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Monday, September 30, 2019

4:25 a.m. Let’s see if we can continue. Transcribed and sent Thursday’s, and what I got here a while ago.

Recognize that we are – as so often – describing to you what you well know, but from a different point of view. It is the viewing as much as the viewed or viewer that is important here.

Interesting to see you put the process as a third term, equal in importance to subject or object.

To viewer or viewed. Not quite the same thing. The viewer isn’t the subject.


So, we are sketching the familiar world in an unfamiliar way. The 3D world is broadcast; it is projected from the larger world of which it is part. It is not some boulder sitting in a field of nothingness. The 3D – and always remember, not Earth alone, but all of 3D reality – is a subset of the All-D, and so cannot be properly understood in isolation. Of course in practice you will mostly see it in isolation; still, we remind you, the differences between your usual perceptions and ideas and those we try to impart are based exactly in that difference: We describe the 3D as part of its context; you mostly and usually see it as if it existed in isolation.

The mineral kingdom maintains physical continuity. The vegetable kingdom provides emotional continuity. (In both cases, of course, this continuity includes and in fact consists of variation at any one time and also cumulative variation over time.) The animal kingdom provides continuity of awareness of one’s other beings and an awareness of continual interaction. We will explain that in a moment. Humans, being part animal and part transcended animal, provide a matrix for individual choice. And the celestial kingdom as it applies to 3D provides continuity to energies and patterns and intelligences that cannot express directly in sensory-perceivable form, but nonetheless do express as a vital element in the everyday world. It all functions together, you see – but it does not function merely to maintain the 3D world in and of itself. It functions to maintain the 3D in the 3D’s function as special case of the All-D, or, one might say, as the non-3D’s specially fabricated extension (or, really, contraction) that allows certain functions to occur, primary of which is human choice, and change over time through choice.

You must come to understand: Humans are quite unique, as we have been insisting from time to time, in that humans change, and they change their external environment, which in time changes their range of possibilities.

If 3D were in existence for its own sake, you might look at this as potentially very destructive, indeed disastrous.

If 3D existed in isolation – if it were not part of the All-D matrix – similarly it would be an out-of-control situation that would likely end in disaster at worst, in meaningless change at best.

If 3D existed only in time (that is, if it came into existence and went out of existence), then what happened or did not happen would be, in a sense, irremediable, or, let’s say, of only historical existence.

But none of these conditions is true. the 3D exists as part of everything; It exists to fill a function; it is as immortal as reality, because time is not what it appears to be when seen in a strictly 3D (i.e. incomplete) perspective.

Humans change, and they change the world around them. This will be obvious when you remember that the “external” world is not separate from you, but in a way expresses you. Inner and outer being aspects of the same reality, how could a species that changes not experience itself as inhabiting an ever-changing world?

Looking back, I see you were going to explain this sentence: “The animal kingdom provides continuity of awareness of one’s other beings and an awareness of continual interaction.”

Animals are essentially tribal, familial, interactive. At one extreme is the insect kingdom with a hive-mind of nearly no individual separate awareness. At the other end is mankind, with an awareness of individuality that often drowns out awareness of the matrix in which humans necessarily live. But individually aware or not, all animals are in essence part of their species’ awareness, in a way plants are not. However, this may be difficult to express.

We are learning, these days, how much more aware of each other plants can be.

Yes, but it is an order of intelligence quite different from human awareness. The closest analogy would be to the hive-mind of the animal scale that ranges from hive to individual awareness.

It is as if hive-mind animals take up where plants leave off.

In a sense, yes. There is a sort of continuity. And of course the human mind extends from the animal to the celestial, whether or not consciously.

Shamans talking to plants are talking to the overall hive-mind that is a specific kind of plant?

Each species may be said to have its own representative, so that, say, a human taking a psycho-active substance may come into contact with the plant’s particular intelligence. It would not be a separate intelligence the way Frank’s would be different from Dirk’s, but it would be more like what it would be if the entire human race, or any subset of it, had one individual representative.

So you see, animals are always aware not only of others of their species but of others of all species within their individual existence. This is complicated in that a herd or a pod acts in effect as an extension of the individual, but that is the relation in a nutshell. If you think of the animal kingdom as producing continuity of awareness of the larger picture, that will be a good start. Humans are aware of things that cats aren’t, but both function to maintain a world of interconnection among species that is beyond the capability of the plant kingdom.

And enough for now, merely because your energy is flagging.

Okay, thanks for all this, as always.


5 thoughts on “continuing on the animal kingdom

  1. Frank, if you get a chance, given that the focus so far on “3D” is on the things of physical matter, could you ask TGU about the nature of what we call “energy”. Specifically, what is the relationship of atomic/nuclear energy and physical reality and non-3D? Why does radiation affect 3D matter and does it affect non-3D and how? I’ve read some channeled material saying that any atomic reaction or such release of energy affects all dimensions, which makes sense, but in what ways?

  2. First, this reminded me of how “Miranon” presented a broader reality to Monroe (through explorer Shay St. John).

    Second, while there were lots of sparks (and the top of my head pulsing while reading it), this is the tidbit that caught my attention “fabricated extension (or, really, contraction)”. Abraham-Hicks (who I often listen to) suggests 3D is the same way (e.g., as an extension). I mention this, as I have often had a difficult time reconciling what TGU says to Frank with what Abraham-Hicks holds forth. But … not this time.

    The differing purposes of minerals, plants, animals, humans, etc. in the 3D was very “sparky”. Very helpful. It reminded me of how I chatted with one of my childhood pets in a non-physical experience which may have been facilitated by my father (one of the sparks).

    I will come back to this later this evening or tomorrow morning and read it again. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. Wow, I have been deeply moved by these posts and wanted to comment. This animal kingdom post allowed me to grasp a larger view of the possibilities and preciousness of ILC. Not sure how to put it into words so this may be a rambling paragraph. It’s like in every moment we have the availability of the consciousness of life at all levels to assist us in seeing the magnificence and beauty in our own world and therefore seeing the same in our own selves. ILC helps shift our perspective from the seeming singularity of our own souls to our wider connection to its multi-dimensionality and oneness with creation.

    In sync with this, I watched some recent interviews with Anna Breytenbach, the animal communicator from South Africa. In one interview she connects with the consciousness of the great white shark species to ask its perspective of the increased number of incidents of sharks approaching/attacking humans. Here is the link to that interview:

    There was also another interview with Anna by Rick Archer on his wonderful Buddha at the Gas Pump website. In that interview Anna talks about the individual and collective consciousness of a plant/animal/insect. In one story she talks about communication with bees. She says that ” I’ve communicated lots with individual bees. In fact where I live a particular bee with a certain little kink in his left front wing comes in to ask me for food when they are really really hungry and there’s been drought here for a few years now and there aren’t flowering plants for them and a certain bee appears to have drawn the short straw and been the one who has to go and call the human out to come and fill up the bee feeder.” Link to the interview if you are interested:

    Thank you Frank for all your sparks starting a bonfire within me !!

  4. Thanks, Karla, for the two links. Anna B. is a wonderful example for all of us if we choose to follow the route of communication with animals. Her eloquence and ability made a follower of me some time ago when I first discovered her. As so often happens, I went on to other things and had not seen her for some time. I’m grateful for the reminder.

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