Pottery days

I was going to show pix of some of the things I was playing with, a dozen years ago. But this is the only shot I could make this post accept. These are mugs that have been thrown, shaped, and trimmed. After this would come applying glazing and then firing in the kiln.

I never liked the glazing part much, and in retrospect I wish I had thrown many more pots and not glazed and fired them, but merely treated them as practice pieces until I got better. But I’m glad to have many of the pieces I do have, and until I went poking through my photo files, I had forgotten some of the pieces that I gave away, which naturally would be among the best things I did.


2 thoughts on “Pottery days

  1. Those are really cool – I love how each seems to have it’s own character👍🏻.

    Any for sale?🙂

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