Thomas, Saying 42

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Thomas Saying 42. Jesus said: Be one of those who pass by.

5 p.m. I have read somewhere that this means, be but a sojourner on the earth – or, more precisely, I guess: Recognize that that’s what we are. We are here for a while but that’s all, for a while. Is there more to it that I am not seeing?

Remember, these sayings were springboards for discussion. The previous Saying said what?

If you have little, you’ll lose even that. If you have some, you will get more.

Nonsensical on the face of it, is it not?

It is, a little. What is little to one is some to another. But of course that is my paraphrase, not a straight rendering.

But look at the problem there. We already dealt with one aspect of that Saying, but we implied it was more all-or-none than a matter of degree. Looked at as a matter of degree, what determines whether you will be given more or will lose even what you have?

On the principle of the widow’s mite being more to her than the rich man’s money to him?


Could the difference be attitude?

You’re on the right trail. Pursue it.

Maybe, to him who has little and doesn’t value it, it will be taken away, and to he who has little and does value it, more will be given?

It is at least worth your considering.

So it is. Okay, so, in connection with Saying 42?

Which do you think is more likely to be one who “passes by,” one who does value the gift of awareness or the one who does not?

Awareness? Is that the word?

Call it what you wish, the idea is the same. Awareness, the kingdom, potential, whatever.

The answer is obvious, of course.

Less obvious perhaps is that

Sorry, got distracted. Lost it.

You might ask yourselves, why be a passer-by?

I presume so we do not become overly attached to a life that can only be transient.

And what would be the disadvantage of being overly attached?

You’d have your eye off the ball, and you’d be more likely to get beaned by it.

Minus the sports analogy (from a surprising source), that’s it. If you don’t know what’s going on, you don’t know what’s important, and if you don’t know what’s important, you don’t know what to prize and what to let go. You wind up running in circles, or sleeping away your life. And that’s enough.



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