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Friday, June 29, 2007

Okay, now, to the task I have put off for a couple of days.

Rita’s daughter Laurie was scheduled to take a trip to India, awoke one morning with a huge headache, wondered if that was a sign that she shouldn’t go. Wondered if it was a warning. So she asked Rita if I’d try for an impression from somebody. Rita told her it isn’t the kind of thing I do but that she would ask. I hesitated, said I’d try, though only because I knew that whenever I came up with, Laurie could be relied upon to not treat it as gospel: in other words, I wouldn’t have the responsibility of personal infallibility that I could never meet. But for a couple of days I either forgot or felt I wasn’t ready, and in the meanwhile Laurie decided to go, regardless.

So, gentlemen, is there something about the period around July 4th that –. No, a better question is, tell me whatever would be helpful to us to understand what is going on.

You haven’t connected this request and your reaction to it to the e-mail correspondence about Edgar Cayce that you have been having with your fundamentalist friend – that began only after Laurie’s request.

True, but I saw no reason to. They didn’t seem connected.

They are connected in time, aren’t they? That is always a clue, or at least let’s say it is always something to be looked at.

[Very disorienting. I started the coffeemaker before sitting down to do this. It takes six minutes to brew, and has a little digital display in red giving elapsed time. It would function as a clock if I left plugged it in. I look up from writing the previous paragraph and the display says 1:16 and it is quarter after eight. How can that be?? I see I claimed that it was 8 a.m. as I sat down to write but what happened to the hour between seven and eight? I didn’t read, or shower or shave, or walk outside. I didn’t turn on the computer. If not for the clock/timer I’d have said I was mistaken and got up at 8 instead of 7. What just happened here?]

To continue –?

The connection between Laurie’s request, your reluctance to bear the responsibility and your reluctance to disappoint, and the slanders on Cayce that anger you is not the main point here, just something you should be aware of. Also, the fact that the Archie Roy manuscript on The Eager Dead arrives – after delays – only just now, as well.

Okay. I noticed that one of the quotes he heads up the chapter with reminds us that spirits lie.

Sometimes, not always – as when in bodies. So – as you have told people how many times? – test the spirits.

Okay. So —

You too have felt an occasional twinge of uneasiness about the upcoming Fourth of July holiday. You have felt a wonderment, too – will you be allowed to fly to England in mid month? Will you be able to return? These are not your customary questions of “How will I ever fill my time,” but are different, more like your “Maybe something catastrophic is about to happen.”

I feel you dancing around the subject of what will or may happen, as if I didn’t already know that which future we experience depends on which one we choose (at some level) and that therefore prediction is usually as unsafe as it looks.

Well, you know it on some levels of your being, but not all. In everyday life you do tend to look at things – as is nearly inevitable, given that you are in a body in a time/space-slice – as being in one timeline rather than as being in all, with only one seeming real.

Okay let’s get to the question that perhaps I should have asked first. What is the significance to Laurie of the premonition and then the decision to override the premonition?

That’s a better question. Here’s a better answer, accordingly.

Laurie has been living, and making her living, as a psychic, all these years. She must recognize the reality of things that others doubt or disbelieve or even believe not knowing. Her life has given her no choice in the matter. Not that she wanted choice necessarily, regardless the occasional discomforts of the path, but still, there it is. She had and has essentially no choice but to be what she is or (still being what she is) turn her back on her path and try to live some other kind of life.

Well and good – but her path is nearly at an end, as yours, as so many others – and we don’t mean death or futility, but an end to the well-known, the well- or badly-explored. From here it all changes, and there isn’t much use in worrying about retirement plans or making long-range plans of any sort. Now it is dancing on breaking ice (if you will permit us to somewhat extravagant analogy) which may be done well or badly, gladly or grudgingly, but in any case will be qualitatively different from trudging down an endless path that is stable even if uninspiring.

In such a new way of being, you will function by radically awakened awareness – and this implies automatic and unceasing discernment that must not be allowed to degenerate or slip into Psychic’s Disease.

That may not sound like such an important message to you. It may not sound particularly new, even. Pay attention nonetheless.

Say some more about it, then? And speaking of things being connected in meaning if connected in time, what happened to that hour this morning?

Your life contains many things, not all of them to be mentioned. Your throwing pots with new skill and confidence is part of this as are fantasies and reading and watching movies about time travel – have you noticed that both The Invisible Man and Thrill Seekers are about time travel? Invisible Man isn’t, yet it associates to The Time Machine. But never mind for now. All the parts of your life are interwoven as a tapestry. Your daughter comes to visit, you visit your sisters, etc. etc. – it is all connected by invisible threads, the original sense of the analogy we initiated years ago that you sort of specialized into one of soul heredity.

You are wandering wildly today. David, talk to me please. What is all this.

That was a wise decision, and you can see perhaps the value of making the acquaintance of individuals on this side. You could have asked for Bertram or either of the Josephs, and in each case you’d get a more definite, more stable personality to filter the information through.

I think I begin to see. The Victorians not having what they call a “control” were trying to put chaos into a bag. Having a “control,” they were limited in their belief that it had to work through only that personality.

Very good. Close enough. All right then, your questions.

Where did the hour ago? It cannot be fitted into your life except by violence. So now you have an experience that until now you have only read about – missing time. Let it remain a mystery: It is serving its purpose. Notice how nicely it was set up to befuddled you. If you hadn’t made coffee you would suspect or assume that you had awakened at seven (as you did) but had gone back to sleep (as you did not). But the fact that you started the coffee and then sat down to write and realized that the coffee timer said 1:15 when it should have said 12:15 startled you and made you look backwards. Now, let’s leave that.

To return to the question of Laurie’s experience and your part in it –

As was said, your path ends. You are to the trailblazing part of your career. All that is past was to bring you to this point as you now find yourselves – with the experiences and skills you have absorbed. So you needn’t believe or accept authority when it contradicts what you know – for in unknown territory there is no authority. Or, to put that better, no guide is authoritative about unexplored territory. His authority rests in what he has learned, what skills he has developed. On such things he may be relied upon, though not blindly for not all old knowledge may apply. But while he may have skills and knowledge, it is his instinct that will be most valuable. To put it in terms you use, his left-brain learning will inform his right-brain pattern recognition – especially valuable when all the patterns are new.

I think I need to stop and put this on to the computer. It has been a little more than an hour, by the evidence of the number of pages and of the 8 a.m. I marked down at the beginning. I couldn’t have been two hours doing this. (So what did I do for that other hour??)

A little mystery is good for you. Spend more time now connecting the seemingly disconnected but temporally connected events in your life.

Okay. Thanks, David. This was another new door, wasn’t it?

That depends on your stepping through it or not. As your brother said, the old bugaboo about “real work.”

5 thoughts on “TGU on “The dawn of radically awakened awareness”

  1. “…an end to the well-known, the well- or badly-explored. From here it all changes, ” circa 2007.

    I am sorry but with backing up and reading your works over the past two years – now in the middle of “Awakening…”, and also following your Smallwood posts (backwards !) and these interspersed 2007’ish posts I have only a slender grasp on your personal timeline Frank !

    Did this prediction (of sorts) 11 years back turn out to be meaningful… correct? Was that when Rita transitioned?

    as always, thanks

    1. As it happened, Rita did transition not so long afterward (in March, 2008) but I don’t think that is particularly what was referred to. For me personally, the time from November 2005 to the present has been a progressive series of changes, one after another, each piggy-backed on the former changes. A matter of practice making perfect, or more, in the words of the I Ching, “righteous persistence brings reward.”

  2. When things happen that are completely inexplicable according to “known” physical laws, such as missing time, precog’s, seeing very close unidentified arial or energetic phenomenon, seeing ghosts/departed loved ones…..I find that memory of which we are given to know or remember (such as the elapsed time on the coffee maker) during such events, often to be even more interesting than the event itself. Almost feels like holding a bright light on the workings of Upstairs in our lives. My thoughts would be along the lines of: “Boy, was THAT ever weird! But I’ve been given blatant evidence of it’s happening, which means I cannot file it away as “something else” and disregard it…..huh. I wonder why……What are you guys about now?”
    So far, the only explanation I’ve been able to see revolves around reinforcing the acknowledgement that “reality” is not what we think it is, and somehow, that we don’t know everything we think we know about the workings within our own sphere. It prevents me from slipping into our popular culture at large. (Thank God for that!🙄)

    Time and time again, I see just how ignorant I really am, and in those moments of head bowing humility, I have a wee little flash of “NOW you are being smart!”

    Hugs to all.

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