Hanns-Oskar Porr, Hegel, and James Joyce

Mr. Porr, in a comment, had asked me to talk to Hegel. I said, you do it. To my delight, he did, and posted the result on his blog, here:


The differences between his practice and mine are as instructive as the similarities, and illustrate, I think, the advantage of many people each putting in an oar, rather than expecting one person to do all the rowing. Everybody has unique things to offer, and since the other side has only our minds to work through, those differences are going to mean that some people can bring in things that others can’t, and can interpret them (in light of their own experiences) in ways others can’t.

I smile, too, to see Mr. Porr in practice experiencing the doubt as to where it’s coming from. “I’m probably just making this up” is one of the first obstacles anyone meets in this work, followed quickly by “how can I know what the source is?” Those are two of what I call the Useless Questions. The only useful questions I know are, “Does this resonate?” and “What can I do with this information?”

I am hopeful that others will follow Mr. Porr’s example, so that we may broaden and deepen the pool.

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