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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

4:25 a.m. A dream going back more than 35 years. I finally confessed to some group at the shipyard that I don’t know how to do my job. I have dreamed about the situation over the years but now I am confessing my fear that I can’t do it.

What goes on? It feels like I am somehow processing something, behind the scenes. Just as I used to dream I’d have to return to high school, come to think of it. What goes on?

You are too tired at the moment. Now that the question is written, go back to sleep, and we’ll deal with it later.


5:50 a.m. So.

What goes on is “behind the scenes” to you in 3D; that doesn’t mean it is in the back room. It is you in 3D who are behind the scenes, so to speak, considered from the point of view of the whole person. This is what Dion Fortune was hinting at, in saying that psychology held its ideas from the wrong end.

I am learning that. It explains so much, thinking of our 3D life as the relatively unconscious part of our greater life. Even sleep, which otherwise would be inexplicable if you looked at it fresh as if you weren’t taking it for granted because you’d seen it every day of your life.

That’s right. How could you maintain yourselves if you were the center of things and yet had to function while unconscious a third of the time? This is not bothering to speak precisely, as the idea itself will jump. And therefore, stop here in what you send out to people. It will have punch that further explanation would only dilute. There is always another time.

Okay. Does that mean you have more just for me, or does it mean, go do your other work?

Transcribe this first, and then we’ll see.



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