Health, weather and barometers

Friday, August 30, 2019

3:20 a.m. A reasonable night’s sleep, courtesy of the nebulizer and a good deal of foresight. I started sleeping as soon as I could – can’t even remember when. Six? Seven? A couple intervals of waking, reading For Whom the Bell Tolls, then return. So, manageable. But what’s this all about really, guys? Is it really just weather all the time?.

You live in 3D, you can’t expect to be unaffected by 3D.

And I am also a creature of non-3D, and ought to have some immunity from 3D.

Do you think so?

I do. I can’t imagine that our 3D limitations are absolute in the way they seem to be. I guess that’s way I always believed in psychic abilities: I sensed that what we see is not what we get.

Oh, but it is, if you will examine the statement carefully, not in the meaning computer terms give it, but literally.

Yes, I get it. What we see is what we get. As we see more, there is more to see.

More to get.


Isn’t that what you – we – said in Imagine Yourself Well? Your depth of connection determines the rules of the world you live in. Change the depth of connection, change the rules in effect [for you].

As Thoreau said in Walden.

It would remain true regardless if he had said it.

It seems to me I realized sometime, or maybe you told me, that our health could also be read as an indicator of where we are.

With caution. We said at the time that if good behavior guaranteed good health, the 3D would be much better behaved. But, within limits, there is truth to the statement. Only, measure within yourself, not against others.

It’s more like a barometer.

Not a bad analogy, in that everyone lives at a different altitude so to speak; that is, be careful of the analogy. For some, physical health is a given. For some, it is an impossible dream. For some, a position anywhere between the extremes, for, remember, this is one measurement. In the way that health varies wildly among people, so do other factors. Intelligence. Emotional stability. External good fortune. Luck, so called. Vitality. Anyone’s experience of life will show them that not all life’s prizes nor pains are given to any one person. It is  the fluctuations of your own barometer that can serve as indicators for you, no one else’s.

I have assumed that it is simple-minded to assume that the good and the bad that happen to us are reward or punishment, but I don’t think they happen at random either.

In the first place, how do you know the good from the bad? How do you know reward from punishment?

Like the story of the man and the horse that came to him, I know.

Is it “good” that lighting strikes, or rain falls, or the sun shines, or that temperature rises or falls? Is it “bad”?

It’s just life.

Yes – but what is life? Life is a non-3D being, experiencing 3D constrictions to focus its perceptions and shape its choices in the process of self-creation; and doing so in the presence of other non-3D beings undergoing the same process.

Somebody must be calling the tune.

Or maybe the tune is being simultaneously and competitively created as you go along. Just because we call them vast impersonal forces doesn’t mean they are vast autonomous forces, but they are impersonal relative to any given 3D individual or, in fact, the larger non-3D being of which it is a part.

And do those non-3D beings together determine our weather here?

We should have to think how to answer that question, it has so many unconscious assumptions, some of which are right.

I withdraw the question, if it is going to interfere. Go on as you wish.

We are a long way even from making a fair start on the relations between 3D lives and the greater world they are usually only vaguely aware of. It requires thinking out.

Where’s Seth when you need him?

He was where he needed to be and where you needed him to be. But Seth once is empowerment. How could Seth twice be anything but enfeeblement?

Which I take to be you saying that we would come to be dependent upon him.

ILC keeps you as part of the process, not as a consumer of enlightenment. Seth’s role was to provide a massive source of new ways of understanding, thus changing the potential for any with ears to hear. Your role – ILC’s role, we should say – is to provide a model and a guide for the individual 3D soul to take charge of its own perceptions and possibilities of creation. You have to do the work, because it is the doing that is the learning, not the reading about doing.

Sort of Hemingway’s prose as opposed to prose that lays it out for you to see.

Another good analogy. (You must be feeling better. We smile.) If one cannot understand a story without having read between the lines, the effort of reading between the lines is the story; it is the reason to bother reading it. A story that is self-evident is by its nature superficial. Not that that is a good or bad thing, but it is qualitatively different.

Maurice Walsh wrote lovely stories quite unlike Hemingway’s, but Hemingway said Walsh was his favorite author.

Walsh painted portraits of a time and a place and complications of male-female relationships. Not every story need hint at deeper things, and excellence is to be measured by what is attempted, no less than by what might have been attempted.

Similarly, life. Some people are in 3D to write Hemingway subtext, others, to write Walsh description. Is one or the other (or any possible combination of the two) “right”? “Wrong”? If 3D life is anything, it is a richness of diversity.

Have we wandered out of sight of the question of health and weather?

Let’s say we broadened the discussion. Everything touches upon everything; it’s a question of where you wander conversationally, or in thought.

Enough for the moment.

Thanks as always.


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