365 times seven pages

Toward the end of a year, I like to look back, to try to remember what I was reading and writing and thinking about, and the way to do that is to look through my journals, because it’s amazing how much of your life goes up in smoke if you don’t write it down.

Got a bit of a shock this year, though. I went rooting through the bookshelf, working backward to the journal book from last January, and realized that the year 2018 had filled eight volumes of 6 x 9 college-ruled spiral bound books of 150 sheets. That is, 1200 – count ’em, I said twelve hundred – sheets of paper, or 2400 pages.

I said, “Impossible,” but then I did the pretty elementary math, and realized that 200 pages a month is less than seven pages a day. On days when I’m talking to the guys, I usually fill at least eight pages, and apparently in 2018 I talked to them pretty regularly.

“Many a little makes a much,” the old saying has it. But still, that’s an impressive number of words. Makes me realize that I do more work than I usually think I do.




3 thoughts on “365 times seven pages

  1. I don’t have your “way with words” but hope I can convey how much I appreciate your inspiring work along your honesty and openness. Your blog and books help immensely towards understanding the world within and without, above and below, and with being more comfortable just being me. Thank you!

  2. Well said, Ricki.

    This is where I come in the morning with a cup of coffee for thoughtful reflection. What have the guys said to Frank that he’s willing to share, and how does that change the way I see the world? On the mornings when it’s a private conversation, I pick up a book and read. Frank’s books sit on the shelf with other thought provoking writings, so I grab something to challenge my mind to see the world just a bit differently. Little changes make big differences over time.

    Thank you, Frank, for your diligence. I value it greatly. I also value other folks’ comments as well. You all make this very interesting and fun.

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