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Thursday March 16, 2006

Well, I suppose I should get to work. You splendid gentlemen and ladies – feel free to chime in. Say, while we’re on the subject, is it that I have mentally categorized you as “the gentlemen upstairs,” or “the guys upstairs,” that no women have appeared? Rita remarked on it, a while ago.

And the question is — ?

The question is, why have no other lives as a woman come to the fore, and no women appeared to talk, in the way Mr. Lincoln did, or Henry, or others.

Perhaps it is a lack of imagination on your part?


Well, if you cannot feel your way toward someone, it is harder for her to manifest.

You mean, it is easier for me to imagine myself a monk than a nun, say.

Exactly. And easier to imagine yourself “modern” or western than “ancient” or eastern. And the only two “ancients” you remember are closely tied to your work connecting to the other side.

Thus giving me a means of approach – affinity of temperament if no other.

Yes. So the approach should be clear.

Hmm. I think I see. Maybe I should set my control panel to particular openness to the feminine side of life?

Any way of expressing (that is, solidifying) intent will do; nothing wrong with the control panel if that approach pleases you.

But then maybe a better approach would be to set my intent for all unbalanced aspects of my life to come into balance.

Could be a little chaotic, but yes you could, as you use your “what question should I be asking but am not thinking of..” Still, why not focus a bit, at the moment? You are on a major thread; follow it.

And don’t think I don’t recognize the prompting that led me to bring up the subject in the first place. It gets harder to distinguish, as I get better at smelling rats. And perhaps this is because it was only an arbitrary distinction to begin with.

3 thoughts on “TGU on correcting imbalance

  1. Oh man! An early morning teaser! ; )
    I was just settling in for a nice long brain-poking post…..and then it ended! Lol.
    I suspect more might be forthcoming on “correcting imbalance” – an important topic, at least it is for me. I’ll be patient in the meantime.

    One question though, “…gets harder to distinguish as I get better at smelling rats”. Did you mean telling the difference between prompting from Upstairs, vs ego-prompting, or rather prompting from positive, wiser threads vs not-so-wise threads? When I read “smelling rats”, something twigged, so that’s why I thought I should ask. If you have wisdom regarding how you developed your rat-smelling spidey-sense, I’d love to hear whatever you are willing to share!

    As ever, thank you!

  2. This is my own experience with gender or other differences in my particular threads or inter-connected lives. It is nice to have some validation about that here.

    My TGU first appeared to be ‘the gals upstairs’, but then I was gradually exposed to the broader collective in three different experiences or settings. To engender these broader experiences, I usually have to engage my primary guide, who I named “Courage”, to facilitate them.

    The promptings do vary, but once I get the vibration or feeling associated with that … then I can usually re-prompt the personality on my own.

    One of the more interesting explorations has been connecting some of these threads with living people I have known (or currently know) in 3D, physical reality. The initial discoveries of this particular phenomena or manifestation REALLY shifted or changed my perceptions of the realities we live in. It changed things for me.

    Thanks for sharing this particular communication here.

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