Mike Twomey

[Tuesday, February 14, 2006]

Mike Twomey

[Email to my list at the time:]

Friends: An unexpected development (and don’t think I don’t recognize shoves from Guidance when I experience them) which may raise memories from those of you who were on the old Voyagers Mailing List. It should also raise visions of possibilities, whether you were or not.

[End email]

(9 a.m.) Well, friends, it is either this or get back to work, so – anything to say? I’m sure someone does.


Yes, my friend. Interesting that I have no doubt which Joseph.

Your life is fragmented by many exterior connections, and can only be in balance if you maintain a strong counter-pull, inward. This is the nature of your time and your society. An isolated culture or a very quiet time might need just the opposite form of balancing. In that case the extension outward might need to be encouraged. Yes, as in Indian temples.

And in ancient Egypt, how was it?

Remember, we were a different people, in that we were in far more direct connection to what you might call the divine, and therefore were to that degree less aware of ourselves as individuals. You downloaded all that information a while ago, you remember. (and if “downloaded” startled you, it shouldn’t. Did I know any word of English before English was developed? As you once deduced correctly, we all communicate to you by speaking “thought.”)

That puts me in mind of Mike Twomey [an old Voyagers Mailing List friend who died some time ago]. If you don’t mind, let me go seek him out. He and I knew of each other; had traded messages; so there ought to be a connection.

Of course. However, do not invest in expectations, particularly specific ones.

All right. Mike? Are you around?

Where could I go?

You made me smile right off. How are you doing?

It’s very entertaining, being over here. It’s like getting a lot of new equipment and never finding out the limits of what it can do. I haven’t gotten bored yet!

You went over knowing a lot more about what you were getting into than most people know. How much did it help you?

Well, you know, I think it helps you stay conscious, or stay conscious more often. It’s like, we have some familiarity with the concepts, so it takes more to make us click out, and if we do click out, it is easier to get the additional data – the experiences, really – that will link up the experiences (or the orientation) that sent us into click-out, and thus move us along.

You will be amused to know that we have a Monroe belief-system section over here. (Maybe we ought to design a logo!) It may also amuse you – and my other friends on the list – to know that all of you are a part of this group. You extend into all dimensions, and your out-of-time-and-space selves extend here because of course they don’t have to wait for you to die, being outside time and space. So – you’re already here. Being already here, you can communicate freely to us, once you clear away the obstacle that your belief-system may represent.

If you stop thinking of yourselves as being (only) in time-space and (only) in current moment, you will be able to feel how it is that you are everywhere and every-when (as you like to say) in effect. And “in effect” is all you need.

So if you guys want to party, come join us – either in sleep or in an altered state. Deep fantasy will probably do it.

A word about what I’m saying here. We didn’t form a “group” by deciding; it is more like the group is formed automatically by what we are. Common experiences, common beliefs, common feelings, hold us together without any effort on our part. That is the nature of things here. But it doesn’t mean that is all we are. If I concentrate on the part of me that was a wrestler, for instance, I can connect (or can feel the connection that already exists) just by the moving of my attention.

I’m trying to think of a way to work in the old joke about you needing a new pocket protector, but I can’t. I’m happy to hear you sound so happy.

Whyever not? Give my regards to Michael Smith, if you will.

I shall, and I’m sure he will appreciate it.

Well, he can come visit any time, you know – as you have just demonstrated.

Thanks, Mike. This gives rise to whole different visions of possibilities.


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