Jane and the boy at Little Big Horn

Jane Peranteau sends this rendition of a conversation with a boy who died with George Custer in 1876.

It came about this way. First, she posted a comment here:

“In traveling from NM to MT, we stopped at the Battle of the Little Bighorn memorial, one of my favorite places. Out in the middle of nowhere, the grassy fields seem to stand as they always have, wide open to the wind, unobstructed by signs of man and progress. I’d been thinking of it for days, and because of my connection to your sessions, I realized the connection I had with this place, which then provided the connection to the boy I was then, fighting as a soldier under Custer. I think the battlefield looked almost the same to each of us, and I stood where he stood, or rode, or fell. Today’s session talks of connecting as bundles or communities of strands, `or else where is the connection,’ and this made sense to me, and does justice to how alive the boy feels to me. This kind of connection feels like significant work or progress to me, and I think of how much of it you’ve done and then enabled us to do. Maybe we should think in terms of significance rather than 3D importance, to acknowledge how it is shaping us. Because of you, I’m going to try to talk to the boy.”

Which she did:

“I talked to the boy earlier this morning, and his energy was with the battle, so it was very different. I felt often that the words were more mine, because as an emotionally stirred 15 year old of another era, he was saying words I couldn’t always get, but the feelings were unmistakable. I had gone through the list of members of the 7th Cavalry, Custer’s men, to see if I could spark a name, but I’m not sure. Going through the list and reading some about the archaeological work done on the battlefield helped set me in place to do the listening. Clearly, by Frank’s example, communication gets easier if we keep it up….  I’m transcribing the conversation with the boy now and will send to Frank for posting, if he so chooses.”

This she did, saying that the conversation “feels a little out of control, as usual.” Her report follows. Perhaps others will emulate her.

The Boy

–15 year old local boy (from the Rosebud area near Little Bighorn, 1876), lied about his age to be part of the Custer campaign. Probably not registered to the 7th Cavalry.

May 6, 2019

Though it was Custer I’d thought and read about, it was not him I had the direct connection with. It was the boy, all of fifteen-going-on-sixteen. I used my own words when I couldn’t catch his or his were more feeling than words. I could tell he was re-living it, and I hope it helped.

“Out of my skin with the excitement of being here. I wouldn’t/couldn’t be anywhere else once I knew of it. What a tale to tell, afterwards, of the hero I’d be just by being there. I saw it as a great beginning, to do as Custer did, to make my fame on the battlefield. He spoke of our connections to battles long gone in history, but the men who fought them still remembered for their courage and bravery.

“He sat his horse better than any man I’d seen, riding at times with his boots outside of his stirrups, as the injuns did, who were really the best riders I’d ever seen. We were so afraid of them! They never looked anything but angered and mean about it, painting theirselves to look more so.

“And there was Custer, standing in his stirrups, clean-faced–this being clean was important to him–his clothes fitting him better than any woman’s. We hardly knew what to think of him, both this and that, soft and hard, afraid, too, and yet not. A man knows fear in another man no matter how he (sallies? slays?) to hide it. It can’t be hid. It can’t be hid in total. It can’t. We knew he had it and we were (troubled?), but we rode. What else for it?

“And we fell and fell and fell. How could it be happening? We were the best. They weren’t to kill us. We were to be their executioners. It’s as if I sat and watched, doing nothing. Doing nothing. Nothing to be done. It was their day. I saw them advance on him and knew I was lost to this life. I thought of how my ma would miss me, and how I was already missing her. I watched my death blow fall and felt myself float free, more melancholy than sad, seeing the vista of what might have been–knowing my ma as an old woman, seeing my children, knowing my girl. I felt it all come out of me and go elsewhere, taking part of me with it. And I went up.”

I feel like he’s my own child, or I’m his, that we shared this experience that he led. I have such gratitude for being of him.

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  1. So beautiful! Thank you! And what he says about what might have been- maybe we currently are collections of those might have been pieces.

    1. Thank you for telling this Jane P. FANTASTIC to read my friend….And what a RELIEF: At last to hear about others to have had similar experiences as myself(beside Franks`s of course).

      I`m sure of your experience is REAL.

      I have experienced something similar when visiting Pearl Harbour/Hawaii, back in the 1980s. Did the travel with the american “channeller” Norma Milanovitch and 28 others from England, Canada & U.S., even one lady from Mexico (the majority of the particiants came from the U.S.) 3 ladies from U.K, 4 ladies from Canada, 3 ladies from Norway and one lady from Mexico. Her Mexican dad was a U.S. pilot killed during the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, Dec., 1941. The Mexican lady spoke fluently american and told her dad was 23 years old(and she was a baby) when he was killed during “the dog-fight” in the sky by a japanese “Zero-plane.” The eyewitness` reporting it.

      BEFORE the travel to Hawaii GOT “messages” and “informations” during LUCID DREAMS on forehand. I have it all written in my “Dream-Journal.”
      “The part of me” as a young U.S. NAVY BOY, at the age between 17 and 18 years old, enrolled into the U.S. Navy back in 1940(before the Japanese attacks).
      The young boy was born in Seattle, Washington state by SCANDINAVIAN ancestors/heritage(clearly stated and underlined in my dreams back then. And several years afterwards visited Seattle and Tacoma and the grave of the famous CHIEF SEATTLE something VERY WEIRD TO HAPPEN, but that`s another story)…. To continue:
      – BUT, when to became “stationed” onboard the Battle-Ship ARIZONA in 6 months felt to do a change of the choce what to do next asking for to become transfered over to another army-unit (before the Japanese attacking the ship Arizona and Pearl Harbour) to Los Alamos in New Mexico, which was a HUGE military base back then …. And to become educated in the U.S. ARMY as a Parachut soldier by the own desire. And when becoming 18 years old, after the Navy – and The Arizona duty (which my first Commander gave me the permission to do).
      And only TWO DAYS after leaving the Arizona (the battleship), the Japanese attacks coming along as a shocking surprise.
      WITHIN my lucid dream vivdly EXPERIENCED the SHOCKING emotions & feelings when the news about the disaster became pronounced to us – BECAUSE my GOOD COMRADES were still onboard the Arizona when I left the ship to enroll into the parachut-troops in Los Alamos….
      AND among, our group attendees when visiting Hawaii SEVERAL among us became AWARE to has been “old Ship-mates” onboard The Arizona.

      Well, to make the story short …. THE YOUNG 17-18 year old boy (as me) has been with me all along since my early childhood and his “characteristics” clarly to see now – how it is influencing me all the way most of my life.
      I was “a boy-girl” always “playing around” with the boys in the neighbourhood. From the early childhood wanted to become a soldier. And IF it wasn`t for the girls back in the 1960s, in Norway, could NOT becoming soldiers(but only working in the Canteens back in the 1960s, making the food etc., which I still do hate, makig the food)… Hm, wonder if to has been “punished” as a young Parachut-soldier working in the Canteens?)

      AND, through my lucid dreaming even to have got my NAME to have had back then. I have lived with my “Characteristics” and “impressions” of the young U.S. Soldier almost all my life. His “story” ending the 6th of June 1944, the D-Day in Normandy. And I know in detail how he died.

      And, here comes another “clue” because of my SCANDINAVIAN “heritage” – as NORMANDY is named after “the Normans” (as the symbolism in me, in participating, and doing the landing on the beach there another lifetime, and going as a parallel, killed on D-Day, 6th of June). And the NORMANS & VIKINGS (the historical settings) once to have occupied the partuclar territory of France.
      I was ending a CIRCLE of parallel time-lines….or encompassing it (and being among all the folks making France to become free of the occupants). The SYMBOLISM of it all the way likewise.

      What Seth is to call “a setting” of prababilities always “at hand.” Always MANY aspects involved, not only the one you see at the moment.

      And once again, appreciating everything you to have told Jane…..And Frank as always! LOL

      1. Inger Lisa–if we were just sitting across from each other at your kitchen table, having your good coffee (or tea)! Your post invokes so many potential conversations. Maybe in our dreams!
        Your story is fascinating, and your boy seems so real to me. You’ve made me look at what these boys are carrying that resides in us, and what their existence and experience tells us that we need to know. As I said to Frank, I don’t know if I’ve gotten the “it” of it yet.
        I’ve certainly noticed that, for me, giving and getting encouragement helps the process of access come alive, so I’m grateful for your response. Walking where they’ve walked helps, too.

        1. Yes, indeed Jane, agree in everything you`re telling.

          At the time being to participate within another Dream-Course by “The Sethians”(a name all the long-time Seth-Readers & Practioners naming themselves that is). This time around we are to practize the book titled: “Seth, Dreams and Projections of Consciousness.”
          HM, I have read the book before BUT if to read the same book a couple of more times some things arising anew never-the-less, and many things long forgotten.

          And LAST NIGHT dreamt of to read Book 9 of The Early Sessions(The Seth Material), session 446, november 6, 1968, and quote Seth if Frank permitting it of course:

          SETH: “Often you are are aware of that you are dreaming, and you are sometimes aware while in physical existence that you are dreaming. You can change an unpleasant dream by realizing that you are creating it, and that the problems are of your own making. You leave physical reality when you come to the same realization. The problems that you solve while in it are quite legitimate. You also know when you no longer need the particular context.

          Humanity dreams the same dream at once, and you have your mass world. The whole construction however is like an educational play in which you are the producers as well as the actors. There is a play within a play within a play, mazes of understanding(same as Frank`s materials).
          And continues:
          There is no end to the within of things. The dreamer dreams and the dreamer within the dream dreams, and sometimes the dreamers are aware of each other. But the dreams are not meaningless, and the actions within them are higly significant. The whole self is the observer, and also a participator in many roles.
          Problems leading to world wars also cause worldwide natural disasters, these are merely anther materialization of energy projected by those who have not learned how to handle it. Such reactions fire through the dream universe also, and reflected through all phases of your activity.
          The whole self compares the performance of varios portions of itself in physical reality and in dream reality, and draws its own conclusions.”

          AND within the same book is it told(session 433)somthing VERY interresting matters: “There are realities that are used no longer. The purpose for which thet were constructed, in your terms, no longer exists. In your terms again there are incipient time structures and realites, probable systems that may or may not bcome a part of ant mass venture. TIME IS FORMED OUT OF AND FROM NONTIME.
          Nontime is psychological experience, psychological realty, and time is always at its service, Entities then form time in which they seem to dwell.
          Experience itself is always plastic, and again, form is not dependin upon mass. Mass belongs to your camouflage system. Form does not.

          OH, well, well, much more about it of course….But it fits nicely into “the strands” and TGU.

          What I have felt as quite witty is the way Seth always underlining: “You Create Your Own Reality,” period – no excuses there – (and we are doing it about absolutely EVERYTHING)! OH MY OH MY!!!

          And thanks a lot as always, Inger Lise(see you later on)

    2. I feel that, too. This morning I realized this boy loved the land he lived on, and I carry that love of the west, too. I’m grateful to get to return to it.

  2. Wow. This is the line that got me, “…seeing the vista of what might have been–knowing my ma as an old woman, seeing my children, knowing my girl. I felt it all come out of me and go elsewhere, taking part of me with it. And I went up.”

    Thanks for sharing that with us. Powerful.

  3. Jane:

    Thank you for sharing this emotional experience, the heartbreaking loss of the life of this young boy. I have been working through Native American threads for many years, so many emotional highs and lows and the resulting integration of those plains lifetimes. Hearing from a soldier’s perspective always reminds me of the greater picture and the toll of conflict/war on all humanity.

    Years ago, I went to a spiritualist church in Connecticut with my psychic friend Laurie. The spirit of a young man spent the whole time of the church service trying to get Laurie’s attention. When she finally had some quiet time to talk to him, he said that he had died in a motorcycle accident not far from the church around 1971. He was in his early twenties when he died. He went to war rallies and was planning to go to Canada to avoid the draft. Laurie’s guides told us that he was connected to Custer and died at Little Big Horn. He didn’t know at the time the deeper level for going to these rallies was that he hoped to heal himself from the Custer lifetime. The guides told us about his experience at Little Big Horn and how during the battle he grew tired of fighting and was exhausted. If he had been a little more alert, he may have lived a little bit longer but was hit with an arrow. We were also told that he had a friend from a neighboring farm who committed suicide just a week before Little Big Horn. They were both in Custer’s regiment. There were a lot of little skirmishes with the Native Americans before Little Big Horn. This friend of his was forced to kill a pregnant Native American woman during one of those skirmishes. His pain was too great and he could not live with what he had done. In camp at night his friend committed suicide. 

    Inger Lise: Thank you sharing your story about Pearl Harbor. Wow, you know you could write some very interesting books about all your experiences in this one lifetime. I am reminded of your doppelgänger story and all the fascinating tales you have shared. I would love to hear about your experience with Chief Seattle. One of my friends has a connection with him. He calls her “daughter” in her meditations.

    Thank you Frank for this platform. I am so grateful.


  4. It’s so great to hear others’ stories. It reinforces for me and clarifies what 3D/non-3D enmeshment (for lack of a better word) looks like and really helps me see non-3D as a real resource. These experiences of remembering “prompt you to listen to wisdom when you hear it . . . then you know, and in so doing, you know what the other knew, and the difference between you disappears . . .” (from the Thomas 4a and b session). These boys must be connected, to have been in the same battle, which wasn’t that big. As we remember them, they show us how we are connected, too, and that feels very real to me. I’m glad you’re in this conversation, and Inger Lise, too.

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