Short-term v. long-term achievement, another perspective

[Talking to my friend Joyce Johnson-Jones, who had moved over form 3D to non-3D about a decade earlier.]

January 2, 2008

I said to Rita at supper, I’m lonely and I want to talk to somebody I haven’t heard from in a long time. This novel-writing takes its toll, as does any form of organized activity taking a long time. It’s easy to lose connection.

Rita asks questions like – what does the inside of the process feel like; who did I use it for, and when. These aren’t questions I find so easy to answer. Good questions, too.


It is interesting to see you building up something from nothing, when the something you are “making up” is closer to the nothing that “really happened.” So, don’t lose faith in the process, merely persevere.

How are you doing?

I am doing as we all are doing. I am interrelating on many levels and this is the “work” you are always wondering about. Not you personally, but – you.

I understand.

The development of our personality in a given lifetime is a short-term task against a very long-term accomplishment, so of course the values of experiences look different from here.

Is this still Joyce or have I been handed over?

Let’s say you’re on a party line.

Go ahead. I don’t feel very connected though.

You are in the midst of it, now. It’s occurring and you are in the very middle of it and can’t see it. Which of course is fine, is the plan. You can’t see it, so certain unnamed others certainly can’t!

Delusions of grandeur?

Who – us? How could we do that if we wanted to?

Oh, I rather think you could, and by definition it would be invisible to you. How are you going to reread old journals and be moved out of your eternal present?

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