Protecting Mr. Lincoln

Thursday, April 8, 2010 11 AM

Mr. Lincoln, thinking of the slanders that are being spread about you. I can only say how sorry I am.

In a way, it will not matter. The union was saved, and we were freed from slavery. They cannot undo what the blood of so many patriots accomplished.

And, in another way, of course it matters. The old issues are arising again, because it adequately faced until now. And if not faced now, they will arise again. It can be no other way.

Does it affect you, people’s opinion of you?

Yes it does, but I’m not the one to explain that to you. I’ll let Dr. Jung tell you.

[C. G. Jung] Given the permanent connection between the physically manifested world and the world beyond the physical, you should be able to see that fluctuating opinion – and even more so, fluctuating intensity of opinion – cannot but have an effect. Thus, fortunate those who have not left a name for themselves; they shall be allowed to rest in peace.

And can it not work the other way, as well? Can you on your side influence us?

You must not forget that who we are and what we can do cannot be considered without taking into account our situation here. In the material world, balanced always on what it experiences as the present moment, there is an intensity that we on this side do not have and cannot summon. We are not a shout, but perhaps a persistent or recurrent humming.

I see. Is there anything we should be doing to counter things like the slanders on Lincoln?

What would you propose to do? Are you prepared to correct the entire world, one by one? Or, do you wish to write books saying again what will not be heard by those with reason for thinking otherwise? Do you wish to give your life to the making of propaganda? Better by far that you go your own way and trust that truth will make its own way. If you must engage in controversy, doing it person by person, as it arises, is more than enough for you to do. Others may have their own tasks that lead them into public controversy. Do you think that is your most productive way to occupy your remaining time?

No. Thanks, as always, and thank you, Mr. Lincoln, for all you did.

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