Human, but so much more….

Friday March 17, 2005

(8 a.m.) Katrina, are you around, honey?

Yes, I am here.

You are doing all right? It has been a while since I woke you up, or rescued you, or whatever, and I don’t know how the passage of time on this side affects you on your side.

You don’t know if you are dealing with a child or a teenager or an adult or some ageless being.

Yes, precisely. Doesn’t sound much like a child!

Remember we are all of two components, spirit and soul. The soul is formed by its experiences in the body and its form, its essence, is more or less limited by the limits of that life’s experience. But what that form, that essence, learns and becomes afterward is up to the soul’s future experience. Your retrieval starts the clock for me again, you see.

Almost, but say some more.

There would be little point in developing a point of view – which is what the shaping of a soul may be seen to do – and then never using it. But how can it be used? In your time people seem to think it is used only if it reincarnates, as though its unfinished business were the raw material entering your world again, taking up where it left off. That stems from thinking that sees everything as disconnected individuals. You know all this. It does not take into account our participating in your lives, nor our living lives that to you are only possibilities or even probabilities.

Humans are unique in the natural system, just as mama would have taught me if she had lived long enough. For it is strange but true that so much truth is in the Catholic theology, so poorly understood, so disbelieved even by those who teach it and insist on others saying that they believe it.

Minerals, plants, animals, angels – and many natural forces that your time does not recognize, such as elementals, genies, and what you might call organization-intelligences – we can talk about them later if you wish but I don’t want to stay for it now – all these forms are alive, even minerals, whether you can perceive it or not – but none of them evolve. None change. None by striving alters to something different in nature than it began.

Man does that. Humans, only.

I do not mean “human” in the sense of human beings on planet earth. I mean any of the spiritual essence that is human, regardless whether it incarnates on earth or on worlds you will never see – and regardless whether that life is carbon based or not; regardless whether it has anything that you would even recognize as a body. See Swedenborg for valuable clues. That grave kindly scientific man in his long spiritual discourses was permitted to see many things, and bring them back in his mind for description – but it takes one to read as well as one to write, or the communication does not take place.

All creatures may be described as beings, each in their prescribed and circumscribed courses, forever – and humans, who were created, let us say, as the exception to the rule, the uncircumscribed course.

You like to think of souls of animals graduating to become the souls of people. That is because you project onto them your own nature, so that seeing a particularly intelligent cat or dog you think – without realizing that you think – “if I were that smart, I’d be ready to become a human” and in that thought you would illustrate a difference between humans and all others. Yes, a human would be ready to move on. No other life form would even consider it. You might joke that of course a cat would not think of it as a promotion, but I assure you that even a dog – who adores humans – would have no wish and no ability to leave its part of the dog-soul to become human. Another way to say that is, the dog would not withdraw its portion of the dog-soul to go naked and chilly into the life of a human soul, which lives its life in bodies in a profound solitude that animals could neither imagine nor endure.

That took us pretty far afield.

It didn’t, actually. It bears directly on the question that was in your mind. You retrieved the soul of a little girl who had died of abuse at age eight. She was in a dream – that is how it seems, anyway; she had no consciousness from 1942 to 1992 when there was a stirring, then in 1995 her waking life resumed. Eleven years later, you wonder, is that little girl age eight still? And the answer, you see, cannot be yes or no; cannot even quite be both yes and no; it is more like neither yes nor no.


The special spirit that is divine and human – I speak here of a force, not of a personality – that spiritual essence that is what we are, came into time and joined with a newly formed body to create a soul. That soul lived Katrina’s life; it was and is Katrina. When the link between spirit and body was broken by the body’s death, the soul continued to exist but was entranced until you were able to reawaken it. That soul then continued its existence, and although we have great difficulty giving you an idea of our life, it is not harps and not stagnation – but it is not necessarily bodies on earth again either.

So much to say, and so little ability to say it! I am ageless, as are you; I am a particular soul’s point of view, as are you. I extend, I interact, with so many others who share my particular frequencies, as you put it. So do you, so must we all. And because I am created human – because I am of the human spirit, not any other spirit, I strive and change, regardless whether I am in a body – and regardless if I was ever in any kind of body! The essence of being human is change and striving; it does not depend upon existence in the physical. The reason we are so often there is the reason it was created – it is easier to change more profoundly there than here. This has all been explained to you, and you can translate to others; that is why you went there.

The essence of it is: I am the product of an eight-year existence, yes, but I am not limited to that any more than you are limited to your little finger. You know this too.

It is true, I do – but I don’t always connect the dots.

You do all right, just keep connecting.

Tell me, then. How did the retrieval affect you. I know it awakened you to the fact that you were not still on earth in a Nazi death camp. But what followed because you awakened?

You mean besides the change in you?

I see; yes, everybody you are part of felt the change, I suppose. I had that thought at the time. Certainly a good thing. Other effects?

It freed me to devote my attention to my life here, nothing short of that. And of course as I change you have the opportunity of changing in resonance; that’s another benefit for you.

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