Unsuspected interconnection

Saturday, September 21, 2019

5:10 a.m. Close to panic as I awaken with lungs sore and not really breathing air in. The inhaler worked a little and the nebulizer seems to be helping but it was a bad couple of minutes and I’m not out of the woods yet. Someday it is going to be too much. Someday the palliatives aren’t going to work again.

Guys, why?

Feel into it.

Oka, this isn’t why it’s how, huh?

Try it.

Oh yes. Okay, I know just where it hurts.

Extend compassion.

This is like the battleground.

Yes. They are fighting for you.


Send love as you did to Bertram once.

Okay. Don’t know who we’re connected to, but sending reinforcements to them, in a way.

Very much so.

And they to me?

You to them. Your help is from others.

Okay. At some point we should talk about this.

We are always willing.

Can we do it now?

Unlikely, but we’re willing if you are.

With the nebulizer even more than with the inhaler comes lassitude. But maybe in a minute or two I will be able to begin. Nose filled up again, I notice, otherwise things are calming down.

Send love. Just because you feel better doesn’t guarantee others do.

5:25. Okay, whew. Better. What a change. I had been keeping on top of this for a while – a month now? Whenever it started in again. But this was the first time it was getting out of control. God Bless Neal Rogers! [Neal is my friend, an ENT doc, who, among other things, advised me to get the nebulizer for just such situations.] It occurs to me, I have some pills I could take. I’ll have to remember where they are. I bought them for Egypt, late last year or maybe early this year, and didn’t need them.

Okay, so what did I just learn, beyond the fact that I’m not as on top of this as I had hoped?

You learned of an unsuspected vulnerability that accompanies increased connection with the rest of you. but we will need to take this slowly.

Yes, because this has far wider implications than just me, or just people with asthma, or just people who are chronically or even intermittently ill – doesn’t it?

Oh yes. Immediately it concerns those who are expanding their awareness beyond the obvious 3D life and its non-3D component, into active connection with others with whom they live in resonance, consciously or not.

It is a mistake to consider our bodies as merely 3D vehicles, I get that. They are transceivers.

They are transducers, yes.

I see, looking back, I left a gap in the record. I woke up uncomfortable; it rapidly got out of control. It got to be an acute pain centered in my lower lungs, accompanied with inability to get the oxygen I needed. It was like the incidence of heart problem I had back in 2003, only I knew to deal with it first by staying calm then by using the spray inhaler which gave only the slightest immediate assistance, then by making my way to the guest room where I have the nebulizer set up and fortunately with a tube already in the chamber. I clicked it on and sat here at the desk gasping it down only this time I was with pen and paper as I did. So I recorded the beginning of a session, culminating in getting an insight or an idea that I didn’t have energy to record. This improved things until at 5:25 (5:26, actually, but I always round these times to the nearer five-minute mark) I resumed writing.

What I got was that I should actively send love to the embattled cells that were fighting for me, much as a nation supports its troops fighting off invaders. Then you see that “Send love. Just because you feel better doesn’t guarantee others do.” And at that point I realized more. But I’d rather you guys set it out rather than my trying to remember (or rather, reconstruct) the sequence in which I got it.

Yes, the sequence isn’t important, but the understanding is. Or, we shouldn’t quite say “the understanding.” It is more like the intuitive redirection of your thought.

I see I’m going to have to go back to suing the nebulizer as we do this.

That doesn’t indicate failure, just more like fluctuation.

Go ahead, I’m with you.

Once you reached over to Joseph Smallwood in 1863 and effected a cure that also helped you. This kind of interaction – positive or negative, conscious or unconscious – happens more commonly than anybody suspects, and the

Interrupted by sneezing and the need to fiddle with the nebulizer hose. Continue?

You still think of yourselves as more isolated, as more units, than you are. As you —

Well, let’s look at it this way. Why do you suppose some people are born with lifelong illnesses of  one or another kind, one or another degree of severity?

I have always assumed that we all have some weakest link, that acts the way a fuse does, to be the weak link that blows first.

Say that is so – and to a degree it is so – the question remains, why the variation in intensity and nature?

Well, we’re all different, aren’t we? Different environments, different heredities.

So, it is a matter of chance?

I didn’t say that. Although, come to think of it, that’s what I did sort of say, by implication. I didn’t mean it that way, though.

Everybody is shaped, nobody just happens. Everybody relates to everybody else (in non-3D as in 3D); there are no orphans in the world, regardless what roles a given life may assume.

[I took that to mean, regardless what it looks like to us, seeing only externals.]

So the implication as usual is that we are as we are for a reason.

It is equally true to say you are as you are from reasons. Both, not only one, are true.

Okay. I see that. We are the result of causes, we are the shaper of causes to come.

We merely caution against the idea that slips in and says, “This happened in order that that may happen.” Subordinating a moment to its consequences, you see. This isn’t untrue exactly, but it is a misplacement of emphasis.

However, within this, our point is that Frank as constructed and nurtured in 3D is never Frank only in 3D. You have absorbed that much. Well, he is never Frank without connection to all he is in permanent resonance with: his physical and non-physical heredity, his ancestors and his “past” lives. You have more or less assimilated this idea too.

He is also a field, not a unit, as we briefly discussed at one point. As a field, he is a more active and fluctuating entity, and a less bounded one, than appearance would suggest. And – this is the point here – he interacts with the 3D and non-3D world continuously, willingly or not, consciously or not. He affects and is affected. And so does each of you, to varying degrees.

Some people come into this world as more sensitive receivers, easily disrupted but with great potential to connect. Others come in with a greater shielding, or call it insulation, that they may function as a steadying force.

I thought the physical world of matter did that – the mountains, the sea, the non-living 3D world we sometimes call the mineral kingdom.

Yes, we told you that; good remembering. But that background may be said to hold the stage steady, as the animal kingdom holds the basis of the mental field ready.

I don’t understand that.

Another time. The vegetable and animal kingdoms serve purposes like the mineral beyond the obvious, but we are speaking here of the human kingdom, which is part animal kingdom part non-3D consciousness or what might be called the celestial kingdom. But we don’t have time for this now. You are running down rapidly.

I guess I am. Okay.

You all hold the worlds together non-physically, quite as much as physically. Much of your real life is usually unsuspected by your conscious 3D-life mental constructions. It is this interaction we wish to speak of, and we can see it will have to wait for another time.

Well, you have our attention. I am feeling more or less back to normal again, and I’ll transcribe all this and send it out in a while, and we can come back and talk some more tomorrow, hopefully. Hopefully without all the drama. Our thanks as always.


3 thoughts on “Unsuspected interconnection

  1. Thanks for sharing your scary experience with us. For those of us who are older, we’ve probably had similar-feeling experiences and can identify with wondering if we are breathing our last. I love: “Feel into it,” “Extend compassion,” and “Send love.” It would make sense to know that the expansion of our awareness could have physical effects.

    I’ll be interested in hearing more on the connection between our real life–that we (3D) have “permanent resonance” with–and our conscious 3D-life mental constructions that are unaware. To think of myself as a field really helps my understanding of all this.

    And I’m sending what love and compassion I can for you and your cells to be well and strong, because (selfishly) I need you for my own movement through this material to fuller awareness.

  2. Hi all.

    Yes, many of us to have experienced the same as Frank – the angst and the panick.
    But after all these years by the methaphysical & spiritual search and study to receive replies from my inner Self: And sometimes it is felt as rather some “cryptic” answers too.
    And by to read Franks` this morning all of a sudden “TO HEAR” it clearly told in my mind: “Your Body Is Your Answer.”
    BECAUSE, on the Facebook nowadays, everybody talking about their lack of Health. And then all of a sudden “something” falling into my eyes which told: TO HAVE THE FAITH IN THE BODY KNOWING HOW TO HEAL ITSELF…. Your Body Knows – TRUST IT.

    You`re a gem Frank, thank you very much indeed – HEARTILY, IL( just beginning with the shortcuts)

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