Another poem inspired by Egypt

In the Valley of the Kings


These bright hieroglyphic symbols,

Undamaged, in appearance new,

Transform the arch above our heads,

Filling the eye from every side.


Drawn here from around the world.

Rapt, we stare, seeking to engage

What reason cannot comprehend,

Absent eyes to see, ears to hear.


For untold decades, for centuries

Mounting into four millennia,

They sheltered, in protective dark,

In the silent tombs, memories.


Modern searching discovered doors,

Opened passage, admitted light

For scholars, for tourists, pilgrims,

And still we look and cannot see.



One thought on “Another poem inspired by Egypt

  1. Haunting–the idea they sheltered “in protective dark,” still holding the memories that we “are seeking to engage.” And as you/TGU mentioned, we’re in the same place, not the same time, but things still get triggered, even for some of us outside of both.

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