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Thursday, August 29, 2019

3 a.m. A reasonable night’s sleep, but over now. Let’s see if I can’t get back to working. Yesterday’s message from the guys (which I can’t recall at the moment) was very good. Any more, guys, or would you rather I worked at Papa’s Trial?

Your choice, of course, always. We want what you want. The complicating factor is that sometimes it’s a question of “which you?” When one `you’ wants something and others want other things, our thumb on the scale may help determine which `you’ prevails. But it isn’t like we can or would force it.

Looking back, I remind myself of yesterday’s entry. It really was good, and I thank you. Do you care to say more about how other people in other times may bless or curse us? What the variables are? What the potential is?

You might look at it like this: What we were calling the vast impersonal forces may be considered to be channeled among you through personalities, and so in effect this is the potential (the current, so to speak) between lives.

That isn’t clear to me yet.

Merely imagine the inverse of the process as you have experienced it when you were the initiator. Or, let’s do this. Remember the TMI program where you were given an exercise to send a message to your younger self?

Yes. Timeline, I think.

You sent a message of encouragement. “Don’t give up. It will work out. Don’t give up.”


Well, instead of thinking of that interaction strictly from the perspective of 2003, consider – now that you are neither in 2003 nor in 1956 –

Yes, I see. Consider how it was from the 1956 end, to receive a message and an encouragement from elsewhen.

Had that 10-year-old had the concept and the knowledge, he would have realized that he was being contacted from the future.

I see it now. Don’t remember being contacted at all, of course.

No. You don’t remember experiencing the contact and realizing it. You well remember July 26, 1956, however.

But this now has the flavor of the science-fiction stories about time travel that I find so irritating, where people are influenced by a future self that only comes into existence because of decisions they take or actions they take that are the result of that (at that time) nonexistent future. Even trying to express it is nearly impossible to keep straight!

Straight-line thinking about involuted [ defines involuted as having an involved or complex nature] processes cannot ever express them. Try this. Remembering that you are multidimensional beings, remembering that all possibilities exist, remembering that any one specific version potentially connects to all other specific versions by way of the central self, reorient your ideas. It isn’t like one person contacting a different person in a different time/space. It’s more like one neuron connecting to other neurons in the same brain. There isn’t the absolute division between components that ordinary 3D life suggests.

When you have a puzzling incident in your past, that may be a clue that more was involved than you know, or perhaps than you could know. So, look at July 26, 1956 again.

Interesting. Interesting. This is one of those extraordinary events that I cannot possibly be making up after the fact, for I have always remembered that morning. Seems too much to describe yet again.

No, take the time. It will be worthwhile, for you do not understand it yet.

Very well. Is that the day I was contacted by my future self?

Relive it first. A bare-bones explanation will help you connect.

July 26, 1956 was the day before my tenth birthday. It is the day that my childhood in a certain sense ceased, and a very different life began, though of course I had no insight into it. One could hardly expect a ten-year-old to. Oddly, it came about because of the Lone Ranger.

The Lone Ranger was a half-hour Western that aired every Saturday morning.

Okay, something weird is going on. I have never had a need to check if the 26th was a Saturday, but I just did on my Perpetucal, and it says it was a Friday! How is that possible? So I’ll check on the Andrea Doria.

Wikipedia has the 26th on Thursday! This could easily be an error, but now I have three days of the week for a date I clearly remember as being a Saturday!

All right (3:55 a.m.) I got diverted there, watching footage of the sinking of the Andrea Doria after trying to find resolution of the three days of the week – what I remember, what Perpetucal says and what Wikipedia says. This is really disorienting, plus I am needing to use the nebulizer as I write this, which is distracting. And I seem to be getting sicker rather than better as I write this, which is the reverse of the usual process as I talk to the guys. A telltale that I have allowed myself to fall out of connection, perhaps. So – recalibrate.

Recalibrating and nebulizing. Sounds like a TV show, or maybe a movie.

Well, that seems to have calmed things down some. Okay. So regardless what day of the week it was, I was settled down in front of the TV set because I had been looking forward for a week to the one-hour special that would tell how the Lone Ranger became the Lone Ranger. I don’t remember now how much that nearly-ten-year-old boy knew the difference between fact and fiction. I’m sure I at least partly and maybe entirely believed the story.

Anyway, I didn’t get to see it. The slot was pre-empted for live news coverage of the survivors of the sinking of the Andrea Doria arriving in New York City. All my life, I have thought and sometimes said that the sight of that huddled misery – and I can’t remember what I would have seen, only the net emotional effect – in one instant changed me. From that time I was (pick one) intellectually precocious and emotionally retarded, or, it occurs to me now, empathically enabled beyond my years, so that I felt but did not understand.

Later in my childhood my parents would joke that I had the world on my shoulders. So I did, and of course it would look ridiculous and totally disproportionate and ungrounded, but I was always all those things. Still, something had happened, and now you are suggesting that my future self sent me a message.

Not quite. Note that your breathing is clear and easy now.

Yes. I needed to remember how to be in contact. Say, why doesn’t this work always? Oh, because the discomfort is too great [to permit connection]?

No, because you need to remember, to really remember, or you cannot get to this place.

It is true for others as well, or you wouldn’t be having us write it.

Yes. Anyone can hone in on the best possible health of the moment, only they need to be aware of the possibility and need to actually do it, not merely think about doing it.

This is resulting in a disjointed entry.

Let’s say, instead, discursive. Still the trail is there.

So tell me what happened.

You will need to go slowly, staying with us.

Yes. Easier with things calm again.

On that morning, you may look at it as a portal opening up for you. One moment you were a normal ten-year-old boy (all right – said smiling – 10 minus a day) and the next you were a ten-year-old with only a ten-year-old’s slight knowledge of the world and of life but, suddenly in addition, a glimpse of the human condition seen as from outside, certainly from outside that ten-ear-old’s frame of reference. You were given not a glimpse but, shall we say, a doorway, or perhaps we should say a door was deliberately left ajar. Many things followed from that moment, some of which you know, but it was overwhelming.

Emotionally, it certainly was. It was a lead-lined blanket dropped over that child, and all he could do to stand up under the weight, and no one understanding what had happened, least of all him.

Yet it was necessary if your life was to take its peculiar course. What followed could have gone many ways, but the bias had been introduced.

As I write that for you, I get that things like my belief in psychic abilities is one consequence, even though the subject didn’t really come to mind (as I remember things, anyway) until my brother Paul gave me Edger Cayce: The Sleeping Prophet.

You had a bias toward certain non-mainstream views that came not as a result of intellectual processes but by what you were.

Which means, what you encouraged me to be?

Not quite. Let’s say, you were what your strictly genetic heritage made you, plus what part of yourself bled through the 3D barrier, aided by our leaving the door ajar.

I just re-read this entry. So where does the message from 2003 come in?

You were overwhelmed. It didn’t – to put it mildly – assist you in dealing with the world. You were put into a situation in which you had no covering on your nerves – to speak metaphorically. You were hypersensitive emotionally and not well developed mentally except in the abstract.

No, you mean except in my innate understanding of non-3D realities rather than, and in fact in contradiction to, 3D realities.

All right, that’s true enough. You were too incapacitated from leading any kind of normal life, which wasn’t in itself a bad thing. Only anything can be carried too far, and it is sometimes hard to judge from non-3D how much is too much.

I should think that you’d be able to tell from looking at future events.

What do you suppose we just said?

It doesn’t seem at all equivalent to me.

We, like you, are continually readjusting. Remember, your decisions determine what you become. Each decision requires a corresponding adjustment from our side. We don’t mean an adjustment of your life, we mean an adjustment in what we can do and what we can see as possibilities and constrictions. You enable and disable potential all the time, as you go.

Let me paraphrase, and we’ll see if I understand you correctly. I think you’re saying, we live and at some point you may adjust the trim, may open a door or close one or may point us, anyway, But depending upon how we react, the original course-correction or anyway the intended-to-be-helpful input may have undesirable effects, so that in effect you have to change your minds and perhaps undo your own previous efforts.

That isn’t wrong as one way to look at it, bearing in mind that you are looking at things as if you – 3D you – were in the center of your life. Seems obvious, but of course it is wrong, or how does July 26, 1956 rule your life or be ruled by 2003 you?

A little tangled, there. You mean, I think, our non-3D self is necessarily our true center, in that each moment of 3D time in effect passes away.

Well, let’s say no one 3D moment could provide a continuing platform.

So – and we need to get this, as I’m wearing down a little after an hour and three quarters, though I feel good now otherwise – the 2003 intervention?

The timeline you have been on since 2003 is radically and beneficially different from the one you were on before. The ones (plural), we should say, for of course like most people you changed timelines repeatedly if unconsciously as you went along.

So, in effect, you sent a message to your past. That past changed; not physical external superficial events but what you were. You then found yourself, seemingly and unnoticeably, on a new and more productive timeline relative to what you concentrated on in changing timelines. You don’t magically change your health, or your relationships, or your understanding of others, or your pattern of action. What changed was an internal assumption of support, oddly, and you will have seen by now how this assumption is relatively rare among others. And now you know why you have it when others may not. Also we have now told them how they may have it, if they value it.

It depends upon what messages we send in a bottle.

It does.

Well, I thank you for all this – my easy breathing not least.

Not the breathing, the reminder how to get to the easy breathing.

And now it’s nearly 5 a.m.. Next time I’m going to send for a scribe.

Why not? We did.

Very funny. Profoundly felt thanks.


One thought on “TGU on intervention between lives

  1. So, this post has answered a question I’ve had that I never conceived could be answered. I’ve been thinking the past few days about my 13 year old self. When I was 13, I got tired of sitting in Sunday mass with my family while the priest talked about fund raising for the new church. I thought, “This can’t be right, to spend this time in church talking about wanting money from us.” So I spent some time taking the bus (in Houston) to different churches–baptist, episcopalian, synagogue, etc.–finding out they were basically the same. From then on, I knew that churches were not for me. I always wondered why I seemed to be the only one who cared about this and why I did it. Now I see that I followed a moment of non-3D direction that changed my life. That door left ajar redirected potential away from the influence of almost everyone around me–“It is the day that my childhood in a certain sense ceased, and a very different life began.” Now I feel as if your session has changed my life as well, helping me see how everyone’s influence can be enlightening and maybe even healing.

    FWIW, IMHO, etc., your Andrea Doria story reminded me of the story you told about your slightly older self (12?) almost drowning. I see these stories as connected and connected to your difficulty in breathing. It might be that you had a ‘past’ life aboard the Andrea Doria in which you drowned, and you are looking to heal that experience. That person (or child) could use your help or acknowledgement. Disregard and excuse me if I’ve gone too far into your business, unasked, and am making no sense.

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