TGU — What would Mr. Jefferson say?

Wednesday July 19, 2006

Well—in answer to Marilyn’s suggestion—what would Mr. Jefferson say to attempts to force a boy to use chemo when he doesn’t want to and his parents support him?

Mr. Jefferson would not be a bit surprised at the attempt, and would of course be quietly vehement in his opposition. If government may dictate to us the care of our bodies, the nutrition we must give it, the medicines and treatments we must employ even if they outrage our values or are inappropriate to our situation – what greater proof do we need of which is master and which is servant?

We haven’t needed much demonstration of that, these past 50 years!

Evidently the demonstrations have not been sufficient, so you may expect more, and greater. If an alarm bell does not rouse the town, perhaps exploding cannon or bomb will. If not these, perhaps earthquake and famine. If not these, God help you.

It has been a long slide.

Remember that it has been a long century of cumulating emergencies, but in the long term it is response to emergency that clarifies values, as one throws away first that which one values least. Do your work; that is your best response. Do your proper work, not merely filling your time, but exerting yourself in the manner you came here to do. Remember friend Henry’s bean fields, and friend Waldo’s “pretended siege of Babylon.”

Yes. Thank you.

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