An interview with Colin Wilson

My friend Chris Nelson sends me this 13-minute film clip of Brad Spurgeon interviewing Colin Wilson in 2006.

Colin was a wonderful man, a natural networker who encouraged many a struggling writer to keep on trying to express what they had to say. It seemed to be his nature to encourage people, to cheer them up, to say, “Come on, you can do it; the best is yet to come.” Certainly that is the effect he had on me, 25 long years before we met from the time that I, at age 24, encountered him in the form of a science-fiction paperback (The Mind Parasites) with a serious message. It must have been the same for thousands of others. What a great if invisible legacy!

It has been five years since Colin dropped the body. One wonders what fun he has been having in his new revised edition (as Ben Franklin put it) outside the confines of time and space.

3 thoughts on “An interview with Colin Wilson

  1. I take from this that I should and must invite the currently absent flow of joy into my life instead of wondering when it will ring my doorbell. En-joyed this.

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