Contact! First dream of Rita


[Much of my own life is a mystery to me. I found this entry in my online journal, but not in the handwritten journal I would have expected it to have originated in. Plus, it seems to be a copy of an email to somebody, but I no longer remember to whom it was addressed. Rita had transitioned March 19, 2008.]


Had my first dream of Rita!

She and Sharon Summers [Rita’s long-time friend, who was driving her to a doctor’s appointment when Rita had her stroke], I think, and I were in New York City, coming out of a store I guess because Rita was carrying two big bags of groceries, on in each arm. And she went running and skipping to the car! I’m worrying about will she lose her balance etc. – she who had needed an arm to hold on to, or a walker, and here she is hop-skipping while carrying two full bags of groceries or something.

Oh, and she was wearing purple pants, like stretch pants. I thought of, “when I grow old I shall wear purple.”

We got to the car and she sat in the passenger seat and was supervising how I stowed what she had bought – there was this little pocket between the seat back and the side wall of the car, big enough to fit a few things, and she was telling me to love the articles more, but I don’t remember what they were.

I know there was more to the dream beforehand, or maybe it was another dream, but when I realized that I had dreamed of Rita I thought, Contact! I knew it would take a while before we connected. (how did I know? But I was pretty sure.) The message seems obvious enough: She is well, joyous, vigorous, and expanding.

Thought you’d want to know.

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  1. “The message seems obvious enough: She is well, joyous, vigorous, and expanding.”

    Yes, I would agree. But, let’s not forget the second part of the message:

    ” . . . she was telling me to love the articles more, but I don’t remember what they were.”

    Allow me to remind you of what they are. If there is only one consciousness, then all articles, i.e., everything manifest, is the one Unmanifest Consciousness expressing itself through the many. Can we receive everything as if it were God? Can we make love to each moment in an active way, as an expression of wholeness? Can we see that it is one divinely alive Life, a thing that BECOMES only as it is participated in, as we own our own “spark” of wholeness and dance with It? This is an embodied awake-ness. This is the Divine Feminine. This is an awake-ness that can’t just be thought about; it must be lived. Rita is inviting you to dance with life and to love it all . . . now, while in form. To know yourself as a whole, complete spark of the Divine dancing with the Divine Itself, as it appears now. This is heaven on earth. (It occurs to me that my husband puts me on a pedestal because he sees me living this. He calls it, “walking the talk.” I call it, “developing an unwavering dedication to Truth.”

  2. This post reminded me …

    Very recently a family member (who I had been caring for over the past few years) transitioned. The night they died in 3D, I was given a static image of them in their light body (e.g., as if she had crystallized).

    Within about a month of that event, I was given a 2nd experience with them where I was placed in a locale (not exactly a dream) with her and a male I did not immediately recognize. He was expressing his gratitude to her for the many things she had done for him in this life. He was in clear focus and she was not, which provided me a clue. Apparently, she has not adjusted to her newer circumstances yet. She did not recognize or engage me, but I saw that she was being care for.

    It was wonderful to be given these types of post-event assurances or contacts of someone known.

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