How to live in a new world

[Some fairly heavy-handed prodding from our friends. However, a dozen years later, the books were written and several of them published, without meeting any particularly phenomenal response. A matter of time? A wrong number? Stay tuned.]

Thursday March 29, 2006

Joseph [Smallwood], a friend says she sees me writing books using this material. Can you tell me if she is seeing anything true, and if so can you assist me to see it?

You have felt that you were breaking new ground. When it’s new ground, naturally you don’t have a real good handle on where you are or what you’re doing. You have had more friends than one prodding you, if you stop to consider.

Surely the outline ought to be simple and obvious. You combine history and psychic access. What’s new about that? That is your life! That’s what you have created. But you won’t to be able to get it out in public unless you stop apologizing for it. With your list, you don’t. In your journal, you don’t. So that is how it has been coming through.

What is it you are doing, anyway? Strolling down memory lane? Setting up to be Shirley MacLaine? Writing things just “of interest” to people? You know that ain’t it and never has been it. You want to change people’s lives not by rearranging their circumstances or even their opinions, but by showing them how to live in a new world. Well, here it is, with examples, and it aims inward and outward so to get them thinking that way too.

Inward, you’re saying what you always say: “You can do this too!” Outward, you’re saying, we can get our inspiration, our guidance, from past situations and past players, some famous some not.

So – Mr. Editorial Writer, Mr. Historian, Mr. Psychic Investigator, Mr. Channeler now, Mr. Reader Of History And Metaphysics And Fiction, Mr. Intuiter, Mr. Living Much In Another World – what do you need that you don’t have?

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