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Monday, March 11, 2019

5:30 a.m. Writing the day’s blog entry [about Egypt] at night rather than using this time, so that I could get back into touch this morning, was a good idea; I hope it works out. Three weeks ago, we began our adventures (if you don’t count airplane rides). Last week I was beginning a week of illness, a week that brought my weight down, not bad. But although I still have traces of the cough, I am hoping the illness is gone. It is up to me to continue to slim down by intention, not by illness.

So then, friends. Talk to me.

We’re always talking back and forth. Mostly it doesn’t involve words.

“People are always praying, and their prayers are always answered.” Somebody said that to Emerson. The hired man Tarbox, I think.

That’s what it amounts to, only you don’t consider that, in a way, we outside 3D are always praying and it is you in 3D answering or denying what we would have you (us) do.

I can’t say I’ve thought of it that way, but I suppose that is one way to look at the result of the vast impersonal forces, and the vast personal forces, contending.

Contending by what we are, not necessarily by what we wish.

It is difficult to hold on to: We in 3D are always at the center of things, and at the same time are nearly insignificant in the larger scheme of things.

Isn’t that true of your lives in general? Anyone’s? God is a circle whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere.

That’s the first time I’ve understood that saying in that sense.

As you change, everything you know changes aspect. It is just natural.

Rita used to say she’d hate to be bored, and the guys used to respond, then that isn’t very likely to happen, is it?

I feel like this is our first reset [after Egypt] after a sort of essential forgetting.

You didn’t forget, you were unable to maintain. There’s a difference.

Which is?

The spirit may be willing and the flesh weak. That isn’t the same as the spirit deciding, “It’s too much trouble,” or “This other bauble is more alluring.”

Okay. Why the theological language?

You are going to merge understandings, are you not? They might as well get used to it.

This is for the public, then.

Take it that from now on, pretty much anything is or may be for the public. You’re long past self-consciousness at this point.

True enough, o king. So – ?

When you returned to your home and what had been your life, you had a day of functioning in unified fashion before you got sick. You dealt in passing with the obstacle of the dead car battery; you deliberately and calmly went through necessary chores as they occurred to you and as you prioritized them. You felt as you are feeling now.

That’s so. I hadn’t quite realized I was feeling it again now till you mentioned it.

Which is why we mentioned it. Describe it, for others and for your own later purpose of comparison.

Everything quiet inside. Almost a buzz, almost but not quite a dizzying, or, call it almost a need to balance, physically. The body quiet but not lethargic, energy-filled but not buzzing in the sense of uncomfortable urging to random motion, the way one is when trying to sleep through jet lag, say.

So, to sum it up more concisely?

Awake and alert, the line open but no static nor competing programming. A nice state to be in.

Now. This was your state, and you got sick. Being sick, you did not forget your intent to remain connected, but you were unable to bring the energy to physical endeavors.

Yeah, like going up or down stairs!

But your physical illness did not lead you to forget the connection, you see. You couldn’t do anything but you knew what you wanted to do, and, more important, wanted to continue to be.

It might not have worked out so well if I had been unable to breathe.

Here you are selling yourself short. It isn’t like there has been no permanent acquisition.

That’s very good to know.

But you know, it is like the sexual analogy you drew: The woman is always able but not always willing; the man is always willing but not always able. Like any broad statement, it could do with some qualifying, but it is true enough. And like most analogies, it may be applied in more than one way. You in 3D may be always willing but not always able. More commonly, you are always able but not always willing.

Relative to doing the will of the larger being rather than insisting on doing the will only of the localized 3D consciousness as if it had no larger context.

That’s a decent way to understand it. and now you are more likely – hence, more able – to continue to serve Ra.

Yes, that’s what came to me in Egypt, and not for the first time there. Something within said, “I still serve Ra,” and I understood that to mean, not that 21st-century-me served an ideal formulated thousands of years earlier, nor that I am divided among various beings each of whom serves gods of their own, nor that it is strictly a metaphor for willingness to serve the part of ourself larger than the 3D self. It is a little of each of those things, but it amounts to something more.

It amounts to an ego – a 3D-shaped consciousness – proceeding to an awareness of itself not as a unity but as a community, and now proceeding to a sense of itself as an integral part of something that transcends itself and yet depends upon that 3D awareness. Both, not one or the other.

For some reason I think of Prince Gautama, naming his newborn son Fetter and walking away from his life as a prince.

Balancing the obligations of one’s life in society against those of one’s duty to one’s own soul – put it that way – which would you choose? Only, there is no wrong answer. It’s all in what you are willing to sacrifice, for what purposes.

Is this a diversion?

Do you not feel the wave of energy seemingly in your forehead?

An indicator that we’re still on the beam?

An indicator, anyway, that whatever is happening is not casual, is not wool-gathering.

Okay. So –?

A life spent “serving Ra”, “doing God’s will”, “remaining connected to the guys” or the higher self, or call it / us what you will – amounts to living a life you will find most satisfying, and the way you think about it will be tacked on after the fact, mostly, as usual. Only, don’t be afraid of words, or of other people’s misunderstandings. Lead the life you are called to lead, knowing it will be mostly incommunicable anyway. Your life – anyone’s life – is what you are, not so much what you do. What you do is a pale wavering misleading shadow of the life you really lead. How else could it be?

Ah, Emerson again. He really miraculously knew.

Knew it, lived it, expressed it as best he could. It is for each of you to do the same, if you would be contented.

Nice to chat with you again. At some point I should type up our few conversations from the trip.

It isn’t scripture. Nothing lost by not transcribing, any more than by not reading. But, do if you are so inclined.

This one first, though.

Oh yes.

Till next time, then.


13 thoughts on “TGU on serving Ra, so to speak

  1. For me, this was a wow. To see the feeling of conscious connection described in the midst of the most mundane of activities is so powerful and so helpful–“energy-filled but not buzzing . . . Awake and alert . . . ” You put into words exactly what I’ve felt but never described. There’s so much in this session.

  2. This is wonderful. I am going to come back to this later today for a deeper dive.

    Also … thanks for sharing your trip here. The mystery schools of Egypt have been an interest of mine. It is one of the reasons why I selected my online moniker “subtle traveler”.

  3. I often wonder if the mystery schools would induce a near death experience in the pyramids by enclosing someone in a sarcophagus for a while. Maybe for the higher initiates? I have a past life memory of something similar. I was standing in a pool of water, up to my chest (I think I was a man), facing my initiator. He had his hands on my shoulders, and he was telling me to trust him and not struggle. He had done this many times and knew how to bring me back. I got the feeling I would be drowned and brought back to life. The experience that would happen while dead was the point of the whole initiation. I don’t remember what else happened. I just remember that scene. I don’t seem to carry forward any trauma over it, as I’m a good swimmer and not afraid of water.

  4. I enjoyed this post, Frank. Thank you. I especially appreciated the unexpected turnaround, i.e., “we outside 3D are always praying and it is you in 3D answering or denying what we would have you (us) do.” I’d never thought of it in this way, either, and I enjoyed considering a possibility I’d never considered.

    You write: “A life spent “serving Ra”, “doing God’s will”, “remaining connected to the guys” or the higher self, or call it / us what you will – amounts to living a life you will find most satisfying . . . ”

    I agree that “serving Ra/doing God’s will” amounts to a satisfying life, and I’d like to expand on how and why this is true in my own experience.

    From my perspective, the most important work I’ve done in this lifetime is finding God within and knowing we are one. It’s so obvious and clear once it’s known, but arriving at this Knowing is neither easy nor simple. That which is in plain sight is easily overlooked. In fact, the moment we take a step in search of it, we’ve already missed it.

    When I focus attention on that which is prior to all manifestation, I recognize Aware. (“Aware” and “God” are used interchangeably.)

    Conceptual thought can never comprehend Aware because conceptual thought is contained within it. This is the peace of God which passeth all understanding. And, while we do not have the capacity to understand it, we can Be It and Know It.

    Being without location, Aware is everywhere and nowhere, and is constantly recognizing itself through everything that is manifest, because they are one and the same; there is no separation between manifest and un-manifest. It’s all Aware. Manifest Aware and Un-Manifest Aware are two sides of one coin. There’s only “One Thing/No-Thing” going on, or perhaps it’s “All Things/No-Thing.”

    Seven billion people on this planet, and each one is living a unique reality. No two people are ever having the exact same experience. Even two people walking into the same room will have differing experiences. It’s mind-boggling.

    You write, “Awake and alert, the line open but no static nor competing programming. A nice state to be in.” To be clear, what I’m referencing isn’t a state that comes and goes but, rather, a vital and ever-present Aware, always here and always now that is the Knowing of all states that come and all states that go.

    Once this is Known, I’m not sure it can be UN-Known. Once you know yourself as “Aware” and this Knowing stabilizes, it is continually known.

    As an analogy, once you know that Santa Claus doesn’t exist except as a person dressed in a costume, the knowing doesn’t come and go; there doesn’t come a time when you stop knowing it. You don’t have to remind yourself every time you see a man dressed in a Santa suit that Santa Claus doesn’t really exist. Once you know, you know.

    Thoughts, feelings, perceptions, sensations, states, objects . . . they all come . . . and they all go.

    Once you know your essential nature as free, once you recognize the Aware within, it can be accessed anytime you turn your attention toward it. Being omnipresent, it cannot be otherwise.

    Knowing God Within IS a satisfying life, regardless of life’s circumstances. This Knowing of our Essential Nature provides a fundamental sense of wellbeing that is reflected in the statement I’ve read in some of your other writings, i.e., that all is well and all is always well. From personal experience, I know the vast difference that exists between knowing this intellectually and embodying/living it.

    You reference Rita and boredom; I feel the need to stand up for boredom and say that, when boredom is met with curiosity rather than judgment/avoidance/resistance, it can be a wonderful guest. And, when received graciously, boredom never overstays its welcome. Every visitor wishes to be well received, including and especially, emotions, feelings, and states. I find that curiosity and gratitude are wonderful helpers when it comes to welcoming whatever is arising within . . . and it’s all within. When I search for “without,” I’m unable to find it.

    What exactly is God’s Will and how do I align with it? What is God’s Will if not that which is actual, that which is manifest, that which is appearing now?

    If I am aligned with God’s will, and God’s will is that which is appearing now, doesn’t it make sense to meet whatever is arising with openhearted acceptance, like a child? Aware allows for everything to be as it is. And, isn’t acceptance another world for Love?

    Meditation could be defined as the absence of manipulation. When I allow life to be as it is in this moment, without the need to change, resist, fix, or alter it in any way, I am meditating.

    What remains in the absence of self-referential thought is Peace. Peace is only ever here now. And now is another name for what I am. This is a peace/acceptance so vast, it even allows for war. Knowing God as this vast, infinite peace within, not in an abstract way, but embodied, moment-to-moment, is, in my humble opinion, the most satisfying life possible for anyone having a human experience.

    Thank you for being such a courageous explorer!

    1. Irene, this is profound. Thank you for posting this. It addresses several issues that have come up for me lately and reminds me that there is a better, more peaceful way of welcoming my visitors.

      The past few days, I’ve been visited by tiredness, fuzzy headed-ness, and drifting unease. Bored. I really OUGHT to be doing something. Then my thinking degenerates into, “Is this what getting old is all about?!? Ugh!” I haven’t been very gracious and welcoming of my guests! Instead, I will considered my guests as invited friends, and be open and curious as to what gifts, what messages, they bring me.

      I copy and save the posts that really speak to me, and this one did. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

      1. Hi Jane,

        I had a sense my post would benefit one person in particular; perhaps that was you. In any case, I’m glad it was helpful.

        Wishing you radiant wellness.


    2. “Aware allows for everything to be as it is.” A (sometimes) comforting, very real, and IMHO very useful connection/awareness.

      And at the same time growing local awareness begins to catch glimpses of how BIG ‘everything’ is. My desire for a different president is in there, so is ISIS’ intent to kill and control … everyone’s desires and intents and dreams AND TGU’s Vast Impersonal Forces are too.

      Thus the constant irresistible force of ‘change’ pushes what-is toward what’s-becoming … Awareness allows for everything to change and be different. A scary, exciting, puzzling, rewarding reality … and I find these posts and dialogs magical in the way they help illuminate this changing reality!

  5. Again, so many overlaps from my own writing this morning and yesterday, too. If it gets typed up, I will email it to you. Seeing the overlap also emphasizes to me how much we are sharing in a group-mind experience. Sort of like finding ourselves at the same party and some of us sharing in a smaller group conversation.

    What was made clear to me a few days ago was that the only way to feel good, contented, at peace, satisfied, happy… however one might describe it, is to be wholly on track with “service to Ra” or “on track with our inner essence, inner being, Atman, Akh (in the Ancient Egyptian)…” No external appreciation, acknowledgement or accomplishments are going to do that.

    Yesterday and today the focus was the expanding identification from time-space form-based self to embracing the paradox of I-Us-All (as one) AND the individual-self focus. I am resonating with,
    “It amounts to an ego – a 3D-shaped consciousness – proceeding to an awareness of itself not as a unity but as a community, and now proceeding to a sense of itself as an integral part of something that transcends itself and yet depends upon that 3D awareness. Both, not one or the other.”

    And just an aside. As was said above, “As you change, everything you know changes aspect. It is just natural.” Your getting physically sick didn’t surprise me. Egypt fosters death/rebirth. Our physical bodies can need that reset time to recalibrate to our new way of being after a transformative trip. I love what you said about what that is for you, “Awake and alert, the line open but no static nor competing programming. A nice state to be in.”

    Certainly makes it worthwhile trip!! Loved having you as part of it. Ehab said afterwrds he would like it if I brought “more people like Frank” on the next two tours. 😀

  6. Maybe we should all go to Egypt. I feel the group-mind experience. So many overlaps with my writings as well, as often happens. This is the core of what these kinds of sessions are for me–validation, inspiration, expansion. I love the reference to the power of a change of place, since I’m in the midst of a move from NM to MT. Exciting!

        1. Ruth–your email link is missing the “d” in “all1worldtours.” My first email bounced back, and then I added the “d.”

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