TGU — different gifts bring differnt opportunities

August 25, 2007

My friends, what was the dream I waked from? Or – what other would you like to talk about?

We prefer to talk about your mission, if you would.

All right.

You are happiest – anyone is – when the friction is least between your conscious life and your unconscious life. But what does that mean? It could be interpreted in various ways but here is one. It is time for the various analogies about the nature of man to come together when they are describing the same thing, and diverge when they are describing different things. At present they merely blur, or overlap, because it is not realized that they are alternate descriptions. Instead, each is in its own context and is not seen that the various schemes

Sort of got lost in a sense, trying to include so much. What usually happens, in fact.

Yes, you are our reducing-valve and sometimes the pipe gets clogged, eh?


Well, among others, yes.

David isn’t this a job for Dr. Jung?

Not really, for a couple of reasons. One, your excessive respect. Two, it would force the discussion into only one context, as Gurdjieff, say, would force it into another.

So, will you try again?

We will, always. Will you? Not just Frank, you understand.

I do. Will anyone reading this?

Well, even larger – wider – than that: Will any given person, when prompted by us, respond?

Opening this book “at random” I see the frustrated entry of August 10. Same thing, eh?

Eh? You’re picking up our ways.

I say it sometimes.

Yes, just having you on. Yes, same subject.

Well, let’s try again.

If the nature of mankind in the world is again seen in an integrated manner, through a cultural viewpoint that is broad enough, so many different pieces will fall into place. The anxiety of your times is the unbearable tension of a world that doesn’t make sense except in bits.

So – a scientist can make sense of the world if he or she sticks to seeing it through the world of science.

No, I know where you’re going – we’ve tried before to do this – but it hasn’t worked, probably for the same reason as what you’re trying to overcome.

Diagrams, parallel charts. It can’t perhaps be done merely with words.

Alright, I get it – and my task is to do the conscious thinking that will bring it through.

You tend to underestimate the computer-programmer side of you, the logical-puzzle-solver, the structurer. That skill is as necessary as being receptive to information, and is one reason why so many individuals doing this produce different flavors: each has a different blend of skills, it isn’t just that each comes from a different experience base, though that may sound like the same thing. So – use those skills. As in all other things in life, bring to this everything that you are, seemingly relevant or not. You will be surprised when you consciously do so, how much richer things are.

This implies that some information I can’t bring over but must distill from what I can bring over. So – I could bring over words and concepts perhaps but not generalizations or diagrams from them? Why should that be?

Different gifts, that’s all. Some people could bring over electrical diagrams, schematics, technical information of all sorts. But do you have that informational backload, that technical familiarity, so that enough could be skipped – elided – to make it possible to bring it through without an impossible volume? If we had to first explain what a computer is, and a resistor, and explain every concept building-block by building-block, how far do you think we’d get? If we had to give you the background to the Civil War, and explain personage by personage – you see? It couldn’t really be done. Just as you can’t know everything consciously, so you can’t act as a very efficient conduit of everything.

And this is also how errors get in.

Certainly. And how self-accusations of making it up as you go along come in.

Dana? Did I just hear you, when I thought of your having to learn quantum mechanics?

Theory, yes. Hello.

It took you long enough – or me long enough – or both of us long enough. I’d given up hearing from you.

You will notice how clearly you can hear the “flavor” of me in your mind.

Yes indeed. I don’t have to wonder if you’re one of the guys. How are you? I’m trying to remember how long ago you died, and can’t. It seems very long ago.

May. But go look

April 14, according to my desk calendar.

April, May – time isn’t that important on your side, never mind on this side!

It’s the kind of thing I’d worry about in the past, but it doesn’t much signify, does it?

Ask yourself the date of significant events in your life and you won’t remember that many. Birthdays. Weddings, maybe. Divorces, sometimes! But what day did you quit a job or graduate a school or move to another address?

Yes, I get it.

So go do other things. I’m here when you concentrate again.

One thought on “TGU — different gifts bring differnt opportunities

  1. I am very grateful for your and Rita’s contributions. I am literally wearing out your books with dog ears and notes. In regards to today’s blog- I do miss the inclusion of more, to the extent possible, explanatory diagrams that illustrate some of the concepts. In years past I struggled with Seth’s concepts and the publication of Jane’s “Adventures In Consciousness” with its many professional charts was incredibly helpful in bringing things together. I am from Elmira, NY and perhaps you and your readers may wish to check in on the fledgling efforts to restore “The Seth House” where Jane produced most of her work. Googling “Seth House Elmira” should enable you to watch a current video of the house and Janes’ Apt. Thanks again. Peace and Cheers, Charlie

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