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Friday, May 3, 2019

3:30 a.m. Gentlemen? [blank pause] I suppose it is up to me to provide a focus, but I don’t have one. Well, let’s look at the novel. I’m sorry to have missed yesterday, but mostly because I’m not confident I’ll keep going if I miss day by day. Talk to me about making it deeper.

Remember that you can always return and return to the same material to add layers of profundity. Only don’t calcify.

Meaning, I take it, keep it loose enough that there is room for the added layers.

Well – loose enough that the plot does not overwhelm, or strangle, the real story.

I am aware of the disparity between what I would like to accomplish and my skill I can bring to the task.

Only apply yourself longer, deeper.

I think I understand that, but maybe expound a little?

You need to spend more time working. It doesn’t have to be more time writing, though it may be that this will happen as a result, but more time thinking about it, making notes, plotting, as you (we) did for Babe. This will help you.

Live it more.

That’s one way to put it, yes. As you live within it, it will take on your concerns, as foods cooked and stored blend over time.

I see. Time spent reading or watching Netflix may actually shallow it out.

It is a process of dilution. In this case, if you were working on a non-fiction as the same time as the fiction, they could be made to reinforce each other. You would be doing different things, but they would both keep you in the same mental/emotional space.

So, the introduction to Only Somewhat Real [the first Nathaniel book]. I’d actually forgotten about it. had to look around to find the typescript. It lacks an epilog that tells what it is about – mainly because I can’t say what it is about.

So, live with it, don’t live only in proximity to it. That is, immerse yourself in it not only when you talk to us, but continuously.

I get the sense that – well, you say it.

Your novel can be, inter alia, about Eddie’s focusing, developing a new focus of being to match his already developed focus of purpose.

So that he starts to see what George was getting at [in Dark Fire].

First focus your being, then what you do will contribute toward wholeness rather than postpone it or work against it.

And I am out of time to begin doing that.

No, you’ve been doing it for many a year – but you are running out of time to express the fruit of your yearning and your learning.

I’m not yet in focus.

Egypt was two weeks of attempting to hold a focus – not a focus level, such as Monroe would teach, but a focused (crystallized) being. Now live that.

It has been two months already since I returned. I haven’t been very awake all that time.

Look forward now, and back, not one or the other to the exclusion of the other.

I feel, so strongly, the absence in my life of an editor for my books and a spiritual director, call it, for my living.

Then you will have to continue to be your own editor, your own spiritual director, as an example for all those others who struggle along in the absence of these things. Or – but it could be an “and” – you could call such things to you.

My temptation is to go upstairs and put this on the computer, to send it out.

That isn’t a bad thing to do, only don’t let it persuade you that you’ve done your day’s work, now it is up to you to kill time until you can receive another message.

Yes, I do see that. Enough for now?

It can be. But what you do today is always up to you. It can reinforce your basic purpose, or cut against it. That is always true, for everyone, regardless of specific circumstances.

All right.


6 thoughts on “TGU on attaining focus in our lives

  1. “Then you will have to continue to be your own . . . spiritual director . . .”

    Thank you for putting that into words. This is my own current struggle as well.

  2. So powerful in its honesty. My struggle, too, from killing time between messages, to looking backward only rather than forward, too, to needing to apply myself longer and deeper. I love the idea of working on fiction and non-fiction at the same time. Sometimes its hard to fight against the common impulses that we’re running out of time, or if we were going to do it we would have already done it, or what is it exactly we’re still here for.
    You’ve helped me see that what I care about is expressing my connection in some way because it’s deeply satisfying to be in that kind of alignment and could be useful to ground it in this reality. And writing is what I do, no matter what.
    I also see, over and over, the importance of community, even if it’s a small one, maybe especially if it’s a small one. My close friends, no matter what we’re talking about, feed my spirit to follow my purpose.
    But I do miss a community of like-minded writers, so maybe that’s what I’ll call to myself here in this new place, and see what happens.

  3. Reading this, “…what you do today is always up to you. It can reinforce your basic purpose, or cut against it,” was just the ticket for me today. Also this, “First focus your being, then what you do will contribute toward wholeness rather than postpone it or work against it.”

    Thanks so much.

  4. Thanks for sharing this and for your continued focus. This reminder stood out for me as my current life circumstances require that I live with some very particular focuses.

    “Egypt was two weeks of attempting to hold a focus – not a focus level, such as Monroe would teach, but a focused (crystallized) being. Now live that.”


    I also had an idea about your epilogue for the Nathaniel Book (Only Somewhat Real). I particularly remember your “transition” from Rita 4 to Nathaniel. Why not briefly share that? What stood out for me in the transition was the adjustments that you had to make (energetically) in communicating with Nathaniel. It seemed foreign to you for a short period. Eventually, intermediaries (your TGU or others) stepped up and assisted you with your communications and things smoothed out.

    Additionally, the beginning of your transition started before the 4th Rita book ended. This is how I remember it. There was some questioning about whether the 4th book with Rita was ending, because answers to questions had not been addressed by Rita yet. Therefore, some here were questioning the Rita book ending (e.g., raising my hand here). Then, Rita confirmed for you that it (Rita 4) was done. A couple of days later, Nathaniel (NOT a complex being) surprising shows up. I remember that first day with Nathaniel as rather dis-orienting for you. The relationship underlying your communication with Nathaniel seemed different.

    Anyway … just an idea.

    Thanks again for your continued focus here.

  5. Hanns, thanks for posting the link. Thanks for the suggestion, ST. That session resonated the first time I read it and still resonates today. So powerful–“From the beginning, you have been interested in information and we have been interested in process.”
    “The villain of the piece and the heroes of the piece never change . . . It is this that we would have you understand.”
    The communication was very direct and clear and Frank got help in receiving it. This was very helpful to me.

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