TGU — habit patterns and the other side

August 25, 2007, continuing

7 PM. All right. Are there residual emotions on the other side? Surely it can’t be as chilly as it has been described to us.

It isn’t that we don’t have the habit systems formed by our emotional reactions while we were still alive there. It’s that we don’t have similar conditions here to cause us to react in the same way to new phenomena/stimuli/events choose one.

So, we can’t get jealous now, but if we are in a mind that we shaped in a lifetime of jealousy, the habitual expression is still there.

A little hard to sort that out. You mean, I think I hear you say, that new events won’t reshape your mental or emotional habits.

That’s right. That’s why it’s so important to work on yourself while you’re alive and you can’t change. Choosing, just as you’ve been told.

I see that and it makes sense. So if you go over and you have a lifetime of feeling angry, you will react angrily to the same kinds of things?

You’re the leopard can’t change his spots, right.

I started to get this the other day and forgot it. I was thinking of hoods, I think. Going over to the other side, they’d still be hoods, with those emotions and values, which aren’t mine.

Yes, except you are part of a continuum and you do share those values, or you share

I’m sorry, I tried to correct you in mid-sentence. You were saying?

You share a lot of traits that you disapprove of. Everyone does. We’re all part of the same battle.

So this is a restatement of the Christian mythos of the universal struggle between good and evil.

That’s right. It isn’t fiction just because it’s myth.

And all this circles back to where we began today – it is up to me to come up with concepts and diagrams to show the parallels.

Nothing will work better, or as well, as diagrams explaining text and text explaining diagrams, both

All right. Is a big task and I don’t feel particularly equal to it. So much that I should know and don’t know.

Who is ever prepared as well as they might be? You do the best you can.

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