounds, that what may aid one may be a stumbling-block for another.

This is not a new concern, but of course it becomes more prominent as a problem when the subject is more charged. So, breathe.

You don’t need to give that advice to an asthmatic!

Au contraire, who needs it more? But, to proceed.

  • 3D life may be considered to be a series of concentrated reactions to situations.
  • As in any explosion, the nature of the result is inherent in the mixture of ingredients.
  • Just as a potentially explosive situation may exist for a long time in 3D, so in the non-3D.
  • The 3D world’s existence might be looked at as the equivalent to a refinery’s continual burning-off of natural gas.
  • Explosions may be destructive or may be harnessed as in the internal combustion engine.

That is a very interesting set of images, and if I am not mistaken, you are in the process of telling us that  our ideas of evil are all to some extent correct, even those that contradict each other.

Nothing new in that. Partial views always seem to contradict what they truncate.

So, pray, enlighten us.

Well, you can begin to draw your conclusions by meditating on the images and analogies. Your own cogitations will be more persuasive to you than will our statements.

If we were to leave it at this, it would be one of our all-time shortest sessions, though!

There might be value in that, as well. But we didn’t intend to stop, merely to say, the headlines strategy assumes that the reader will ponder, not merely read and immediately decide to accept or reject.

I think that is what happens, often enough, particularly as people decide “Oh, that’s nothing new, that’s just X.”

Yes. Can’t be helped. In such cases, though, one’s own non-3D component is there to prod or irritate or inspire, when it is desirable that one actually pause and consider. Otherwise no new material could get through the invisible automatically operating filters.

  • Non-3D conditions allow all elements to co-exist indefinitely. 3D conditions promote and often demand resolution.
  • What is the importance of the 3D crucible, after all, if not to facilitate resolution?
  • Chemistry labs do not cease to exist after chemical processes are allowed to culminate.

Sometimes they do, I’ll bet!

Yes, we’re smiling too, but the non-3D does not blow up the 3D through inadvertence, or malice. That isn’t something to worry about.

  • Chemical explosions, or reactions, or combinations – whatever their nature – do not bring the world to an end. Neither do 3D events.
  • However, if you yourself are part of the chemical equation –

Care to try that one again?

[False start]

All 3D creatures born of sexual reproduction – that is, all compound beings – are themselves observers in the laboratory, and are the chemicals being combined, and are the environment in which the combinations occur. That is, you have no independent place to stand: Your existence is experienced as part of the explosion, or transformation, or whatever. Yet, you are also continuing, regardless what happens, so in that sense you do have an independent place to stand. You are and are not an intrinsic part of 3D conditions; are and are not heavily invested in what happens there. You do and do not affect your non-3D components, and therefore the non-3D, by what you experience in 3D life, such experience including, obviously, your decisions and reactions as things unfold. [Note on transcribing: If you find this sentence hard to parse, put “and therefore the non-3D” in parens and see if that doesn’t clarify it for you.]

So, you cannot expect to see the world clearly; not your surroundings; not your life, not your nature, not your purpose. Of course it is going to seem chaotic. In a sense it is chaotic. But there is a part of you that is beyond your 3D experience, and this part does not lose its head, does not lose its equilibrium.

Let us pause here, a little early, as this is one complete image to be considered.

Very well. Our thanks as always for adding so much interest to our lives. I certainly speak for myself, but, I think, for others too.


4 thoughts on “Evil and the 3D world

  1. WOW … I’m surprised at how much discussion this line has stirred up! I feel the Church’s deep and abiding interest in evil and sin here … but am also aware of my bias and prejudices in such areas.

    Using TGU/Frank’s headline format:
    – 3D is a projection of/from non-3D.
    – Evil exists in 3D; in non-3D ‘not so much’/not at all? (seemed like TGU danced around this one).
    – Ipso facto, something in/from non-3D must manifest as evil in 3D.

    I appreciate Frank/TGU working to bring this information ‘through’ in a way that doesn’t use the charged words and concepts of previous (mostly religious?) schemes. And hope TGU gets back to their 10/13 comment: “we are sketching how the perpetual problem of evil will work out in the coming civilization.”

  2. Cascading belief system crashes as a refinery process. The story of my life. Serially realizing what I thought being one way proven false by life. And then the smugness of those who refuse to move. How I envy those who stand firm in their certainty, who life lets be immobile in their convictions.

    In Goethe’s Faust Mephistopheles is a catalyst. Evil deeds are the powering engine for change. Sometimes evil deeds lead to good change, too. I have had a theory that evil is a pattern of repetition that you are unable to stop. Smoking, drinking, lying. The seed of unconsciousness, where the road leads to someone with a bloody knife in their hands saying: I do not know what took me. The devil made me do it. First a little unconscious, then more and more, until devil can ride you. And maybe you enjoy it- surely you get to see places, even palaces.

    I have been thinking about how much of human busyness is about compensating. One group cuts five hectares of forest, another plants five hectares of trees. All are very active, and the tree-planters even get to feel virtuous when comparing themselves to tree-cutters or burners. But the net change of all this action is zero, as far as I can see. Jung says wanting to be good will call forth a compensating evil. The refinery process is driven by the other side- there will be adjustment if I try to tilt the process. So just trusting the process should be enough.

    Jung says consciousness is the goal. So is the real journey: from helplessly being triggered to flare in the refinery process into consciously and willingly participating in the refining process I am participating?

    Extremely interesting stuff, and all the discussion too! I appreciate everyones comments. And much gratitude to Frank for keeping at this in the middle of all other stuff. Be well!

    1. Now I’m thinking about evil: is it the refining process’ need to move, stir things, heat up, to cook the impurities up to the surface? And the will that resists the process may collect a tremendous pressure and when things need to move, it may need a tremendous explosion. And sometimes some part of the process is in a tranquil state. And we are all swimming in it. And making comparisons there is so easy and so futile! Victims, villains, sages and stooges circulate in the porridge, all moving by their own particular make-up. What a spectacle! If you can see it and avoid getting completely immersed in the action. Complete detachment maybe hampers the process. Complete immersion may make the process unnecessarily consuming.

  3. Frank, I just want to take a moment to once again thank you for continuing to do this service for us!

    Recently I feel like I’m beginning to “get it” and would relate the insights to what those walking with Jesus along the road to Emmaus must have experienced – finally internally understanding teachings often heard, such as “we’re all one”, but now thanks to your work it’s starting to click for me.

    I appreciate you and your efforts on everyone’s behalf.

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