TGU: unseen connections

June 3, 2007

6:15 p.m. Now, remember that “the physical” does not mean humans, or humans and animals, or humans and animals and vegetables and minerals, and it doesn’t mean all the earth or even all the galaxy. It means all of the part of creation that exists within sequential time and what that implies (time-slices, delayed consequences) and separation by space and what that implies (a seemingly absolute division rather than division into units only provisionally or, shall we say, “somewhat”).

Alpha Centauri the star? Yes. Any of its planets? Yes. Any lifeforms existing there, whether recognizable as life to you or not? Yes. Everything that exists in 3-D space is part of the physical aspect of the world. (And we use “the world” here as it used to be used in earlier times, as a synonym for all physical creation.) The reason to stress this point is that you will find an unconscious tendency to divide things between the vast and mysterious and vague “other side” and not all creation, but only earth, or often enough, only humans. That would be a total absolute distortion and is to be avoided.

You see, the interaction we are painting is not a matter of humans on one side and us on the other side. It is not even a matter of Earth life on one side. It is all physical matter anywhere, even if Earth never hears of it. How else could it be? Could you have a local part of the universe in connection with the other side, and not all?

Now consider what we are saying. You Downstairs, on your side, connect with us Upstairs, or on our side. We in turn connect with others on your side.

Some of those others may live on Alpha Centauri, or in far galaxies of which you will never get a glimpse or have an inkling. Do you think they are any farther from us (where space is not local, nor time) than you are? And since both you and they may connect to us, obviously one potential for your communication as it improves is that you can communicate through us, and ultimately without us.

Welcome to the universe.

And there is more than that. Since you by your decisions affect us and they by their decisions affect us, and we reciprocally affect you and them — in essence to greater or lesser degree, more consciously or less, you affect each other.

Really, you each affect reality, which affects you, but it comes to the same thing.

You see, physical matter with its delayed consequences and its ability to form ever more complex relationships among its inhabitants, is central to the universe (the world; we need a bigger term; to physical and nonphysical reality considered as one).

Do you still feel like insignificant inhabitants of a third rate planet circling a sixth-grade star at the edge of the universe, or does that view begin to look a bit myopic?

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