Love and life as seen from beyond 3D

[Here is an example of what may be done. Rich Spees, Joyce Johnson-Jones and I did Monroe’s Lifelines program in July 1995. Rich and Joyce recognized each other from — somewhen, somewhere. And so did he and I, and she and I, separately. With his permission, this which he sent me a dozen years ago after it happened.]

From Rich Spees

10/16/07 2:00 am

After reading the beginnings of Frank’s TMI novel, which is based on the relationship between Frank, Joyce and myself, I decided to see if I could make a journey to Joyce tonight. I settled down, made contact with my oversoul and told it what I had in mind and then headed off to my sacred garden. As I popped out of the tube that connects me in the physical with my sacred garden, I felt a presence and turned around to look up toward my house I have there, and there on the lanai, waving to me was dear Joyce. I went up to her and we embraced and just stood there for a time looking deeply into each others eyes, connecting on those levels one cannot even describe. What follows is our conversation.

R: I wasn’t expecting to meet up with you here, this is a very pleasant surprise.

J: That’s what I wanted, to surprise you.

R: And you did. How do you like my place?

J: [mischievous smile gesturing to the house] It needs a woman’s touch. It’s very peaceful, just as I would expect, none of the trappings of the physical world.

R: Yes, I suppose it does. I haven’t fleshed out the details of the house yet.

J: [another mischievous smile] And you probably never will.

R: I had started this journey hoping to find something out about our life together when you were Janie.

J: That is for another time.

R: Well, let’s just talk then, what should we talk about, any ideas?

J: Love and life.

R: Good topics, yours our mine or both?

J: Yours this time.

R: [pausing wondering where to start] I often wonder why it is I can’t really set goals for myself, why I seem more comfortable with just letting it happen. It’s like I don’t want to be bothered with all the BS.

J: You were never into the schedules and goals; your focus has always been on the master game as your friend Hank calls it. Learning the manipulation of physical matter never interested you and if you could have gotten to the master game without having to go through the rest of it you would have, but it’s part of the path so you did it. Your fascination though has always been with doing the inner work within the confines and limitations of the physical system.

R: Yeah and I guess I knew that, I just never really thought it through. I’m having a blast right now not having a “normal” job although I worry a little about having enough money so I don’t have to go back to work. I’m really enjoying photography and hope I can make it bring in a little money.

J: There’s your answer! Being out in nature has always been where you are most comfortable. People make you crazy with all the games and masks, the deceptions. You like nature because nature doesn’t deceive, there are no masks, no games. Nature is what she is, but you need people too. Strike the balance. Being drawn to shamanism should not surprise you at all. It’s win-win for you. You get to do the inner work with nature by your side. [laughs] I sometimes wonder if you would not rather be a tree.

R: You’re right again, and I knew that too. What about you, how are you doing? Have you picked up your ticket for another ride on the blue ball?

J: Yes, it’s in the works, but there are a few more things to take care of before I go.

R: You know Frank is writing a TMI novel based on the three of us don’t you?

J: Yes and it will be wonderful.

R: Any thoughts for Frank?

J: Yes, tell him to only write it when it’s bringing him joy. If it starts to feel like work, set it aside for a little while. The work of course will come later in the editing, but there can be joy in that as well.

R: Interesting that you mentioned “joy” twice just now.

J: [smile] Yes, on purpose.

R: It feels like time to go. You know you are always welcome in my sacred garden.

J: Yes, it’s time to go and you know you are always welcome in mine as well, Frank too of course.

R: I might not tell Frank that, he says in the book he is going to get the girl. Perhaps I’ll keep the invitation to your garden a secret.

J: I got news for you, you both get the girl. I’ll see you soon my love.

R: I love you and thank you so much.

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