Contact, a form of resurrection, in a way

[Remarkable how much one forgets, over time. Not merely content, but quality of life. Here I was talking to Joseph Smallwood, first contacted directly at the end of 2005, two years earlier. By 2008 I was taking such contact for granted.]

January 11, 2008

Friend Joseph, what do you have to say for yourself?

Always willing to talk. This is a form of resurrection after so many years your time of being forgotten.

Forgotten, hence unconsulted?

“The dead in their long sleep” is closer to it. Once in a while you get some busybody who stirs things up. That’s a joke.

Yes, I know. A favorable thing, this stirring up, yes?

Depends on the nature of the conversation, just like in life and for the same reason.

Sure. Some people you like talking to and some you don’t. Is that all of it?

That covers the ground. Anything else you might say would just be adding on to the details.

So you’re sort of inactive when nobody remembers you?

That would be a long story that you should have Jim get out of you. The short answer is that relative to Earth, sure, we are inactive. Relative to the rest of us we are not inactive but we are not functioning as if we were separate. It’s more like we were brain cells voting on what is going on, put it that way. What we are counts, what we think or say (metaphorically speaking) doesn’t. But that’s just analogy, as always.

Can you tell me, what is best for me to do? No, the question answers itself – do my work as it appears to me day by day.

Yes. And some of your proper work is going to be play to you. So much the better.

One thought on “Contact, a form of resurrection, in a way

  1. Does he mean that we exist as part of the vast impersonal forces when we’re not in active connection elsewhere?

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