Michael Pollan on how to change your mind

The title of the article is How Does a Writer Put a Drug Trip into Words? But it is so much more interesting than mere drugs.



3 thoughts on “Michael Pollan on how to change your mind

  1. Frank, this is the same issue a lot of us experience trying to describe our experiences at TMI or our experiences after attending workshops. I’ve never “tripped” on psychedelic drugs, but I’ve had experiences in meditation that are very similar, but probably much calmer, to what I’ve read or heard about such trips. As we’ve discussed, I generally get downloads of information that I then have to unpack. But to try to explain that download’s meaning to someone who didn’t experience it themselves is almost worthless. You can explain a general sense of the meaning it had to you, but so much depth is lost in the translation. To me, it’s so much better that our “stories” encourage people to go have their own experiences. And like your interactions with TGU, or Nathaniel, etc., we get to digest that dialogue for ourselves and see how it resonates with us, even though we know that putting that dialogue into words for us to read loses some of the fuller, overall content. This leads, however, to a big thank you for what you do. Your dialogues are very helpful to me in putting together some of that larger picture I get from my own downloads, and curiously enough, often they fill in the blanks of what I was thinking about right before reading one of your posts. I hope you have a great and happy New Year, and that our paths cross again soon!

      1. A wish for A Happy (the eternal) New Year Frank & All.

        Remarkable how much Knowledge there is among us indeed.
        I have another American friend who has done the TMI courses, and he recommended to me a book by Kathy J. Forti, Ph.D. titled: “Fractals of God”, (Kathy telling about her experiences at TMI). I have received the book from Amazon, on Saturday last week, and have read the first 4 chapters…. Well, among all the many NDE & OBE stories I have read throughout the years….This particular book seems quite extraordinary.
        As Edgar Cayce once upon a time (also), underlining often in the former years: Mind Is The Builder.

        Thanks for all you do Frank.

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