Aspects of evil in 3D life

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

2:25 a.m. Okay, shall we do more headlines, this morning?

We can try. You will find this easier, and harder, than our usual plodding.

You could alternate, I suppose.

We could. Let’s see how it goes.

When we speak of evil, remember that we refer not to appearance of evil, nor personal preferences rooted in one’s values, nor things that seem evil until seen in greater context. Beyond all these categories – as we have explained from time to time – there is real, objective, evil, the twin to real, objective, good.

We know that many people have argued that evil is only appearance but it is not so; in a binary universe, good is paired with evil, and the fact that many things that are not evil are called evil does not change the fact that some things are evil, and you know it in practical life, even when your philosophic position or your intellectual preference would argue it away.

Yes, this is ground many times gone over.

Well, it is important, for if all choice is a matter only of personal preference, then values hang in the air, anchored to nothing, and then life would be, in truth, the meaningless arbitrary game it sometimes appears to be.


  • The basis of life in duality is good v. evil in tension.
  • Like all 3D phenomena, these are realities of the larger All-D reality, manifesting in 3D’s special circumstances.
  • It isn’t that you are born ignorant; you are born with tendencies and preferences and potential.
  • Life is thus not a school but a chance (and a necessity) for you to choose what you will manifest. It is boot camp in that you are being forced by circumstance to develop and use certain skills. It is a gymnasium in that it provides you an environment in which to exercise them.
  • Life in 3D is not isolated from life in the greater sense, no matter that it appears to be so.

Are we divided into armies, or families, that are good or evil, or all we all a mixture?

Both, at the same time.

Do we, can we, change sides with different incarnations? I seem to get, immediately, that as our mixture of elements varies by incarnation, the answer is, “It can be so.”

Again, look to your spiritual and religious traditions. You needn’t be bound by their rules nor pledge your allegiance to them as corporate bodies, but you would be – often are – vary foolish to ignore so large and well-examined a body of information.

I take that to say, just as religion insists, we are mixtures of good and evil; that we often do evil almost against our own will; that we are sometimes tempted; that – as Dion Fortune said in The Demon  Lover – one on either path may be seduced from it into the other.

Yes although this isn’t quite what she was expressing. The left-hand and right-hand path aren’t quite the same as evil v. good; closer to selfish v. all-encompassing. But close enough. In practice, you will find temptation enough on all sides, and even the lure of being all good may be a temptation from the proper path of wholeness.

I wish you’d explain that.

Any one of you is a mixture of qualities, in fact you are a mixture of prior individuals who were mixtures of qualities. Can you see that this latter expression is more complicated, with greater potential, than the former?

I think I can. If our mixture in this life were merely mixtures of qualities per se, life wouldn’t be nearly as rich as it is. (A little hard to phrase, here.) I, having 10 other “past” lives, say, have 10 definitely-formed rocks in the bag. If I had only the sum of the qualities they encompass, it would be a bag of sand.

Less structured, correct, and not a bad analogy.

Yours, I take it.

Smiling along with you. but it is a vivid and helpful image. Your lives are more structured internally than you sometimes realize. More headlines:

  • “Past” lives and psychological complexes are often the same reality differently described.
  • “Past” lives, remember, are not finished, completed, polished, portraits or statutes. They, and you, interact.
  • That interaction takes place seemingly in 3D, actually in All-D, and the difference is significant.
  • The 3D is for choice in constricted circumstances; it is for shaping, or let’s say for self-shaping. You are the spindle and 3D is the lathe, only in some respects the spindle operates the lathe it is being shaped by.
  • But 3D is not – we will have to keep emphasizing – an end in itself. It is a means toward an end, and it is true relative to itself, but it is not “3D life for 3D life’s sake.”

Would you expand upon “true relative to itself”?

We mean mostly, it is not a meaningless show, nor an illusion without substance (though this does not mean that you can see it clearly; perhaps we might call it a reality veiled by illusion).

Okay, I get it. I like this headline business.

If you were to go back all the way to the material we were giving you and Rita, we think you would find that much of it, broken out of paragraphs, would produce a similar effect. That is, your own (Frank’s) mental processes saw the material in paragraphs. But they could have been in single sentences, each its own paragraph, and sometimes that would provide added clarity and sometimes not and sometimes essential connections would be obscured.

So give us some more headlines about good and evil.

That might mislead, because larger subjects easily tend to float in midair, slipping away from practical concerns and becoming just mind-play. Nothing wrong with that, but it is not what we are after.

So then how do you anchor the subject?

In human conduct, always; in human experience inner and outer.

So, for instance?

  • Anything you are ashamed to admit may or may not be evil; it may be merely social conditioning. But it is the first place to look.
  • Things that you know are evil but that you feel within yourselves do not by themselves convict you of evil; they convict you of being human. That is, no one can live in duality without also incorporating some of the evil in the world. But – do you express it? Do you consent to it? Do you identify with it?
  • If you say to yourself, “Evil per se does not really exist,” into what category do you place torturing animals, children, other innocents, even the guilty?
  • Some of life is a choice of values, but other aspects are a choice between real evil and real good, or at least between real evil and neutrality.

And as you know, we’re going to meet resistance on this point. I can’t quite see why; I never could. The same people who deny the existence of evil are usually (in my experience, anyway) the very people who would never dream of committing it.

And there is your clue. It is in the imagination of evil that you can see the potential in real life, just as with any other manifestation.

I think you just said, it is important somehow that we form an active picture of the existence of evil.

In its absence you cannot form an accurate idea of life. The Transcendentalists tended to wave it away – but then the question of slavery hung in the air to remind them that life trumps theory.

More next time.

Thanks. Till then.


3 thoughts on “Aspects of evil in 3D life

  1. “ … there is real, objective, evil, the twin to real, objective, good.”
    Interesting … Guidance responds to this with as close to “Wrong.” as I’ve ever gotten. “Resistance” implies not agreeing with an absolute (which was created by ????); ‘questioning’ implies intent to understand.

    To speak of ‘objective’ good and evil (not-good?) seems to demand definition; two activities mentioned in this post in the context of evil are torture and slavery. What else does TGU see as ‘absolutely’ evil … and what is good?

    I suspect TGU’s comment “But 3D … is a means toward an end.” strongly relates to their view of good and evil. An “exposition” of the ‘end’ we 3D’ers are a ‘means’ to could be very useful.

  2. So useful! And clear. I’m getting a better handle on the nature of 3D, “for choice in constricted circumstances,” not “an end in itself.” And a better glimmer on how we operate as individual and as all. And ILC “takes place ,,, in All-D, and the difference is significant.” That’s probably obvious to you, but I’d love to hear more on that.
    The examples of how notions of good and evil are anchored in human conduct are just right on. They cover things like not stepping up, enabling, and taking responsibility.
    Plus, I hadn’t thought the “basis of life in duality is good and evil in tension.” Thanks so much.

  3. Eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is a metaphor for living in the 3D world – “choice in constricted circumstances” (such a fine phrase!!) – where the notions of good and evil help us to choose. This has morphed into much energy being funneled into the concepts of good and evil thus creating their existence as “objective” truths. So sure, evil is real because we have made it so. Not sure how objective it is.

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