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Saturday, November 7, 2009

The reason I pulled this out was the unexpected e-mail from Jack Turner inviting me to be part of a project.

Friends, what do you have to say about Project BARD?

Gave you a jolt, didn’t it? Here, knocking at your door, is the entryway to what you need – a means of recognition that will get your work finally recognized and “out there in the world.”

And, nicely, you have already recognized and overcome your instinctive shrinking away, your sense of being insignificant. That’s good.

So – what do you have to offer?

First, The Sphere And The Hologram. There is the making of a new cosmology. Right there. Ready to go.

Second, your first-hand experience of (1) talking to the other side and (2) observing the process of learning how to do so.

Third, your connection with others like Bruce Moen who teach how to communicate and receive verification.

Fourth, though you don’t lately think about it much, your training at Lifeline and your community experience on TMI Explorers and, before that, the Voyagers Mailing List.

Fifth, Muddy Tracks and the fact that people have responded to it – meaning that it struck a chord (and that it shows you as an engaging writer).

Sixth, you are quite articulate and engaging and (having lost some weight first) would make a good TV presence.

Seventh, you have thought about such things extensively and have shared those thoughts with the world on your blog.

Eighth  — though unverifiable, you have the theory and examples of talking with so many famous people about their work. This is important and will surprise them.

Ninth, which returns to the first point, you can put a theory around the phenomena. You know what’s wrong, you know why it’s believed, you know how it can be corrected. The Copernican shift is important!

Other than that, not much. We smile.

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