The mineral and vegetable kingdoms

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

3:50 a.m. Shall we continue? The original question as I remember it was, how do various forms of consciousness – in the forms we know as mineral, vegetable, animal kingdoms – shape and maintain the world.

Only you must not omit human and celestial kingdoms, and perhaps we ought to add another: Call it free-form energetic. But perhaps not, we’ll see as we go along.

So let’s look at the 3D world as an entity to be maintained in being. First, remember that in this context, when we say “world” we mean 3D reality as a whole, not just planet Earth, nor any one galaxy nor all of physical matter taken as a whole. It is larger than that, only “the 3D world” is so much less cumbersome to say than “the 3D energetic pattern taken as a whole, including energy, matter, 3D / non-3D interconnections, etc.” You will remember, for instance, that you in 3D are also extended into (projected from) non-3D; that matter is energy bound in slow-motion patterns; that spiritual and physical, and many other such polarities, are polarities, that is, bound opposites, hence are two sides of the same coin. We have said this more than once, but it is important that it be remembered, or nothing can be productively rearranged in your picture of reality. Instead, you will revert to your previous categories.

All right, let’s begin with the mineral kingdom, that holds your reality in persistence. We have said mountains, as examples, but now bear in mind that this equally includes the material elements comprising gas giants, dwarf stars, plasma interactions, electro-magnetic storms, all physical manifestations that are commonly regarded as inanimate matter. So, not vegetable or animal or human or celestial. The brute elements of the reality’s existence.


As said, this kingdom provides the persistence of the way things are. This is why your world is not so plastic that its geography does not persist.

In other words, without this element, what is Africa today might be nonexistent tomorrow. Today’s mountain might be only tomorrow’s memory of where a mountain was. Without this element, nothing would have any stable continuing existence in time.

That’s right. However, be aware, “stable” is not the same as “unchanging.” Your world changes, you know that. But it changes, it does not fluctuate wildly and in some chaotic fashion. Without this element there could be no physical laws, no continuity.

I think we got that much.

It is perhaps easier to get than to hold onto. However, all right, atop the mineral kingdom is the vegetable kingdom. For this and for subsequent kingdoms we will stick to Terran examples. [Terran as in Terra Firma: Earth.] What could we usefully say of the vegetable kingdoms of other worlds? What you need is not speculation and theory but a way to interpret what you experience. So what is your experience of the vegetable kingdom?

I’d say it has to do with a different kind of persistence, though as I have never thought this before, I suppose this may be your thought more than mine. Trees – woods – for instance have a different emotional feel than cropland, as both do than city parks or suburban lawns. The tropics are very different emotionally than the arctic, say.

Yes, and this is not subjective response, but, shall we call it, an emotionally objective response. That is, human response to these different patterns is real and is not dependent upon someone’s ideas about such areas.

So even though we vary individually in our appreciation of nature, say, still we have in common that we do feel those differences, however we react to them.

Some people love forests; others find them oppressive, or even frightening. And the same variation of response may be noted for any vegetable manifestation. People with green thumbs are counterbalanced in the world with people who couldn’t keep a houseplant alive to save their own lives. But the maintenance of an emotional background depends not upon the human response but upon the vegetation itself.

We know this will seem fanciful to anyone who is accustomed to thinking of the vegetable world as scenery, or as the life-support system (the food) for herbivores, or as the part of the ecosystem that exchanges gases. It is also these, but there is no need to dwell upon roles and processes that are fairly well understood. The intercommunication of plants, their mental world, is still to be unveiled in concept, but plants as part of the gas-exchange system and as part of the food-chain are blocked in to your view of the world. What has been overlooked in theory – even though well experienced over millennia by individuals in a more “spiritual” concept – is that plants provide emotional climates in the way that the mineral kingdom (including weather patterns, for instance) provide physical climate.

I get suddenly that geomancy and similar earth-sciences – or, not earth-sciences, what shall we call them? Anyway, divination systems rooted in place, in the way astrology – no, I’m getting all balled up. Proceed.

Valid insight, merely a difficulty in phrasing. You might say, astrology is based in time, the variation in quality of different moments of time. Similarly, other means of divination are based in the quality of differences in place. And yes, differences in place (differences in the quality of the mineral composition of a place, call it) may be modified by judicious alteration of the vegetable kingdom in that place. And if this is new to a materialist science that is blind to what it cannot measure, it is not new to uncounted generations of people who plant trees, shrubs, herbs, flowers to alter their immediate environment. It isn’t merely a matter of aesthetics, or rather, aesthetics is a matter of more than merely an indefinable “good taste.” There could be a science of aesthetics, but it would need to be based in an understanding of how the vegetable kingdom maintains an emotional presence in the physical world. You couldn’t have a vegetable kingdom not based in an underlying mineral kingdom, but a mineral kingdom in the absence of a vegetable kingdom would be unrecognizably different to you. Such worlds exist, but they require that humans bring their own emotional support-system.

This is a good place to pause. Some time spent pondering this kingdom before we proceed would be well spent.

Okay. Well, thanks for this, very interesting and, I gather, still very preliminary.

Well, you know, it’s odd, because we are presently engaged not in expanding your experience per se, but in helping you to realize what it is that you have always experienced and not recognized.

I can see that. Okay, till next time.


3 thoughts on “The mineral and vegetable kingdoms

  1. This came to me at lunch today: It must be about 20 years ago I first learned about Yoga Nidra, a meditation/relaxation technique. It is based on the idea of recalling emotional memories of, for example, love and hate. Then letting the memory of physical situation go, and just feeling the emotion or mind-state. Today at lunch I realized I can do the same with the flavour of food. Tasting food has been tied up with a feeding response, so good food basically means automatically wanting more. But now, for some reason, I could recognize or register the delightful taste of a piece of sushi in my mouth, and really know that what I experience is a mind-state of delight, and that it cannot be amplified by eating more. I can amplify the delight, but that happens through mind, not through eating more.

    I know this does not relate to todays’ post- apologies for that. But somehow, there seems to be some structure that cuts through different realms – a thread, maybe? Connection to plants and nature appears to me to happen through these threads that are difficult to discern from the outer happening. Our perceptions are really quickly flying into familiar destinations. Just listening to a place or a plant takes a lot of something. Clear receiving – easy to say, but they don’t sell that in shops. 20 years of yoga nidra practice and it seems I can get the point. Though I can be wrong, too. Thank you Frank, for this new trail.

  2. “we are presently engaged … in helping you to realize what it is that you have always experienced and not recognized.”

    This line got through to me In the second or third reading; ‘theory’ is beginning to connect with my own experiences … big sparks! Feng shui Is (just one, I suspect) example of real-world manifestation of this knowledge.

  3. Fascinating! It has helped my understanding of “the 3D energetic pattern taken as a whole, including energy, matter, 3D/non-3D interconnections, etc.” Also, that the world we live in is about our emotional response–to the world, to our own experience, to our own environment.

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